The Valera Excell Hotel Hairdryer will blow you away..

We all know that when guests have the right appliances on hand to ensure they check out feeling impeccably well groomed and thoroughly pampered, it can make all the difference as to how highly they rate their stay.  Take hairdryers for example. A professional looking, high performing, safe model is just what you want if you’re an executive in a rush or you’re getting all ready for a glamorous night out.

Valera products are made in Switzerland and they’re well known within the industry as meeting the highest quality standards for performance and safety…

The Valera Excell 1800W hairdryer   Our price: £28.50/each

This stylish hairdryer is ergonomically designed, lightweight and comes with wall mount, straight lead and fitted plug.

The latching switch, versatile combination of 2 airflow and 3 air temperate settings, plus a cool button for a sleek finishing blast and a concentrator nozzle, all add up to a fantastic appliance.

Robust enough for hotel use, the Valera Excell 1800W has an easily removable filter and features a safe thermal cutoff.

AND WHY NOT COMBINE THE VALERIA 1800w WITH A | Wall Mounted Mirror | Hairdryer Bag


For more information on this and our other Products of Distinction, head to our website.

Some treats for your guests which are perfect for the festive season…

Rituals Gift Collections

Our Rituals Gift Collections are beautifully packaged and include a fabulous variety of luxuriously fragranced toiletry selections. Brilliant for guests to purchase from your gift shop or as special thank you packs for your VIPs.  From: £3.75/each

CHOOSE FROM | Refreshing | CalmingPurifying | Energising | Renewing | Sleep

Toiletries specially for delicate skin

The Tiny Rituals gift setis perfect for new Mums or your tiniest guests. With gently formulated Hair and Body Wash, Bath Oil and Body Lotion wrapped in luxurious packaging, 10% of each purchase goes to the Tiny Miracles Foundation. Price: £8.32/pack

Rituals fragrance sticks

A classic gift, these Rituals Fragrance sticks come in a selection of fabulous fragrances to suit every personal preference. FIND OUT MORE Price: £1.29/bar

Rituals scented candles

These gorgeous Rituals Scented Candles are 70% natural wax and burn for 50 hours. With a choice of four mood enhancing fragrances to choose from. FIND OUT MORE   Price: £1.29/bar

And if someone’s had a bit too much fun…

During the party season there’s always the risk of guests enjoying the festivities so much that they suffer afterwards. What better way to help them better than by offering a handy recovery mini bar kit?

To  find out more about Festive treats for your guests, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email

Green & Spring – A gorgeous Hotel Toiletries Collection!

Green & Spring – made from the natural ingredients of the Great British countryside…

The Green & Spring collection is a range of beautifully packaged hotel guest toiletry products containing a blend of aromatic essential oils. The relaxing fragrances of lavender, rosemary, geranium and chamomile are enriched with naturally cleansing and moisturising comfrey and marshmallow extracts.

The Relaxing Green & Spring Collection is inspired by the aromatic plants and flowers found in the Cowley Manor gardens, in the lush green hills of the Cotswolds in England.  Here, lakes, rivers, fields and lush forests have given birth to a unique mix of fragrances, and an exclusive scent which has in turn contributed towards this precious collection of travel-sized toiletry products for hair & body. Developed with the environment in mind, the plant based formulas are free from artificial colours, parabens, SLS’s, PEG or petrolatum and the packaging is fully recyclable.

Green & Spring is one of our exclusive, licensed collections so please get in touch for details of eligibility.

Perfectly proportioned pump dispensers…

If you’re looking to combine guest-friendly convenience with a touch of luxury, our Green & Spring pump dispensers are ideal. Mess free, easy to use and attractive, they’re great for cloakrooms or for guest bathrooms where you can combine them with our wall brackets for practicality and security. Choose from: Relaxing Shower & Bath Foam | Relaxing Hand & Body Lotion |Relaxing Hand Wash | Relaxing Shampoo | Relaxing Conditioner 380ml

All from £3.50/bottle 3 litre refills are also available.

