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Teddy Bears for Hotels – a cuddly, must-have addition.


A staple part of every child’s toy collection for as long as anyone can remember, the Teddy Bear is still very much a favourite children’s toy.

The first Teddy Bear is believed to have been made in Germany in 1902 but they take their name from US president Theodore Roosevelt who was a keen bear hunter and had the nickname ‘Teddy’. The story goes that he went on a bear hunt but was not successful, so one of the guides who wanted to please him tied a wounded bear cub to a tree for him to shoot (yikes). Luckily Teddy declined, saying it would not be sportsmanlike to kill the cub – and this is the story which appeared in the papers along with a cartoon of him cuddling a little bear. The term Teddy Bear stuck.

Teddy bears have long been a favourite with hoteliers around the world.

There are a number of Teddy bear themed hotels in existence, as well as hotels with Teddy Bear themed rooms. Teddy Bear’s picnics and charity events are also popular in the hotel industry. Synonymous with home comforts, cosiness, family and romance – they make a brilliant guest giveaway, gift or addition to the Hotel Shop.

For Valentine’s Day, a teddy bear makes a gorgeous addition (particularly for last-minute purchase). For school holidays, it makes sense to provide Teddy Bears to keep your younger hotel guests (and the young-at-heart) happy. Teddy Bears make excellent momentos to remind guests how much they enjoyed their stay with you too – and this is why considering offering branded Teddy Bears with the name or logo of your hotel – or a quirky message is such a great idea.

A recent hotel chain study reported that a third of adults go to bed with some kind of stuffed animal.

It also discovered that 25% of men take teddies on business trips with them. A cuddly friend from home helps people feel comfortable in a strange place so just in case people forget to bring their teddy along when they stay at your hotel – providing a substitute could certainly cheer them up a bit.

Travelling Teddy Bears are a growing phenomenon on Instagram and Facebook, with travel Blogs featuring intrepid Hotel guest Teddy Bears and their trips around the world popping up on a regular basis. The teddy-tastic photo below for example is part of a huge, fabulous portfolio of images of Teddy on holiday, taken all around the world by amateur photographer Christian Kneidinger.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 16.26.02

At Hotel Supplies, we’re definitely fans of the Teddy Bear and we have our own collection of cuddly Teddy Bear characters, perfect for hotels.


Meet Fudge Bear, Harry Bear and Toffee Bear. Hotel Supplies Teddy Bears are perfect for selling in your hotel shop or for giving to your hotel guests, to ensure that they have someone to cuddle up to during their stay. Our hotel Teddy Bears have a variety of clothing choices too so you can have Teddy Bears in Bathrobes, Teddy Bears in T-shirts, Teddy Bears in jumpers, Teddy Bears in fleeces and you can choose from a variety of colours for each.

Bespoke bear_1

As part of our bespoke hotel supplies, we offer personalised Teddy Bears too.

We can provide Teddy Bears  with printed or embroidered garments so you can add your hotel logo or branding and promote your hotel every time someone carries one of your Teddy Bears  We can provide Teddy Bears  with printed or embroidered garments so you can add your hotel logo or branding and promote your hotel every time someone carries one of your Teddy Bears  home.

If you think that your hotel could benefit from its own cuddly collection of Teddy Bear friends, why not give us a call and find out more, or place an order via the Hotel Supplies website.

How to prepare your hotel for the Christmas season

Claridge's Christmas Tree

Photo credit: Claridge’s Hotel

With Christmas Day only one month away, it is time to ramp up the festive spirit. One of our favourite times of the year here at Hotel Supplies, we love the merriment that unfolds in the lead up to the big day. From lavish decorations to festive menus, Christmas is a wonderful time to welcome guests into your establishment. To help you provide the ultimate Yuletide experience, here is our guide on how to prepare your hotel for the Christmas season.

Festive decorations

Give your guests that warm fuzzy feeling by greeting them with a gorgeous Christmassy abode when they venture into your hotel lobby. The level of grandeur you opt for is up to you. Install the largest Christmas tree that will fit and adorn with sparkles and baubles for the ‘wow’ factor, or feature more subtle decorations for a festive feel with a stylish twist. Either way, ensure that the decorations match the personality of your hotel and that guests receive a warm but wintery welcome.

