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Luggage racks that are guest friendly – and eco friendly!

An item that no hotel room should be without, luggage racks are always a welcome accessory for guests to have to hand.

Making packing and unpacking easier, keeping suitcases and bags off freshly cleaned bed sheets and floors, as well as helping to make the living space a lot more organised, the importance of a good, sturdy luggage rack should never be overlooked.


In line with our aim to ‘Go Green’, we have recently introduced a stylish new range that is eco-friendly. For every three products sold, one tree is planted in co-operation with


If room space is minimal, these luggage racks are ideal as they are so easy to store. Due to their sleek design they fold to only 5.5cm deep, allowing them to fit within the narrowest of spaces.

To prevent any damage to walls, the model featuring the back stand offers a simple solution and peace of mind. They are very easy to fold and unfold so are completely hassle free for guests and staff.


Made in Europe, these have been designed using strong solid beech wood. You can choose from a range of classic colours – Wenge Black, Walnut, White or Natural Beech to blend in with almost any interior.

You may also want to customise your luggage racks with a choice of leather straps (colours include cognac brown, black, grey and white). Alternatively, if you prefer, you can opt for Nylon straps in black or grey.

Our high quality Luggage racks include a 2 year guarantee.

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Hotel Trends for 2017

Hotel Trends 2017

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As we enter the New Year, it is time to start looking ahead to the upcoming trends in the hospitality industry for 2017. Notably, last year was one of tumultuous ups and downs, primarily underpinned by the result of the EU referendum. We will no doubt see the effects of this decision for many years to come but what are the short term implications for hoteliers in the UK?

On the one hand, the uncertainty that continues to linger following the Brexit vote has put a halt to many travel plans. On the other hand, the weaker pound has attracted higher numbers of foreign tourists as the UK becomes a cheaper destination than previously. Furthermore, with holidays abroad more expensive than ever for British people, the UK staycation has seen a welcome boost.

Here at Hotel Supplies, we are confident that the UK hospitality industry will continue to grow. Nevertheless, in light of the uncertainty that 2016 has produced, it has never been more important to remain aware of the travel trends that are set to dominate 2017. Staying afloat of consumer demands and expectations will place you ahead of the competition and will allow you to anticipate your customer’s’ needs before they even realise them.

Sharing Economy

Recent years have seen the unprecedented rise of the sharing economy, from holiday accommodation through to taxi rides. Platforms like Airbnb have reshaped the travel industry, as consumers seek more of an authentic experience from their travelling. Phrases such as ‘live like a local’ have become a staple of modern travel and peer-to-peer accommodation has increased as a result.

Despite this, it seems that the majority of hoteliers regard the sharing economy as a low to moderate threat to their traditional business model. Although it has increased the competition, there is still a strong demand for traditional hotels and boutique establishments that shows no sign of declining. Nevertheless, it is worth taking note of the reasons why consumers may opt for peer-to-peer accommodation over a hotel and repackaging these desires into your own hotel offering.

Business Travel

Business travel has always been a mainstay of the UK travel industry but it is unknown whether it stands to grow or decline in the coming years. With increased economic hardships, companies may cut down on business travel expenses, yet on the other hand, some companies may view it as a valuable way of building and growing the business.

Business Travel Trends

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What we do know is that the lines between business and leisure travel are becoming increasingly blurred. More often than not, and where time allows, business travellers are extending their stays to add a couple of leisure days. This enables them to experience the destination for pleasure, rather than business, and hotels should be aware of this trend so they can leverage the potential for up-sales.


It is no secret that technology has changed the way we find and book our holidays. Travel has become more accessible than ever before and booking can be as quick as the push of a button. It is therefore vital that hoteliers are technologically prepared, as falling behind the digital marketplace can have highly detrimental consequences. Ensure that customers are enjoying a first-class experience right from the start of planning their holiday.

With information available at our fingertips, travellers have become increasingly impatient. Make their experience as smooth and efficient as possible, from the check-in to the wi-fi speed. Furthermore, leverage the marketing power of the digital landscape and encourage your guests to share their positive experiences on social media. At the same time, be wary of how easily customers can share negative feedback and always remain on top of any criticism to soften the impact where possible.

Health / Wellbeing

With the fast-paced lifestyle that is so prevalent nowadays, travellers are increasingly seeking relaxation and recuperation. Establishments with spa facilities or ‘self-discovery’ offerings will continue to grow in popularity and hoteliers should consider how they can integrate a culture of relaxation into their stays. Engage with the holistic lifestyle that is so sought after and guests will appreciate having somewhere to regain control of their busy lives.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel Trends

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Particularly prevalent amongst the younger generation of travellers, consumers are ever more conscious of their carbon footprint. With greater expectations of environmentally friendly travel options and an increased appetite for eco-friendly travel destinations, sustainable travel will be a recurrent theme throughout 2017. Discussion around this hot topic is only set to increase over the coming years, therefore hoteliers should start doing their bit for the environment as soon as possible.

