Astonishing hotel interiors that we’re feeling thoroughly inspired by…

New year, new ideas and there’s no better way to get some serious hotel interior inspiration than by checking out some of the most awe-inspiring (if a little OTT) hotel concepts, interiors and finishing touches out there.  We’ve been browsing the ‘Best Of’ hotel lists as gathered by the fascinating and they feature some astonishing hotel bedrooms, bathrooms, furnishings and accessories. These hotel hot lists are great for gleaning ideas and for realising that providing your guests with a wow factor can be anything from setting off a stunning view to adding the most perfectly thoughtful finishing touches.

unusual-themed-hotels-23-2 unusual-themed-hotels-21-3 

These two gorgeous hotel bedroom interiors owe a lot to their striking facades but Martin’s Patershof Hotel in Belgium and the Fairy Chimney Hotel in Turkey also feature some beautiful, relevant accessory details which compliment the strikingly atmospheric structures which they’re part of. Incorporating luxurious, carefully selected bedding and stylish bedroom furniture make these hotel spaces ultra inviting.

unusual-themed-hotels-7-1__880 unusual-themed-hotels-20-1__880

London’s Harry Potter Hotel and the seductive Sala Silvermine in Sweden also combine awe inspiring themes with inviting home comforts. These hotel bedrooms are simply yet confidently furnished which makes the most of the fabulous materials and textures of the walls and floors. Working a theme with a touch of subtlety can result in hotel bedrooms with a sense of humour, a hint of drama or an air of seduction.

unusual-themed-hotels-6-3 unusual-themed-hotels-4-1__880  

Adding giraffes would be a definite challenge to the average hotelier but at Giraffe Manor in Kenya they’re part of the furniture. Added to that, a simple colonial safari theme to the decor means that the hotel guests dine in suitable style. The Attrap Reves Hotel in France also makes the most of the natural environment with its beautiful snow globe style guest bedrooms. Combining  these with plenty of in-room extras and stylish hotel accessories would certainly make a guest’s stay memorable.

unusual-themed-hotels-10-1__880 unusual-themed-hotels-22-1__880

For hotels that make truly strong statements, look no further than the Half Graffiti Room in France or the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore. These astonishing hotels have the boldest interiors and would certainly give guests something to talk about.

Although they may not be to everyone’s taste, there’s nothing like bold decor, brave themes or ultra stylish touches to create hotel interiors that will wow guests. If nothing else, these are pretty fabulous to look at and there are plenty of other stunning examples like the ones above to swoon over (or stay at) on the Bored Panda ‘Coolest Hotels in the World’ list. Well worth a browse we think.

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