Christmas cocktails

For establishments in which the bar is the hub of the hotel, make sure that the drinks are adapted for the season. Stock everybody’s favourite Christmas tipples, from traditional mulled wine and eggnog to more experimental Christmas cocktails. Inject a bit of fun by asking each bartender to devise their own festive cocktail and hold a competition to see which invention proves the most popular. You could even encourage guests to create their own for an extra level of fun and personalisation.

Kids’ activity pack

Christmas activity packChristmas is a particularly special time of year for children and it is therefore important to take this into consideration. Go the extra mile to provide a Yuletide gift and the parents will be forever thankful. Our Christmas Activity Packs are bursting with festive fun and include an advent calendar, Christmas cracker, comic, poster, colouring pencils and an array of sweet treats. Sure to provide hours of entertainment, leaving mum and dad to enjoy a more relaxing Christmas experience.

Teddy bear gift

Hotel Teddy BearAnother one for the kids (or the adults who are still young at heart!), a charming teddy bear is the perfect present. Our teddy bears can be personalised, so there is scope to add a festive touch and bespoke message. Leave one on the bed as a lovely welcoming gift, or sell them in your hotel shop as adorable festive memorabilia.


Hot water bottle

Hotel Hot Water BottleThe winter months may bring warm tidings but they also bring chilly weather. For an extra special touch, provide hot water bottles to guests for an added level of comfort and cosiness. Guests will surely appreciate the gesture, especially when their feet are super snug while catching their beauty sleep. Our hot water bottles are fully safety compliant and come with the choice of a stylish black quilted cover or a white waffle cover.

Christmas deals

We all know that customers love a fantastic deal. Christmas is a great time to offer a special package, as there is always scope to add extra festive details to enhance the deal. These could include a Christmas dinner, festive cocktail or relaxing spa treatment as a Christmas present from the hotel – the list is endless and you’ll know what your customers want more than anyone else. Target days that are less popular, such as Sundays and Mondays, to get the most out of any Christmas deals you are offering.


Christmas is a popular time to travel, especially in terms of UK staycations. Take advantage of this and ensure you are fully prepared for the festive season. Provide a winter wonderland experience and go that extra mile to add a touch of Yuletide cheer. For further inspiration, have a browse through all of our seasonal products, or get in touch with a member of the Hotel Supplies team if you have any questions.

How to provide a child-friendly hotel experience

Holidaying with children can be both a joy and a struggle. Striking the balance between keeping the children sufficiently entertained and allowing the adults to enjoy a heavy dose of relaxation can be tricky. If you market yourself as a child-friendly establishment then you need to be adequately living up to those expectations. If the experience you are providing does not impress the kids then it will inevitably have a knock-on effect for the adults.

Given that it is the adults who are paying out the money to enjoy the holiday, it is of paramount importance that they are more than satisfied. When it comes to families, the way to do this is simple: keep the kids happy and the rest will follow. Here at Hotel Supplies Ltd, we are experts in all the little details that can make a holiday great. Appealing to children is no exception, evident in our extensive child-friendly amenities range. Here we share our advice on providing the perfect family-friendly hotel experience.

Children’s Activity Packs

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 09.13.53To counter any short attention spans, ensure the little ones have the tools they need to keep themselves entertained while mum and dad settle in. Push the boat out further than simple crayons and colouring books. Provide a fully stocked activity pack that will keep their boredom radar in check. We offer a variety of activity packs, each with a different theme, which feature a host of fun and educational activities. From jigsaw puzzles to card games, they will provide hours of play.

Children’s Entertainment

Activity packs will go so far but soon enough the great outdoors will come calling and the kids will want to get stuck into some lively recreation. Ensure that your hotel provides ample activities tailored specifically for children. Whether it involves a bit of sporty fun or an evening entertainment show, there should be a range of options to satisfy all young personalities.

Hotel Toiletries

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 09.14.12All hotels provide toiletries for the adult guests but not many offer child-friendly hotel toiletries. Too often overlooked, children should not be expected to use the same products as their parents. With far more delicate skin and different needs, little ones should be using child-friendly products.

