6 of the world’s quirkiest hotel rooms

We have had the pleasure of working with and providing hotel supplies to a huge variety of hotels in the industry. Every hotel exudes its own unique charm, whether it’s a simple but humble B&B or a 5 star luxury establishment. In recent years, we have seen a rise in more quirky offerings, signalling a slight shift in attitudes to the way we are travelling.

From the top of a rocky outcrop to the depths of the ocean, hotel rooms are becoming more and more extreme to cater for the adventurer inside of us all. Featuring impressive architectural feats and innovative hideaway ideas, we have compiled a selection of our favourite quirky hotel rooms across the world. Here’s hoping that we inspire your next retreat!

  1. The Mirrorcube, Sweden

mirrorcube sweden quirkiest hotels

Photo credit: Treehotel

A modern construction that blends seamlessly into the environment, the Mirrorcube is a very special architectural masterpiece. The surrounding panoramic views are reflected off its mirror walls, making this little hideaway a box of natural beauty. Clean and minimalist on the inside, this hotel room is about the stunning views out of the camouflaged windows.

mirrorcube snow quirkiest hotels

Photo credit: Treehotel

  1. The Manta Resort, Pemba Island

manta resort underwater

Photo credit: The Manta Resort

For would-be mermaids, The Manta Resort was made for you. Floating in the midst of the ocean just off Pemba Island, the bedroom is submerged under the sea, providing the perfect lookout spot. Lie in bed and relax while taking in the uninterrupted world of the ocean.

manta resort underwater bedroom

Photo credit: The Manta Resort

  1. Bivacco Gervasutti, Italy

bivacco gervasutti exterior

Photo credit: Bivacco Gervasutti

Not one for the faint-hearted, this hotel room is an adventurer’s dream! Introducing the Bivacco Gervasutti, which stands on a rocky outcrop at 2,835 metres high. Only accessible to ardent climbers willing to traverse glaciers and crevasses, here the appeal lies in the journey. For those willing to make the ascent, the reward is jaw-dropping mountain views and a truly unique place to rest.

bivacco gervasutti view

Photo credit: Bivacco Gervasutti

  1. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort glass igloos

Photo credit: Kakslauttanen

Experience the northern lights in one of these beautiful glass igloos at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Snuggle up with a loved one and admire the twinkling night sky in cosy comfort. Impossibly romantic and utterly breath-taking. There are plenty of activities to do in the day too, from husky safaris to ice fishing; this is a snow-lover’s dream.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort glass igloos

Photo credit: Kakslauttanen

  1. Crazy Bear, UK

crazy bear hotel quirkiest hotels

Photo credit: Crazy Bear Group

For extravagant interiors – think velvet walls and giant bathtubs – book a stay at the Crazy Bear hotel in Beaconsfield. A fifteenth century coaching inn that has been carefully but boldly restored, this is a truly unique hotel that completely defies a more traditional hotel style. Dramatic design, extravagant architecture and pure luxury sets this place apart from the rest.

crazy bear quirkiest hotel

Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson Photography

  1. Icehotel, Sweden

ice hotel bedroom sweden

Photo credit: Icehotel

For the coolest hotel room around spend a night at the Icehotel in Sweden. Meticulously designed and sculptured each year, these hotel rooms are a masterpiece of artistic talent. Everything is made from ice, from the walls to the bed but don’t worry – you’ll have a thermal sleeping bag and snuggly deer hides to keep you warm. Guaranteed to be a surreal but truly memorable experience.

ice hotel bed sweden

Photo credit: Icehotel


Whether you are a budding adventurer or a lover of luxury, there are quirky hotels for all tastes and personalities. If you are in the hotel industry – be it a traditional hotel or more extravagant offering –  then remember to think about the small details that can make a hotel great. Here at Hotel Supplies, we are experts in the finishing touches.

After all those beautiful destinations we have now given ourselves a serious case of wanderlust – see you on holiday and happy travels!

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