Something for the holidays: Mini kits for your hotel minibars…

If you’re looking for something extra special, yet thoroughly useful to offer your guests over the festive period then how about our beautifully packaged, super practical hotel minibar kits? Perfect for popping into your guest’s bedroom mini bar, adding to your toiletry display or selling in the hotel shop.  They are all the same size as a fizzy drink can, are smartly packaged and full of essentials…

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This handy hangover kit is a brilliant new addition to the Hotel Supplies amenity collection.  A minibar essential, this hangover kit in a can is packed full of goodies to help your guests revive themselves and recover if they’ve had a very festive time, overindulging in fine wines and heady cocktails.  Containing Drinkwel’s sachets, Alka Seltzer, Berocca and an orange energy drink, it would make the perfect gift to offer your hotel’s corporate groups, parties or wedding guests.

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This carefully selected intimacy kit in a can is the perfect addition to a hotel minibar and might just make your guest’s stay even more enjoyable. Packed full of erotic gifts and protection to satisfy lovers, this intimacy kit contains lubricant, a vibrating ring, a mini vibrator and two premium condoms – ideal for those celebrating the festive season with a special someone.

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Our Jet Lag Kit for minibars would make the perfect pick me up for busy jet setting guests, throughout the festive season. They’ve been stylishly designed and contain luxurious pulse point creams, pillow spray and a herbal teabag so will make great little gifts for your hotel shop, or for adding as in-room extras for your really special guests.

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This Sleep Well Kit for minibars is a collection of sleep solutions to help your hotel guests wind down after partying and to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.  Containing pulse point cream, pillow spray, eye mask and ear plugs, they’re ideal for hotels to stock in their minibars as useful amenity extras to delight weary, partied-out guests.

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