Beautifully presented travel sized treats…

Available in two sizes, the Green and Spring Travel miniatures make fabulous guest-friendly additions for your hotel. They’ll not only make an extremely attractive display, they’ll also keep your guests feeling thoroughly pampered throughout their stay. Choose from: Relaxing Shower & Bath Foam  | Relaxing Body Lotion Relaxing Shampoo Relaxing Conditioner 30ml/46ml

All from 30p/bottle

The prettiest travel-sized soap…

This lovely vegetable soap is enriched with comfrey and marshmallow extracts and available in 25g or 40g. Relaxing Soap : From 16p/bar

A mess-free solution for your public washroom areas…

Choose a practical and stylish wall bracket to keep your washroom mess free and secure. Stainless Steel Bracket : From £18

To  find out more about Green & Spring Toiletries  and our other products of distinction please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email

Introducing deliciously healthy Creative Nature Bars…

This award winning range of Creative Nature Snack Bars is brilliant for offering to guests as a guilt-free treat within your hotel mini-bar or snack selection. With their contemporary packaging, deliciously gourmet flavour combinations and astonishing nutritional value, these tasty flapjack bars are a great way to show that your guest’s wellbeing really is at the forefront of your mind!

Vegan, protein rich, natural – and super tasty!

There are 3 classic flapjacks to choose from, each with more than 70% protein, so they keep you feeling fuller for longer. All of these bars are gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and nut free as well as being vegan, so guests with allergies and special dietary requirements can enjoy them too. | Price: £1.29/bar

CHOOSE FROM | Apple Pie protein | Cacao Orange | Salted Caramel

These Raw Super food flapjacks are low fat, wheat and nut free and made with nutritious Superfoods like Goji Berry, Maca Powder and Barley Grass Powder. Great for Spa Hotels, these bars are industry leading and have all been awarded Great Taste Awards. They’re also classed as one of your 5-a day…what’s not to like?

CHOOSE FROM | Ginger Teatox | Raw Cacao | Goji Goodness


Rest assured that we have taste-tested the whole Creative Nature range (quite a few times!) and we think these bars taste great. If however you’d like to try them yourself, just get in touch and we’ll happily send you a sample or two in the post. CONTACT US.

Stock up your Mini Bar with our Mini Bar Kits…

Our stylish Mini Bar Kits are essential, handy sized, guest friendly packs containing a selection of indispensable accessories, amenities, toiletries and medicaments to soothe, ease and relax your hotel guests , so they enjoy their stay as much as possible.

We have two ranges to choose from, the standard, drinks can sized packs which cover a variety of needs – including over tiredness and over indulgence, and the more compact ‘Miniatures’ Mini Bar Boxes.

Recovery Kit for Minibars…

Ideal for guests who have overindulged, had a very late night or have partied a little bit too hard. Contains: Energy Shot, Zaca Recovery Sachet, Emergen-C Sachet and Rennies. Price: from £9.90 each.

Relief Kit for Mini Bars…

A useful collection of guest amenities for life’s little emergencies. Contains: 2 x Condoms, 2 x Tampons, 1 x Sanitary Towel, Rennies, Plasters, Alka Seltzer, Antibacterial Wipe and Emery Board. Price: from £7.90 each.

Couples Intimacy Kit for Mini Bars…

A practical and sensual collection, designed to boost enjoyment. Contains: Silicon Lubricant, Super Soft Feather, 2 x Condoms and Passion Dice. Price: from £7.90 each.

Lovers Intimacy Kit for Mini Bars…

Designed to make your guests’ stay even more enjoyable. Contains Silky Lubricant, VibratingRing, Bullet Vibrator, Premium Condoms, Super Soft Feather and Passion Dice. Price: from £12.50 each.

Phone Charger Kit for Mini Bars…

This handy 5 in 1 Mobile Phone Charger & Travel Adaptor Kit is just the thing for technological guest emergencies. Complete with power socket, USB adaptor & multiple connections. Price from £12.50 each.