If you are looking to revamp your hotel offering to kick off the New Year, get in touch with one of our experts today and we can help you transform your establishment. Here at Hotel Supplies, we believe in the small details that can make a travel experience unforgettable.

What do business travellers want from their hotel rooms?

Business travellers bring in a huge amount of revenue for the hotel industry. They are usually big spenders with disposable income and have the potential to become loyal customers if they return to the same destination often. It is therefore in the interest of hotel owners to understand the differences between a business and a leisure guest, and to ensure that business travellers are catered for appropriately.

Nowadays, the requirements of the modern business traveller tend to be more of a hybrid between business and leisure. Practicality is key but that does not mean that a touch of luxury cannot also be thrown in for good measure. To help you ensure that your hotel appeals to the business traveller, we have compiled a selection of suggestions and amenities that we think are necessary to offer.

Food and Drink Essentials

First and foremost it is crucial to get the basic necessities right: food and drink. As is standard for most hotels nowadays, it is almost obligatory to provide a kettle with tea and coffee making facilities, along with a fridge that is stocked with a range of products. From tasty snacks to a bottle of bubbles for when that meeting goes really well, ensure that all bases are covered.

Clothes Preparation

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 09.28.50The business traveller needs to look smart and presentable at all times. Make it easy for them by supplying a hotel iron / ironing board and trouser press to rescue those shoddily folded shirts and crumpled trousers lying at the bottom of the suitcase. Cater for those travellers with vast numbers of clothes by providing a plentiful supply of hotel hangers. Travellers should never be expected to bring these, especially when aiming to travel light, as most business travellers do.


The modern business traveller is constantly connected. Whether continually on call for clients and colleagues or working on the go, support for their technological needs is vital. This means numerous conveniently placed plug points in the hotel room, as well as fast and reliable wi-fi. If your guest is having to stand in an awkward position halfway down the corridor with their laptop above their head then your wi-fi signal probably isn’t quite cutting it.

Hotel Bathroom Amenities

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 09.29.07Hotel toiletries are a crucial part of any traveller’s stay, whatever their purpose for travelling is. Whether you opt for a lavishly luxurious collection or eco-friendly set, make sure your guests have what they need to feel clean and refreshed after a stressful, sweaty day of travelling or business meetings. One thing business travellers could really do with is a little relaxation and rejuvenation time. Whether your hotel offers spa facilities or not, you should also be providing a big snuggly hotel bathrobe and comfy hotel slippers. For more information on providing the best bathroom in the industry, have a read of of our post on sprucing up your hotel bathroom.

Room service

Modern business travellers are busy people and exist very much in the grab-and-go trend of today. Combining business and travel is undoubtedly exhausting, therefore having the option to order room service on return to the hotel room is a huge relief. Room service is traditionally a luxury service so ensure that your service delivers a good dose of opulence. Have a read of our handy advice on how to achieve world-class room service status.


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 09.29.27All travellers require a great night’s sleep but it is particularly crucial for the business traveller, especially ahead of a big meeting. Establish a sleep-inducing environment devoid of noise and light by providing blackout curtains, eye masks and earplugs. Here at Hotel Supplies we offer a special sleep kit containing earplugs and a black satin eye mask, presented in a gorgeous luxury box. Perfect for a thoughtful turndown gift and for a bit of exclusivity. Don’t forget the all-important ‘do not disturb’ sign as there is nothing worse than an unwanted wake up call.


Although the business traveller will generally aim to travel light, a myriad of corporate clothes and technological requirements will inevitably have to be factored in. Your guest will certainly appreciate the storage space in order to avoid bags and belongings being strewn across the floor. A luggage rack is a great idea to avoid having to take up valuable wardrobe space – we offer several different options, all sturdy and practical but with varying styles and finishes. A safe is also a necessity for securely storing any valuables and if it is big enough to hold a laptop then all the better.


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 09.29.48The summer months are now upon us, but let’s be honest: this is England. Sporadic torrential downpours can happen at any time and can easily catch your guests off-guard. Umbrellas are easily forgotten in the packing process, so be prepared on behalf of your guests with a high quality selection of umbrellas that can be whisked out to save the day. Our umbrellas come in a range of styles and can be tailored to your personal hotel requirements with a carefully chosen colour scheme, logo or brand message.

For more inspiration of how you can provide the perfect experience for the business traveller, have a browse of the various products on our website.