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Brand NEW plastic free guest amenities for hotels

We’d like to introduce our new eco-friendly collection of guest amenities… it’s plastic free!

These exclusive new ‘Go Green’ eco-friendly amenities have been designed and produced with the environment as the main focus. With beautifully designed Kraft paper boxes, printed with soy based ink they not only look great, but are a much more sustainable choice. The packaging is uncoated and 100% recyclable and the products inside are not wrapped in plastic – so that’s a lot less waste too.

plastic free amenities

Go Green Bamboo Dental Kit – Case of 100 – £59.00

Our first eco friendly essential is our Go Green Bamboo Dental Kit which includes a 10g Colgate toothpaste (the only exception to the plastic free rule) along with an eco friendly disposable toothbrush made from biodegradable bamboo.

The toothbrush has Vegan friendly bristles that are made from bamboo charcoal. They contain a small amount of compostable PP plastic which would biodegrade in soils within a year.


Go Green Vanity Kit – Case of 100 – £15.00

Our Go Green Vanity Kit includes 3 organic embossed cotton pads and 3 organic paper stick cotton buds, presented without any plastic inner packaging. Ideal for presenting in your hotel bathrooms so that guests can use them during their bedtime routine.

Go Green Biodegradable Shower Cap (case of 100) – £14.00

Not only is the packaging biodegradable, the shower cap itself is too. And it’s not wrapped in any extra plastic so it’s a big improvement, eco friendly wise. A combination of these beautiful guest amenity boxes would really make a great sustainability statement for your hotel.

Go Green Paper Sanitary Bag (case of 100) – £12.00

Discreet and practical – yet still beautifully packaged and eco-friendly – our handy boxed sanitary bags are made from paper so are much more sustainable. Robust and hygienic they are the ideal solution for hotels that want to be a little bit greener, whilst still providing an impeccably guest friendly service.

Go Green Bamboo Comb (case of 100) – £45.00

These stylish and contemporary combs are surprisingly made from bamboo. Strong, sustainable and the perfect alternative to plastic. They come in our beautiful Kraft boxes but without additional plastic packaging so they are an excellent green alternative, but also highly practical and useful accessories for your hotel guests to use.


As well as our Plastic Free Collection HERE we also have plenty of other excellent products that will help you provide a greener service within your hotel. Toiletry refills, carbon neutral toiletry products and much more. If there are particular items you’d like to find greener alternatives to – why not get in touch?

Hotel Supplies Ltd – now supplying PPE for Covid-19

We’re delighted to be back at Hotel Supplies HQ and now fully re-opened for business!

We’ve been busy taking calls and orders and are so pleased to be able to help you and your hotel staff get ready for re-opening. It’s been a challenging time for us all but we’re very hopeful that the industry will be able to bounce back. We’re very aware of how many changes and adaptations are necessary because of Covid-19, so we’re extending our product range accordingly. Our brand new PPE collection means you can add a variety of hotel supplies to your order that’ll help keep your customers and staff safe.

We’re now selling personal protective equipment for hotels.

Personal protective clothing for hotels

PLUS we are now supplying a range of quality face masks and hand sanitisers.

The current regulations state that face masks are compulsory on public transport and many people are choosing to wear them at work and during their leisure time, particularly if they are likely to be exposed to the general public. Having your hotel well stocked with facemasks for staff and guests, plus a good supply of hand sanitiser available at all times makes a lot of sense.

Whilst on the subject of cleanliness, government guidelines still encourage regular and thorough hand washing.

We have a fantastic selection of hand wash pump dispensers for hotels – plus large refill hand soaps so you can ensure there’s no chance of running out.

Our disposable hand towels are a hygienic alternative to using regular towels, and to soothe dry, chapped hands we have lots of luxurious hand lotions to choose from.

Buy Q Gel Hand Sanitising Gel for hotels.

We now stock Q Gel Hand sanitising gel in both a 5litre refill and 500ml pump dispenser.


Plus we have handy 55ml Hand Sanitiser bottles, perfect for staff to carry in their pockets, or for you to give out to hotel guests.

CE Certified protective face masks available now.

As well as protective KN95 face masks, we also have disposable 3 layer face masks and both types are CE certified and come in cases of 50.


CE Certified Face Shields for protection from the public now in stock.

