How to spruce up your hotel bathroom…

A beautiful hotel bathroom complete with the shiniest taps, glossy tiling, flattering lighting and never-ending hot water can truly make a guest’s stay.

A key part of the total hotel experience is that guests can take time to truly relax and pamper themselves (without having to clean out the bath afterwards) so providing an environment which is complete with every single essential plus plenty of extra special touches can make the difference between an ok stay and something truly special. Combining a carefully designed hotel bathroom layout with lots of lovely luxuries will mean that your hotel lives up to the highest expectations and can compete with the best of the rest.


Mirror, mirror – Incorporating a mirror that would be worthy of a film star’s bathroom wall is a must. Not only will adding mirrors make your hotel bathrooms feel bigger and brighter, they can also harbour built-in lighting and ensure your hotel guests go out without a hair out of place.

Towels, wrapped up – A constant supply of clean, fluffy towels is a given for a luxurious hotel bathroom. Opt for good quality, 100% cotton towels with double turned hems and stitched detail and they’ll be super absorbent but incredibly soft. The hotel guest’s favourite is always a bright white towel, a little bit more high maintenance but always stacks very smartly on a bathroom shelf.

The cosiest bathrobes – Similarly, having a couple of gorgeously soft and fluffy bathrobes hanging on the back of the bathroom door or folded neatly on the bed will mean your hotel guests can quickly slip into something more comfortable.

Stylish showering – Current trends are still moving towards a general preference for a stylish wet room style shower rather than a bath/shower combination. A contemporary rainforest style shower head will provide a thoroughly reviving experience and you can complete the look with wall mounted toiletries in convenient and stylish dispensers.

A throne fit for a king – Selecting a suitably sleek toilet with a soft-close lid, stylish silhouette and a flush handle that’s hygienic and easy to use will also mean your hotel bathroom experience is seriously slick.

Gorgeous lotions and potions – Choosing a range of toiletries which will not only look visually appealing but which will also smell scrumptious and leave your guests feeling clean and re-vitalised should be a priority. Whether you opt for a collection that is eco-friendly, aromatherapy infused or richly luxurious, having great toiletries displayed beautifully is key.

A relaxing colour scheme – Choosing a colour scheme that will create a relaxing ambience for your guests and enhancing it with mood lighting can make a bathroom a haven.

Practical, helpful amenities – Providing beautifully arranged amenities, such as a pre-threaded sewing kit or vanity kit for your guests, branded up with your hotel logo or otherwise will ensure that a lost button or torn nail won’t become a drama.

Bring the outdoors in – Why not follow the current trend for accessorising with houseplants as part of your hotel scheme? Adding a low maintenance succulent in a beautiful earthenware pot or glass jar could give you a fabulous finishing touch that softens the space brilliantly.

For plenty of hotel bathroom finishing touches, including toiletries, amenities and hotel bathroom accessories, just pop along to the hotel supplies website.

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