Brexit and the rise of the staycation

Rise of the staycation

Recent years have seen the rapid rise of the British staycation. With an abundance of stunning scenery, cities full of culture and better coastlines than we are given credit for, the UK has so much to offer. Previously taken for granted, Britons are starting to realise the wealth of travel opportunities, experiences and adventures right on their doorsteps.

The added benefits of no flying faff, luggage restrictions or language barriers further strengthen the case for staycation over vacation. Plus, combined with the lower travel costs of staying in the same country, the staycation has become a huge phenomenon and its rise only looks set to continue with the recent news of Brexit.


Brexit and the travel industry

Last week’s historic news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves across the world. With our current way of life at stake, for better or for worse, there are many uncertainties around how the decision will affect different industries, with the travel trade being no exception.


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A lot of Britons rely on low-cost package holidays to Europe but the collapse of the pound following the referendum result will deter many holidaymakers from venturing abroad this summer. Although this is bad news for the outbound travel industry, it looks to be great news for the inbound industry. Faced with the crippling cost of buying euros but lacking the budget to venture further afield, many holidaymakers will be left with little choice but to remain in the UK this summer.

Not only are staycations set to increase but the weaker pound will also make UK destinations cheaper for foreign travellers. Holidaymakers from across the world are going to want to take advantage of the unusual opportunity to visit Britain on a budget. With Britons holidaying in their native country and foreigners joining in the affordable fun, UK hoteliers should be bracing themselves for an influx of travellers.

How to react

With heaps of uncertainty prevailing at the moment, there is no guarantee of a boosted UK inbound travel industry. However, we believe that it is best to leverage this opportunity and accept the potential changes as the kick you need to enhance the experience that you offer to hotel guests.

With the potential for more guests than ever staying in your abode, never has it been more important to offer a fantastic guest experience to boost customer retention. You should be aiming to convert as many of these new customers into loyal, returning hotel guests. This can be achieved by providing a superior level of hospitality, from friendly staff to high quality guest amenities.

Our advice

Here at Hotel Supplies, we are experts on the small details that can make a big difference to a guest’s experience. Here is a selection of quick hints and tips to help you make the most of the potential surge in demand following Brexit:

  • Friendly staff. Great service can really make a hotel stay so make sure that your staff are trained to offer the most helpful and efficient service possible – nothing should be too much trouble.
  • Wi-fi. As essential as water for many guests nowadays, you need to be providing good wi-fi that works in all areas of the hotel.
  • Hygiene. An obvious point but sometimes overlooked – a less than spotless hotel room can undermine even the best travel experience.
  • High quality hotel toiletries. Offering good quality, organic hotel toiletries is any easy way to add a touch of luxury to the hotel guest experience.
  • Child-friendly hotel amenities. If your hotel is family-friendly then you ought to be providing for your younger guests as well as the adults.
  • Bespoke hotel amenities. Add a touch of professionalism by branding products and guest amenities with your personal logo, from hotel slippers to promotional teddy bears.
  • Consistency. There is little point providing a world-class guest experience only sporadically – for maximum customer retention, consistency is key.

All in all, put yourself in the shoes of your hotel guest and make sure that anything they could possibly need is covered in one way or the other. Even if you do not run a luxury hotel, it costs nothing to make your guest feel as though they are. Get the small details right and you’ll be in the best possible position to take advantage of the post-Brexit UK inbound travel surge.

Good luck!

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