If your staff are front-facing or work with members of the general public, you may wish to provide them with a more robust solution – and we can supply it in the form of a Protective Face Shield.

We’re expanding our PPE selection ongoing so do check back HERE to see what else is available.

‘We Love’… Introducing some of our favourite hotel guest products & amenities.

You may have seen our ‘We Love’ sticker popping up on selected items throughout our website, highlighting some of our best sellers (as well as our personal favourites!).
We thought we’d give you a chance to discover some of them here:


Luxury Airlaid Hand Towels

These high quality paper towels are a continuous bestseller.  With a delicate embossed pattern, the convenient disposable towels definitely add a touch of luxury to public area washrooms.



Glass Dish & Cover

Imagine being able to delight your guests with an extra special room service statement. Perfect for serving sweet treats such as freshly baked cookies, these covered glass dishes are hygienic and practical (and look fabulous too!





Acrylic Cotton Ball & Bud Dispenser

Display cotton wool balls and cotton buds in these clear, stylish apothecary-style jars. A handy central compartment holds the buds neatly, separating them from the cotton wool. Perfect for loose cotton balls or our amenity sachets.




Newspaper Bag 

Greet your guests at the beginning of each day with the ‘Good Morning’ embroidered Newspaper Bags. Suitably sized to hold all the latest news, these bags are also available in Black, Natural Linen and non-woven material and can also be made bespoke with your logo.


Maid Bag 

Generously sized with plenty of space and 4 side pockets, our handy Maid Bags are a hit with housekeepers. Smart and practical, the bags are comfortable to carry thanks to their sturdy straps.

*Top Tip: Co-ordinate with our plastic cleaning caddy which fits into the bag to form a rigid base with separate compartments for cleaning materials or amenities.


Fudge Bear

Fluffy and super soft, our seriously cute Fudge Bear will steal the hearts of guests of all ages. Cozily wrapped in his very own bathrobe, Fudge can also be dressed in a colourful jumper. All garments can be personalised, making Fudge a perfect companion or mascot in your hotel.




Osme Baby & Kids House Box Kit

Providing treats for your younger guests can really make a difference, and the Osme Organic House Box Kit is perfect to make bath time more enjoyable during their stay.
Inside the beautifully illustrated box you’ll find a Hair & Body Gel, Body Lotion, a bar of Osme Mild Soap and even a fun house-shaped sponge.




Corby Thornton Double Layer Waste Bin

The Corby Thornton Double Layer Waste Bin can be discreetly placed in a variety of Hotel spaces and has an idyllic 7L capacity. Smart and practical, the bin has been designed to conceal bin liners, keeping a neat and tidy appearance. They can be easily emptied and with a rubberized base it will avoid making any scratches on the floor. No wonder it is a bestseller!



To  find out more about our favourite products and other guest friendly amenities, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email






‘Go Green’ with our eco-friendly amenities for hotels…

eco friendly amenities

With the need to improve our environment, we have recently made some positive changes to our amenities and toiletries. Our ‘Go Green’ goal is to provide as many eco-friendly alternatives as possible and we thought we would share
some of these with you…

Eco-friendly toothbrushes for hotels

bamboo eco friendly toothbrush


Our modern Bamboo Dental Kits have considerably reduced the amount of single-use plastic we are making.The bamboo toothbrush has a biodegradable handle and these have already proved to be extremely popular!





Eco-friendly shower caps for hotelshotel shower caps


We’ve adapted our Shower Caps so after 300 days in soil they will degrade by more than 90%.

Small changes like these can really make a big difference.



Environmentally friendly sanitary bags for hotels


hotel sanitary bags


Eliminating plastic bags is an important step if you want to Go Green.
Within our boxed and sachet amenities, we have changed our sanitary bags from plastic to paper. They’ll do the same job but will have far less impact on the environment.




Eco friendly packaging for hotel amenities

Environmentally friendly guest amenities


Our goal is to cut out cello wrap wherever possible, so you can now find our Bamboo Dental and Vanity Kits sealed in paper within their recycled cardboard boxes.

Watch this space for more paper wraps coming soon!





Making it easier to go green

eco friendly hotel supplies

We hope our new ‘Go Green’ badges have made it easier to find our more environmentally friendly products.

Take a look on our website and you will find these popping up frequently amongst many of our ranges.

You’ll also see new ‘Vegan’ badges appear on lots of our toiletries, making it clearer to see which ranges may be more suitable for your guests.


