5 ways to provide the best hotel room service

Room service is a much loved feature of many hotels, combining home comfort with a touch of opulence. Despite its popularity, it can often be overlooked in the modern age of grab-and-go trends. However, it is important to remember that travellers are likely to be in a different position to standard consumers. Whether they have spent the day on a plane, traipsing around the local sights or suffering a series of stressful business meetings, the travelling consumer is often exhausted and hungry on returning to the room. Cue room service!

Room service

Room service is rarely cost effective for the guest so it is a nice to touch to ensure that all elements have been thought out, from stylish crockery to chic menus. Ensuring a luxury experience at all levels will reassure the guest that room service was the right choice, despite ordering it in a stupor of tiredness and hunger! To help you achieve world-class room service status, we have devised a selection of useful tips.

  1. Enticing Menu

Here we are not just talking about providing mouth-watering food and drink on your room service menu (this is, of course, somewhat important) but also about the menu itself. There is nothing worse than a crumpled or stained piece of paper in the draw to display the room service offering. The menu needs to look good enough to leave in pride of place on the dresser and in immediate view of the guest as they roll into the room after an exhausting day.

Ensure that you are using a uniform selection of menu covers that offers both practicality and professionalism. Choose an expensive looking material so the guest can sense the grandeur and high quality offering of the room service they are about to order. We offer bespoke leather menu covers, which are handmade here in England in your choice of leather colour and finis, plus they can be branded with your hotel logo colour.

  1. Presentation

Again, this is not just about the food and drink itself. Continue the theme of luxury hospitality supplies with a stylish assortment of plates, dishes and glasses. Unless you are opting for the mismatched shabby chic look, ensure that all crockery matches in style as far as possible. Although the look is important, we recommend that you do not compromise on practicality in the process.Pyramid tumbler

Try to choose a design that is in keeping with the overall look of your hotel, although you can never go wrong with a classic and elegant design. One of our favourite products are these beautifully elegant Pyramid Tumblers, made from hand blown glass. An extra special style statement that will inevitably deliver a touch of splendour.

  1. Branded Coasters

What is the point of a carefully chosen glass if the guest has got nothing to put it on, other than a napkin or one of the surfaces in the room that you would rather were kept stain-free? Introducing personalised coasters, a cost effective solution.

CoastersOur paper coasters are made from multi-ply paper to increase absorbency and protection without raking up the cost. We also offer a customisation option with your corporate colours, logo, branding or even a special message. Personal, professional and practical – never underestimate the little details found in hotel bedroom supplies.

  1. Service with a Smile

It is not just the material details that are important – after all, room service is essentially about the service. Ensure that your staff are motivated enough to provide a friendly service that guests will appreciate after a long day.

  1. Time it Right

Room service has traditionally been a 24 hour service in order to cater for travellers arriving at all times of the day or night and for those whose sleeping pattern has been scuppered by jetlag. For this reason, if you can afford to offer a 24 hour service then you should. However, if it is simply not viable for you to do this – perhaps you are a smaller boutique hotel – then do not feel you have to. A 24 hour service is not worth it if it means potentially compromising on quality.

Our ultimate piece of advice is not to ignore the small details because it is often the little things that can transform an average product or service into a high quality one. Of course the food and drink itself is important – although we are not foodie experts so we won’t try to advise you there – but we do know how to offer the best possible supporting products. For some more inspiration of high quality hotel amenities, browse our room service collection here.

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