Sleep Works Kit for Mini Bars…

A collection of sleep solutions to help your guests wind down and promote a peaceful night’s sleep. Contains: Sleep Works Pillow Spray, Moulded Ear Plugs and Eye Mask. Price: From £9.90 each.

We also have a selection of brilliant miniature Mini Bar Kits…

The Miniature Mini Bar Collection is a compact collection of practical items and guest friendly amenities packed into handy little boxes. Range includes: The SOS Miniature CollectionThe Simply Intimate Miniature Collection,  The Recovery Miniature Collection and The Phone Charger Miniature Collection. 

To find pout more about our Mini Bar Kits, or some of the other guest friendly amenities and accessories we supply, just get in touch or head to


Introducing Rituals guest toiletries for hotels


We’re the sole UK distributor of Rituals and we think that this exciting brand is well worth considering if you’re looking for contemporary, stylish and fabulously scented solutions for your hotel..

Use these fragrance sticks to create a welcoming aroma all around your hotel. Choose from calming ‘Dao’, refreshing ‘Hammam’, delightful ‘Sakura’ or uplifting ‘Happy Buddha’. These Rituals Fragrance sticks will last for around three months, creating a constant irresistible scent throughout your hotel interior. From £11.66 (per pack)

Create a unique aromatic sensation in your hotel rooms, spa and public areas with these practical fragrance sprays. Choose from ‘Dao’ for inner peace and tranquility or ‘Happy Buddha’ which is mood boosting and uplifting. From £9.28 (500ml bottle)

Available in four luxurious fragrances, these candles have a burn time of 50 hours. Choose from ‘The Ritual of Hammam’ with the revitalising notes of eucalyptus and rosemary, ‘The Ritual of Dao’ with calming notes of white lotus & Yi Yi Ren, ‘The Ritual of Happy Buddha’ with sweet orange & cedar, or ‘The Ritual of Sakura’, fragranced with rice milk & cherry blossom.                        Price from £9.28 each

To find out more about this luxurious and stylish collection, get in touch or head to

Introducing Osmè. An organic amenities line for grown-up guests…and little ones!

It’s not often that a hotel toiletries line ticks every single one of the boxes.

Eco friendly, beautifully packaged and luxurious, the Osmè collection has it all – plus the fact that it includes a selection of products for children as well as the core guest toiletries range. Choosing Osmè means that you can provide fun, skin friendly toiletries for the little ones which co-ordinate perfectly with the adult range – and they’ll both look brilliant in your hotel bathrooms.

Osmè is a selection of natural, nourishing toiletries products in practical and beautiful packaging.

There is an elegant display tray and stylish gift box available too. Ideal for presenting in hotel guest bathrooms but also  perfect for selling in the hotel shop or as a lovely welcome or turndown gift, the Osmè collection is truly versatile.

The Osmè collection is certified organic and made with 99% natural, vegan and skin friendly ingredients. Range includes: Moisturising Body Wash, Invigorating Conditioner, Balancing Shampoo, Hand & Body Moisturiser, Vegetable Soap, Leaf Shaped Display Tray & Egg Box Amenities Set. (Prices from 14p each.)

Osmè Baby: An organic, paediatrician approved cosmetics range, enriched with specifically selected extracts for kids. Range includes: Gentle Soap, Hair & Body Gel, Nourishing Cream, Wipes, Bubble Bag & House Box Kit. (Prices from 17p each.)

There are some additional items in the Hotel Supplies Ltd collection which will compliment the Osmè collection too.

Our Duck Shaped Sponge  is cute enough to appeal to adults and kids alike. Individually wrapped in a cello bag it’s ideal for presenting in the bathroom. (Price: from 55p each). Our Organza Drawstring Bag is the perfect solution for guest toiletries and gifts. Large enough to hold 3 mini bottles of Some and a soap bar, it has a sturdy double ribbon closure. A great way to present a turndown gift. (Prices from 55p each.)