Geneva Green Hotel Toiletries

Geneva Green Hotel Toiletries


Geneva Green is the most recent addition to the Hotel Supplies family. We love this for its light, bright fragrance as well as the ideal packaging.

The brand uses recycled materials which can then be recycled again after use which means nothing needs to go to waste.


Anyah Guest Toiletries

Anyah Hotel Toiletries

The very popular ANYAH has continued to ‘make the environment smile’. Kinder to our oceans, Anyah has the lowest CDV TOX calculation. This means that the volume of water needed to dissolve one gram of product is very low, therefore is not toxic to our aquatic systems.  Anyah toiletries can be purchased in handy Doypacks or recyclable bottles.



Osme Organic Hotel Toiletries

Osme Organic Toiletries


Power from renewable green energy has helped to make Osme Organic products. Reflecting a love of nature and avoiding waste, each 38ml bottle has a simple leaf shaped seal which acts as an easy way for housekeeping to see if the bottles have been opened and need replacing.



The Rerum Natura Hotel Toiletries Collection

Rerum Natura Hotel Toiletries



Translating into ‘‘The nature of things”, The Rerum Natura uses eco-friendly caps on the 40ml bottles. They have been cleverly made from bio-based recyclable plastic and FSC wood from sugar cane.



Pump Dispensers are an excellent eco-friendly solution

pump dispensers

Pump dispensers enable you to offer guests amazing toiletries without using and throwing away as much plastic.

Generously sized bottles can be refilled time after time and can also be a cost effective solution for your business.

Preventing loss, our pump dispensers can be safely secured using their recommended wall brackets.


To  find out more about making your guest provisions more eco-friendly and sustainable, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email








Luggage racks that are guest friendly – and eco friendly!

An item that no hotel room should be without, luggage racks are always a welcome accessory for guests to have to hand.

Making packing and unpacking easier, keeping suitcases and bags off freshly cleaned bed sheets and floors, as well as helping to make the living space a lot more organised, the importance of a good, sturdy luggage rack should never be overlooked.


In line with our aim to ‘Go Green’, we have recently introduced a stylish new range that is eco-friendly. For every three products sold, one tree is planted in co-operation with


If room space is minimal, these luggage racks are ideal as they are so easy to store. Due to their sleek design they fold to only 5.5cm deep, allowing them to fit within the narrowest of spaces.

To prevent any damage to walls, the model featuring the back stand offers a simple solution and peace of mind. They are very easy to fold and unfold so are completely hassle free for guests and staff.


Made in Europe, these have been designed using strong solid beech wood. You can choose from a range of classic colours – Wenge Black, Walnut, White or Natural Beech to blend in with almost any interior.

You may also want to customise your luggage racks with a choice of leather straps (colours include cognac brown, black, grey and white). Alternatively, if you prefer, you can opt for Nylon straps in black or grey.

Our high quality Luggage racks include a 2 year guarantee.

Click here to order your hotel luggage racks now. Find out more at 

Fabulous new additions to Rituals hotel sized toiletry collections…

At Hotel Supplies (even though we’re a little bit biased) we’re huge fans of our fabulous Rituals hotel toiletries range.

All those guest friendly Luxurious lotions and potions, evocatively fragranced to suit every mood and every hotel style, impeccably packaged so they present beautifully in your hotel guest bathrooms – whatever the hotel decor.

What’s more, Rituals is a very environmentally friendly toiletries collection for hotels.

The Rituals range incorporates Eco-Pure® packaging throughout, which means the bottles will biodegrade quickly in landfill.  As well as being Eco-Pure Certified hotel toiletries, the range is Vegan and all palm oil used is certified sustainable. That’s a big tick for the environment.

Excitingly, Rituals has just added some NEW elements to its guest toiletries collection – and we can’t wait to tell you all about it…

Brand New Fragrance – The Ritual of Karma.

This fantastic new fragrance collection is eye-catching and vibrant, and finished with luxurious gold detail which is sure to impress your guests all year round. The Ritual of Karma‘s uplifting toiletries have been created to help stimulate the positive feelings associated with summer.


This gorgeous Rituals blend is inspired by the ancient Hindu belief that living with good intent attracts good karma – and it’ll certainly look great presented in the bathroom too.