Our Childs Farm range of toiletries are made from all natural ingredients, free from any nasties and thoroughly dermatologically tested. Complete with adorable farm-themed packaging and a delicious scent, your little ones will be both delighted and squeaky clean. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, hair & body wash and bubble bath.

Mini Hotel Bathrobes & Slippers

Continuing with the theme of pampering, ensure that the children are not left out when mum and dad relax in their bathrobes and comfy slippers. Supply a mini hotel bathrobe for the little ones to cosy up in and some accompanying hotel slippers so they can feel just as grown up as their adult counterparts. Have a look at our super snuggly bathrobe, available in ages 1-12, and children’s slippers available in 4-5 years and 7-8 years.

Babysitting/Child-Minding Services

Let mum and dad loosen the reigns by taking over responsibility for their dearly beloveds for a little time. Babysitting and child-minding services should be freely available in any hotel that markets itself as child-friendly. Ultimately, the adults have come on holiday to relax and a temporary break away from their lively little ones will help them to achieve this.

Hotel Cots

For the really tiny tots, a stylish and sturdy cot is a must-have in any family-friendly hotel room. Add a set of child-friendly bedding into the mix and a peaceful sleep for all members of the family should be easily achievable. We offer a wooden cot made from smooth beech that has the added advantage of being foldaway, for some added practicality points.

Teddy Bear

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 09.14.34For an extra special finishing touch, throw in an adorable cuddly toy to guarantee a seal of approval from the little ones (or for the adults who are young at heart!). Promotional teddy bears add an extra touch of uniqueness in line with your hotel’s own brand and identity. Our little teddy bears have a versatile wardrobe, from white bathrobes to hooded fleeces, all with the option for personalised embroidery or print.


Of course this list is not exhaustive and there are a myriad of ways to entertain the little ones at your hotel. Just ensure that if you market yourself as a child-friendly hotel that you are providing the necessary services. Keep the kids smiling and the adults will follow.

Get set for summer with our brilliant new kids’ packs…

Whether your hotel has a continuous stream of junior guests, or you just tend to host them during the half terms and holidays, it’s always a good plan to have something up your sleeve to help keep the children entertained and feeling thoroughly special, throughout their stay with you. With the days getting a little bit longer and the temperature creeping up, it’s surprising to think that it’s not too long ’til the long summer break so with this in mind it seems a good moment to mention our fabulous new child-friendly kids’ packs.


These brilliantly bright and cheery activity packs are jammed full of fantastic bits and pieces which are sure to grab your younger guest’s attention and keep them occupied for ages. They’ll give the mums and dads a little bit of respite too and will mean that everyone gets a few moments to thoroughly relax.

Pirate Mega pack

Available in four different yet similarly fantastic themes, there’s something for everyone. There’s a jolly farm themed activity pack, bold pirate themed collection, pretty and colourful fairies kids compendium and a fun yet factual under-the-sea themed set.


Whether you give your junior guests an activity pack when they check in to the hotel as a special surprise, leave one in each bedroom all ready for them, keep a few handy in the restaurant to keep the kids entertained whilst they await dinner or sell them in your hotel gift shop, these exciting packs are sure to help ensure every child staying at your hotel will feel thoroughly special rather than thoroughly bored.


Each kids activity pack is made up of lots of individual activities, games and eyecatching booklets. It’s easy just to pop a couple of items into a travel bag or take them along to a restaurant so these Activity Packs will continue to entertain throughout your stay or holiday.

All of our children’s activity sets  contain the following items and are suitable for ages 3 and up :

  • Activity Book
  • Comic Strip
  • Character Poster
  • Door Hanger
  • Bookmark
  • Dice Game
  • Push Out Activity Card
  • Mini Playing Card Game
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Easy Peel Sticker Sheet
  • Colouring Pencils

As well as these kids’ packs, we have plenty of other child friendly hotel solutions including soft and snuggly children’s bathrobes and slippers plus toiletries and bath accessories like our cheery bath hats and duck-shaped sponges. We also have a gorgeous range of fluffy teddies, all available with an extensive wardrobe of clothes which you can have personalised with your hotel logo or branding if you like.

For more child-friendly ideas, pop along to our website here, give us a call or send us an email.