To find out about Osmè and our other products of distinction please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email

Introducing Rituals toiletries, amenities & fragrance for hotels…

Rituals is more than just a collection of toiletries, it’s a lifestyle concept.

Offering a contemporary, beautifully packaged collection of experience-enhancing products for your hotel, helping your guests feel at home anywhere in the world with signature fragrances from the world’s best perfumeries. This stylish brand has been developed with a high level of attention to detail and has a low carbon footprint. We’re very proud to be the Sole UK Distributor of this fabulous range, so here’s a little bit more about Rituals:

The Rituals Treat Collection of hotel bathroom toiletries

There are five luxurious products in the Rituals Treat (30ml) and Rituals Collection (47ml) ranges. Each has its own story, fragrance and rich hue. Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion & Soap. EcoPure certified & packaged in biodegradable plastic. Prices from 32p/bottle.

The Ritual of Happy Buddha

Available in 30ml & 47ml sizes, this collection has an uplifting fragrance that blends sweet orange and cedar wood. Inspired by the ancient Chinese monk with the legendary smile, this range is stylishly packaged in biodegradable plastic and EcoPure certified. Prices from 28p/bottle.

Rituals Dispensers for Guest Bathrooms

Available in three luxurious fragrances including sweet orange & cedar, rosemary & eucalyptus and uplifting organic mint, the Rituals Dispenser collection are elegant and mess-free solutions for the most guest-friendly washrooms. Opt for co-ordinating chrome wall brackets or elegant marble display trays for these 300ml pumps. 1ltr refills available for less waste & even better value. Prices from £3.33/bottle.

Rituals Scented Candles for Hotel Rooms

Beautiful scents can inspire memories, evoke a feeling of calm and give a space a sense of luxury. Rituals scented candles are ideal for your guest bathrooms, hotel spa areas or for offering as gifts in the hotel shop. Prices from £9.30/candle.

Rituals Fragrance Sticks and Room Sprays

Make your guests’ experience extra special by choosing Rituals Fragrance solutions to bring uplifting aromas to bedrooms and lobby areas. This is a comprehensive and practical collection of pillow sprays, fragrance sticks and home perfumes, all dispensing Rituals’ enticing fragrances. Prices vary.

Rituals Gift Collections

There are plenty of fabulous gift solutions in the Rituals range too. With a variety of pack sizes, fragrances and price bands to choose from, whether you’re looking for VIP turndown treats or items for the gift shop, you’ll find something exquisite to suit.

Rituals Tea


Rituals exquisite tea is an extra touch of luxury which comes with co-ordinating accessories to delight your guests.

With black, green and herbal varieties to choose from, this is a stylish solution for guest refreshment, any time of the day.



To  find out more about Rituals and our other products of distinction
please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email


Guest ready popcorn and some great movie themed hotels

When it comes to crowd pleasers, movies have long been a serious money-spinner for a wide range of industries the world over.

Hotels play a big part in the industry too.

Whether it’s hosting guests attending premieres, providing accommodation for people heading to London for a special movie showcase, or just providing an up-to-the-minute movie selection for hotel guests on the in-room hotel entertainment system.

Hotels around the globe have adapted their interior styling, developed themes inspired by films. They host movie-based events to support film releases, or to make the most of their movie location roots.

At Hotel Supplies Ltd, we like to keep an eye on current hotel trends and quirky hotel ideas.

We’ve been having a look at some of the inspirational movie themed hotels around the world.

Even if you’re not planning movie themed redecoration for your hotel any time soon, they’re lots of fun.

The Eden motel in Taiwan boasts an incredible Batcave. Inspired by the caped crusader and featuring bats a plenty, film memorabilia and plenty of mat black and craggy grey. A hotel guest bedroom with the perfect accessories for Batman fans.

Image via: Eden Hotel | website:

The Despicable Me hotel suite for kids is in Lowes Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando. Featuring minions galore, specially designed guest beds and lots of bright yellow, this child friendly hotel room is a real winner.