Delight your hotel guests with: Amenity size (30ml & 47ml), Pump dispensers (300ml) and 1 litre refills. Hand wash, hand & body lotion, body wash, shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, and conditioner, plus soap bar.



New toiletries collection – The Rituals Discovery Collection.

Rituals Discovery Collection is a jewel coloured amenities line which pampers guests from head to toe with 5 different fragrance rituals, each offering a unique and luxuriously aromatic experience – and they look stunning too!

This striking toiletries range includes : Amenity size (30ml), Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, plus soap bar.

New Size tubes mean the Rituals toiletries range is even more versatile.

Rituals Luxury Experience offers the same fragrance and formulas as the Discovery Collection, presented in generously sized tubes. The toiletries incorporate 5 different rituals, each opening up a world of fragrance to your guests.

Choose from: Amenity size (47ml), Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, plus soap bar.

Gorgeous new packaging for Rituals Happy Buddha hotel toiletries.


This luxurious signature collection is inspired by the ancient Chinese monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. The uplifting fragrance is based on sweet orange and cedar wood and is designed to boost your mood.

The Happy Buddha line has now been stylishly repackaged in chic bronze accented bottles for an even more luxurious feel.

This exclusive Rituals toiletries collection includes 300ml refillable bottles so you can reduce plastic waste, improve your sustainability credentials and make your toiletries provision even more economical – as well as stunning your guests with a feast for the senses!

Choose from: Amenity size (30ml & 47ml), Pump dispensers (300ml) and 1 litre refills. Hand wash, hand & body lotion, body wash, shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, and conditioner, plus soap bar.

Hotel Supplies have the best toiletries presentation trays for hotels too.

To display your fabulous Rituals toiletries products to maximum effect, opt for our beautifully simple, Rituals branded marble presentation trays – available in two shades.

To  find out more about our guest toiletries, hotel amenities, travel sized products for hotels  and our other products of distinction please give us a call on 01372 725544

or email

Brand NEW toiletries collections to really impress your guests!

At Hotel Supplies we’re always on the lookout for luxurious pampering products that will truly impress your hotel guests. We’ve just added three fabulous new toiletries collections to our portfolio so we  thought we’d tell you all about them!

‘Naturals Remedies’ Toiletries for hotels

Combining the nostalgia of a traditional apothecary with contemporary simplicity, the Naturals Remedies collection of hotel guest toiletries is a stylish, unisex range featuring high quality botanicals. Blending notes of bergamot, fig and cedar wood, the extracts are organic grade and have beneficial properties above and beyond excellent cleansing. In addition, the bottles are biodegradable so they tick the eco box too.

Choose from: Amenity size (30ml), Eco friendly Smart Care System and Pump Dispensers (300ml) and Travel Pouch.

‘Naturals’ Toiletries for hotels

Transport your guests to the heart of the Mediterranean with the invigorating citrus scent of the Naturals guest toiletries range. Organic ingredients including energising lemon, refreshing orange and richly moisturising olive oil combine to create this elegantly packaged collection of wellbeing enhancing toiletries including travel sized shampoo, body lotion and shower gel. With excellent eco properties too – packaging is recyclable and the 30ml bottles & dispensers are 100% recycled.

Choose from: Amenity size (30ml), Eco Friendly Smart Care System (300ml) and Gift Pouch.

‘The Perfumer’s Garden’ Toiletries for hotels

The Perfumer’s Garden is inspired by nature and packaged in a beautifully contemporary style. Our all-year edition is the evocative ‘Green Tea & Ginger’ which uses the finest herbs and botanical essences for a memorable, unisex fragrance. There will also be seasonal editions to choose from throughout the year, providing a delightful variety for your returning hotel guests.

Choose from: Amenity size (30ml) and Eco-friendly Smart Care System (300ml).

To find out more about these gorgeous guest toiletries and our other products of distinction, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or go to

The Valera Excell Hotel Hairdryer will blow you away..

We all know that when guests have the right appliances on hand to ensure they check out feeling impeccably well groomed and thoroughly pampered, it can make all the difference as to how highly they rate their stay.  Take hairdryers for example. A professional looking, high performing, safe model is just what you want if you’re an executive in a rush or you’re getting all ready for a glamorous night out.

