7 things every luxury hotel should have

‘Luxury’ is a word that gets banded around quite a bit nowadays. Whether it’s a luxury burger or a luxury saucepan, the boundaries of grandeur have become a little blurred. When it comes to hotels, there is no set criteria to meet before it can be categorised as luxury. The result is a number of self-proclaimed ‘luxury’ hotels who may not be offering all the special finishing touches that they should be.


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We have had experience working with many different hotels and we believe that if a hotel markets itself as ‘luxury’ then it needs to offer a luxurious experience. From the obvious features to the small but meaningful details, we have compiled a selection of things that every luxury hotel should have. Although our list is not exhaustive, we reckon these hotel amenities and features are at least the minimum requirements for a touch of hotel room opulence.

  1. Impressive interiors

Generating that ‘wow’ feeling when your guest walks into their hotel room is crucial in kickstarting the luxury experience. Never underestimate this first impression as it will inevitably have a bearing on how they feel towards the rest of their stay. There’s no need for chandeliers or baby grand pianos but ensure that the rooms are thoughtfully designed, have plenty of natural light and that they appeal to a wide range of tastes.

  1. Room with a view

Room with a view5

Photo credit: Auckland Hotel

Imagine walking into a luxury hotel room, feeling wowed by the interior design and furnishings, walking over to the window and seeing a grey carpark, or worse, the hotel bins. Any feelings of grandeur will be snuffed out right in that moment. Luxury rooms need a luxury view – whether it’s a view across the ocean or vast green countryside, a room with a view can make all the difference.

  1. Comfortable hotel bedding

A good night’s sleep is very important to the weary traveller and guests will arguably spend about half of their time at the hotel in bed. Needless to say, beds are important; you should be ensuring maximum comfort by investing in high quality bedding. At Hotel Supplies we offer a variety of soft duvets and sumptuously snug goose down and cotton combinations, as well as a luxury goose feather pillow. The right hotel bedding should provide so much comfort that after they have left, your guests will be popping back for naps!

  1. Hotel robes and hotel slippers

Bath robeSpa or no spa, guests should always have the option of slipping on a comfy bathrobe and slippers while lounging in their hotel room. For a premium feel, opt for velour and treat your guests to the ultimate comfy luxury. Practical, comfortable and as stylish as a bathrobe can be! Plus, don’t forget the kids – let them join in the luxury experience with children’s robes. For more information on providing a luxury hotel bathroom for your guests, read our post on sprucing up your hotel bathroom.

  1. Storage

Why have a beautifully designed interior if there is no storage? Avoid the clutter and mess that guests will bring by providing ample storage space with sufficient drawers, shelves and wardrobe space. Remember to include a plentiful supply of hotel hangers – this is a common complaint among guests staying in luxury hotels. Being able to hang up your clothes so that they remain crease-free is a pretty basic ask but is so often overlooked by hoteliers.

  1. Tea/coffee making services

Tea trayFor the British public, a good cup of tea or coffee is essentially as important as having a bed. Go above and beyond by ensuring that the tea and coffee offering is presented beautifully on a stylish but practical welcome tray. Our Regal Chrome Welcome Tray is highly practical with compartmentalisation, ease of cleaning and resistance to heat and scratches, while also looking high quality and stylish.

  1. Safe

You’ve accomplished the luxury look, you’ve achieved luxury levels of comfort and you’ve procured your luxury guest amenities. Now you need to spare a thought for security. It is crucial that the guests have somewhere to securely store their valuables and it is now common practice for all hotel rooms to have a safe. It’s no good achieving a high level of luxury if your guests do not feel as though their personal belongings are safe.

At Hotel Supplies, we are big believers in the power of the little details. Providing a luxury experience is not just about the style and service; it is about making certain that the guest has everything they could possibly need (within reason) and ensuring maximum comfort wherever possible. For more ideas and inspiration of hotel amenities that can add a touch of grandeur, have a browse of the various products we offer.

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