Image via: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel | Website:

The Georgian House Hotel has a spellbinding Harry Potter themed guest bedroom designed to feel just like a very luxurious version of the Hogwarts dormitory.

Image via : Georgian House Hotel | Website:

The Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton has a fabulous hotel suite dedicated to Lord Vader. This Star Wars themed hotel room is full of quirky accessories and memorabilia – ideal for budding jedi.

Image via: Hotel Pelirocco | Website

Even if movie-inspired theming is not on the cards for your hotel, but you’d like to encourage your hotel guests to curl up with an in-room movie, we can provide the popcorn (and our popcorn is something rather special).

Popcorn for Hotels

We’re delighted to now be supplying Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn. In a variety of formats and sizes, perfect for guest snacking, hotel minibars and hotel welcome packs, this delicious popcorn is a great movie accompaniment too. It’s available with caramel and sea salt via our website but we can also supply other varieties – and arrange for co-branded packs too. Find out more here.

For lots of other guest-friendly ideas for your hotel, head over to the Hotel Supplies website.

Beat the chill with our guest friendly hotel supplies…

When there’s a nip in the air, the nights are drawing in and Autumn comes knocking, it’s the perfect time to review your customer offer. In particular it’s a good moment to consider the bathrobes, slippers and bedding which you provide in your hotel guest bedrooms and bathrooms, so that your guest will stay cosy and comfortable in your hotel, whatever the weather may throw at you.

At Hotel Supplies Ltd, we offer a great range of bathrobes, slippers and bedding for hotels.

As well as the classic cotton terry towelling bathrobe that is pretty much expected as standard by the contemporary traveller, we have plenty of other luxurious hotel bathrobes to choose from. Our cotton waffle bathrobe is ideal for hotel spa use, our microfibre bathrobe is perfect if drying is a challenge and if you have lots of junior guests visiting then perhaps offering one of our child-sized, bathrobes for kids (just like mummy’s) would be a nice touch?

If you’d like to provide hotel bathrobes with a personal touch (and reduce the likelihood of them going walkabout) we can provide embroidered bathrobes with hotel logos or bespoke messaging. Branded hotel bathrobes can be an excellent addition for your hotel shop too – and a great momento for hotel guests to remember their stay with you.

Providing your guests with slippers to wear own their hotel bedroom is not only a nice welcome gift for them, but also potentially beneficial for your overall hotel cleanliness. If you have a hotel spa, a quality selection of hotel slippers is essential. For poolside use our non-slip slippers are ideal and our thong style slippers are perfect for your guests to wear if they’ve just had a pedicure. We have a luxurious black towelling slipper which is great if you’d like a more practical slipper which you can encourage guests to wear throughout their stay.

Hotel guests regularly include complimentary dressing gowns and slippers as expected ‘must-haves’ on review forums.

If you want to encourage your hotel guests to use the in-room facilities, truly relax and enjoy their stay, providing additional guest friendly accessories is definitely worth considering. If you’d like some advice about which kind of hotel bathrobe or hotel slipper might suit your particular hotel style – just give us a call.

When the nights get cooler, it could be a good time to consider your hotel bedding too.

Hotel guests are looking for a restful nights sleep and that tends to come with a cosy duvet or a soft mattress topper. We’ve created a collection of bedding for hotel bedrooms which incorporates plenty of items for the grown – ups, but also a comprehensive collection of children’s bedding for hotels, including cots for hotel bedrooms.

If you’re looking for economical hollow fibre duvets and pillows then we can help.

We also have fabulous quality, luxurious goose feather duvets and pillows too. For really cold nights, why not offer your hotel guests a cosy hot water bottle with a quilted cover before they hit the hay? For the little ones, why not keep a stock of our snuggly cellular blankets, cot duvets an duvets covers. Happy children make for happy parents after all.


At Hotel Supplies Ltd, we’ve got loads of ideas for extra guest friendly touches to help beat the chill and bring a warm glow to your hotel.

Why not add some of our gorgeous coloured tea lights for example? Head over to for more ideas.