Valera products are made in Switzerland and they’re well known within the industry as meeting the highest quality standards for performance and safety…

The Valera Excell 1800W hairdryer   Our price: £28.50/each

This stylish hairdryer is ergonomically designed, lightweight and comes with wall mount, straight lead and fitted plug.

The latching switch, versatile combination of 2 airflow and 3 air temperate settings, plus a cool button for a sleek finishing blast and a concentrator nozzle, all add up to a fantastic appliance.

Robust enough for hotel use, the Valera Excell 1800W has an easily removable filter and features a safe thermal cutoff.

AND WHY NOT COMBINE THE VALERIA 1800w WITH A | Wall Mounted Mirror | Hairdryer Bag


For more information on this and our other Products of Distinction, head to our website.

Some treats for your guests which are perfect for the festive season…

Rituals Gift Collections

Our Rituals Gift Collections are beautifully packaged and include a fabulous variety of luxuriously fragranced toiletry selections. Brilliant for guests to purchase from your gift shop or as special thank you packs for your VIPs.  From: £3.75/each

CHOOSE FROM | Refreshing | CalmingPurifying | Energising | Renewing | Sleep

Toiletries specially for delicate skin

The Tiny Rituals gift setis perfect for new Mums or your tiniest guests. With gently formulated Hair and Body Wash, Bath Oil and Body Lotion wrapped in luxurious packaging, 10% of each purchase goes to the Tiny Miracles Foundation. Price: £8.32/pack

Rituals fragrance sticks

A classic gift, these Rituals Fragrance sticks come in a selection of fabulous fragrances to suit every personal preference. FIND OUT MORE Price: £1.29/bar

Rituals scented candles

These gorgeous Rituals Scented Candles are 70% natural wax and burn for 50 hours. With a choice of four mood enhancing fragrances to choose from. FIND OUT MORE   Price: £1.29/bar

And if someone’s had a bit too much fun…

During the party season there’s always the risk of guests enjoying the festivities so much that they suffer afterwards. What better way to help them better than by offering a handy recovery mini bar kit?

To  find out more about Festive treats for your guests, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email

Green & Spring – A gorgeous Hotel Toiletries Collection!

Green & Spring – made from the natural ingredients of the Great British countryside…

The Green & Spring collection is a range of beautifully packaged hotel guest toiletry products containing a blend of aromatic essential oils. The relaxing fragrances of lavender, rosemary, geranium and chamomile are enriched with naturally cleansing and moisturising comfrey and marshmallow extracts.

The Relaxing Green & Spring Collection is inspired by the aromatic plants and flowers found in the Cowley Manor gardens, in the lush green hills of the Cotswolds in England.  Here, lakes, rivers, fields and lush forests have given birth to a unique mix of fragrances, and an exclusive scent which has in turn contributed towards this precious collection of travel-sized toiletry products for hair & body. Developed with the environment in mind, the plant based formulas are free from artificial colours, parabens, SLS’s, PEG or petrolatum and the packaging is fully recyclable.

Green & Spring is one of our exclusive, licensed collections so please get in touch for details of eligibility.

Perfectly proportioned pump dispensers…

If you’re looking to combine guest-friendly convenience with a touch of luxury, our Green & Spring pump dispensers are ideal. Mess free, easy to use and attractive, they’re great for cloakrooms or for guest bathrooms where you can combine them with our wall brackets for practicality and security. Choose from: Relaxing Shower & Bath Foam | Relaxing Hand & Body Lotion |Relaxing Hand Wash | Relaxing Shampoo | Relaxing Conditioner 380ml

All from £3.50/bottle 3 litre refills are also available.

Beautifully presented travel sized treats…

Available in two sizes, the Green and Spring Travel miniatures make fabulous guest-friendly additions for your hotel. They’ll not only make an extremely attractive display, they’ll also keep your guests feeling thoroughly pampered throughout their stay. Choose from: Relaxing Shower & Bath Foam  | Relaxing Body Lotion Relaxing Shampoo Relaxing Conditioner 30ml/46ml

All from 30p/bottle

The prettiest travel-sized soap…

This lovely vegetable soap is enriched with comfrey and marshmallow extracts and available in 25g or 40g. Relaxing Soap : From 16p/bar

A mess-free solution for your public washroom areas…

Choose a practical and stylish wall bracket to keep your washroom mess free and secure. Stainless Steel Bracket : From £18

To  find out more about Green & Spring Toiletries  and our other products of distinction please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email