Introducing Rituals toiletries, amenities & fragrance for hotels…

Rituals is more than just a collection of toiletries, it’s a lifestyle concept.

Offering a contemporary, beautifully packaged collection of experience-enhancing products for your hotel, helping your guests feel at home anywhere in the world with signature fragrances from the world’s best perfumeries. This stylish brand has been developed with a high level of attention to detail and has a low carbon footprint. We’re very proud to be the Sole UK Distributor of this fabulous range, so here’s a little bit more about Rituals:

The Rituals Treat Collection of hotel bathroom toiletries

There are five luxurious products in the Rituals Treat (30ml) and Rituals Collection (47ml) ranges. Each has its own story, fragrance and rich hue. Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion & Soap. EcoPure certified & packaged in biodegradable plastic. Prices from 32p/bottle.

The Ritual of Happy Buddha

Available in 30ml & 47ml sizes, this collection has an uplifting fragrance that blends sweet orange and cedar wood. Inspired by the ancient Chinese monk with the legendary smile, this range is stylishly packaged in biodegradable plastic and EcoPure certified. Prices from 28p/bottle.

Rituals Dispensers for Guest Bathrooms

Available in three luxurious fragrances including sweet orange & cedar, rosemary & eucalyptus and uplifting organic mint, the Rituals Dispenser collection are elegant and mess-free solutions for the most guest-friendly washrooms. Opt for co-ordinating chrome wall brackets or elegant marble display trays for these 300ml pumps. 1ltr refills available for less waste & even better value. Prices from £3.33/bottle.

Rituals Scented Candles for Hotel Rooms

Beautiful scents can inspire memories, evoke a feeling of calm and give a space a sense of luxury. Rituals scented candles are ideal for your guest bathrooms, hotel spa areas or for offering as gifts in the hotel shop. Prices from £9.30/candle.

Rituals Fragrance Sticks and Room Sprays

Make your guests’ experience extra special by choosing Rituals Fragrance solutions to bring uplifting aromas to bedrooms and lobby areas. This is a comprehensive and practical collection of pillow sprays, fragrance sticks and home perfumes, all dispensing Rituals’ enticing fragrances. Prices vary.

Rituals Gift Collections

There are plenty of fabulous gift solutions in the Rituals range too. With a variety of pack sizes, fragrances and price bands to choose from, whether you’re looking for VIP turndown treats or items for the gift shop, you’ll find something exquisite to suit.

Rituals Tea


Rituals exquisite tea is an extra touch of luxury which comes with co-ordinating accessories to delight your guests.

With black, green and herbal varieties to choose from, this is a stylish solution for guest refreshment, any time of the day.



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