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Bespoke Hotel Supplies

With the likes of Airbnb steadily growing in popularity, the hotel industry is under increasing pressure from the sharing economy. As well as bringing a wealth of new competition into the market, it has also altered the perceptions held by many travellers around what their experience should be like. Guests expect the same level of immediacy and control from their hotel stays as they do when they are at home or staying in someone’s home.

In addition, the increase of millennials has further compounded the need for greater personalisation. Having travelled far more than the generations before them and holding a preoccupation with technological advances, millennials bring a whole new challenge to the hotel industry. With fierce competition abound, encouraging guest loyalty has never been more important and in order to keep guests engaged, personalisation is key.

9 in 10 Hoteliers think guests will expect their stay to be personalised by 2020. – Grant Thornton, ‘The power of personalisation: Hotels’ roadmap to 2020

Booking Process

The need for personalisation does not start at check-in – it starts right from the beginning of the holiday research process. Your online presence is key and must be personalised to the guests you are targeting. Ensure that any online advertising is carefully executed in order to reach the most relevant consumers and avoid irritating those who are not interested.

74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when promotional or advertising content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. – Grant Thornton, ‘The power of personalisation: Hotels’ roadmap to 2020

Ensure that your online booking process is adapted to recognise previous guests and provide personalisation facilities for them. Demonstrating that you recognise their loyalty is key to keeping it. Nevertheless, be careful not to cross the thin line between personalisation and privacy, as some guests may perceive over-personalisation as an invasion of their privacy. Get the balance right and you will be able to leverage the power of personalisation to effectively grow your customer base.


Make the most of technological advances to enable customisation. For larger hotel groups, this could involve a hotel app or software that guests can interact with to personalise their experience. This will make their stay easier and ensure that the service they receive is more efficient.

“Over the next ten years, hotels will empower guests with incredible levels of hyper-personalisation through mobile devices. They will provide an utterly tailored experience.” – Nikhil Gupta, Director, Hotels Skyscanner

However, never underestimate face-to-face contact and remember that different generations will have conflicting expectations regarding customer service. Some will favour a digitalised experience whilst others will have a preference for a more traditional customer service that goes above and beyond. Establish the right balance and customise for each guest.

“You must be guest centric: you should be providing a service to one person which is absolutely relevant to that person, but it may not be at all relevant to someone else.” – Jean-Pierre Soutric, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Oetker Collection

Bespoke Supplies

Here at Hotel Supplies, we believe in the value of the small details and understand the undisputed importance of personalisation. It is for this reason that we offer a range of personalised hotel guest amenities that can be uniquely designed and produced in line with your hotel brand.


Add your hotel branding to the stationery provided in your hotel bedrooms, including folders, pens, pencils and pads. Alternatively, bring an extra level of professionalism to corporate events by designing and producing customised stationery.

Bespoke hotel stationery

Hotel slippers and bathrobes

Elevate the guest spa experience you provide by personalising the bathrobes and slippers with your hotel monogram. Not only will it look professional, it will also tap into the luxury market and make your guests feel as though they are staying somewhere truly special.

Bespoke hotel slippers

Teddy bears

Win over your younger guests by providing a bespoke teddy bear. An adorable welcome treat for children – or those adults who are still young at heart – that will surely be appreciated by the whole family. The kids are kept happy and by consequence the adults are too.


Our popular range of umbrellas make an excellent branding opportunity and bring both professionalism and luxury to rainy weather. Add a logo or strapline and save your guests from a downpour in their moment of need.

Learn more about the bespoke products we offer here at Hotel Supplies and provide the truly personalised experience that is so important to achieve if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

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