How to provide guests with a superior spa experience

The spa industry is huge in the world of travel, with a large number of hotels now offering wellness facilities. Spas are attractive to guests because of their pampering appeal. Guests want to be indulged and it is your job to deliver and exceed expectations. Never has it been more important to provide the ultimate luxury customer experience.

From fluffy towels to scented candles, there are plenty of ways to better your hotel’s wellness offering. Customers will want a bespoke service so ensure that you personalise the experience wherever possible. Small touches make a big difference. As experts in all of the little details here at Hotel Supplies, we have plenty of advice for you to provide a superior spa experience.


candles hotel spaFirst impressions count, so be sure to enliven their senses as soon as they enter the spa area. Gorgeous scented candles with an exquisite vanilla scent will kickstart the relaxation process right from the start. Setting a mood of luxury is key and there is no better way to achieve this than with a delightfully encompassing aroma.

Hand Towels and Face Cloths

A luxurious alternative to paper towels, opt for soft cotton face cloths and airlaid hand towels in your hotel bathrooms and spa areas. These high quality bathroom accessories will make a great statement to guests looking for a subtle touch of luxury at all levels. Furthermore, our airlaid hand towels are 100% recyclable for those hotels who like to offer sustainability.

Bath & Shower mats

hotel bath matBath mats and shower mats may not be the most glamorous of hotel features but they are a necessity in terms of safety requirements. Our mats are non-slip and exceptionally secure. Plus, we also offer mats that have been anti-fungal treated, ideal for maintaining impeccable hygiene standards in public washroom areas.hotel shower mat bag

On the other hand, for those worried about the old-fashioned look of traditional bath and shower mats, we offer a sleek, modern alternative with our clear bubble designs. Or for a more discreet solution, use a bath mat bag to hold any size rolled up mat with ease and elegance. Made from thin white cotton with a drawstring fastening and discrete embroidering, these bath mat bags are the perfect solution.


There is nothing worse than emerging from a relaxing time in the hydrotherapy pool or a refreshing shower only to be met with a rough, rugged towel. Choose a set of towels that will remain soft and absorbent after endless washing. We also recommend opting for thicker towels as they give an added sense of cosy luxury.

Bathrobes & Slippers

As with the towels, hotel bathrobes and hotel slippers need to be equally as comfy. Choose products with the finest quality yarns for a superior feel. For extra luxury points, opt for our rich velvety velour bathrobes. Accompany your cosy bathrobes with high quality hotel slippers and your guests will have all they need for lounging and relaxing.

Display trays

hotel display traysHaving invested in the highest quality bathroom accessories for your guests, you will want to showcase them. Avoid keeping them hidden away in a cupboard and make use of a beautiful display tray. Here your quality hotel toiletries can occupy pride of place, reminding your guests that they are being thoroughly looked after with the highest quality products.


Providing a superior spa experience for you hotel guests does not just stop at offering high quality products. Exceptional customer service and thoughtful personalisation are also key in achieving top marks for guest satisfaction. Never underestimate the power of the small touches and do your utmost to provide luxury wherever possible.

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