Great tips for creating winning hotels, courtesy of the Independent Hotel Show…

We had a great time at the Independent hotel Show last month. We met and mingled with lots of excellent boutique hotel managers, spa owners and directors of hotel chains and showed them what Hotel Supplies Ltd has to offer hotels like theirs. Our stand was a veritable treasure trove of luxurious hotel toiletry samples, cosy bathrobes and essential and stylish hotel accessories. We definitely felt we offered solutions to plenty of hotel challenges, from finding something suitable to entertain  younger guests to supplying maid bags to make hotel staff’s lives easier.

Since the show it’s been business as usual for Hotel Supplies, but we did notice that the Independent Hotel Show website is still worth a squizz. It’s got links to some thoroughly interesting mini-films on useful subjects, featuring really relevant people.

The clip which caught our eye in particular is a vlog called ‘independent thoughts’ featuring the trailblazers behind a boutique hotel in Cheltenham. The Independent Hotel show team asked them what they thought were the key points which made a hotel stand out and how including special and original touches could add to a hotel guest’s experience.

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Accompanied by gorgeous and inspiring footage, the tips are well worth keeping in mind. Incorporating a sense of fun into the decor and the running of the hotel seemed hugely important to the pair – a point often missed and easy to address. The personal touch – so the hotel lingers in the guest’s mind well after they check out – is a way to add your own mark and inject some personality into a hotel space.

Focussing on the quality of the product seemed vital too. Be it the interior, food or drink – making sure it’s the best it can possibly be means guests are more likely to go home happy. Attention to detail like adding little surprise treats and luxuries (like scrumptious hotel toiletries), special messaging or a particular design element can really create a luxurious touch  too.

The featured duo summarised that a ultimately a hotel doesn’t need to have spectacularly designed guest bedrooms and bathrooms, serve Cordon Bleu cuisine in the restaurant or be five star to provide hotel guests with a fabulous and memorable stay. Greeting guests with a smile, making them feel at home , providing hospitality and generosity of spirit is the most important thing. It really is the simple things that can make all the difference.

We couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we make sure we have a wide range of special little touches that you can offer your guests (along with the smile). For everything from hotel toiletries to ambience-giving tea lights, cuddly teddies to kid’s activity packs, if you’re thinking of upping your game a little, or just ensuring your guests definitely do go home with a smile then take a look at our hotel supplies collection – we’ve got plenty to choose from.

There are some other videos which are well worth a quick look too, so next time you’re having a moment’s respite and fancy something educational to tune into, pop on over to the Independent Hotel Show website.


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