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‘Go Green’ with our eco-friendly amenities for hotels…

eco friendly amenities

With the need to improve our environment, we have recently made some positive changes to our amenities and toiletries. Our ‘Go Green’ goal is to provide as many eco-friendly alternatives as possible and we thought we would share
some of these with you…

Eco-friendly toothbrushes for hotels

bamboo eco friendly toothbrush


Our modern Bamboo Dental Kits have considerably reduced the amount of single-use plastic we are making.The bamboo toothbrush has a biodegradable handle and these have already proved to be extremely popular!





Eco-friendly shower caps for hotelshotel shower caps


We’ve adapted our Shower Caps so after 300 days in soil they will degrade by more than 90%.

Small changes like these can really make a big difference.



Environmentally friendly sanitary bags for hotels


hotel sanitary bags


Eliminating plastic bags is an important step if you want to Go Green.
Within our boxed and sachet amenities, we have changed our sanitary bags from plastic to paper. They’ll do the same job but will have far less impact on the environment.




Eco friendly packaging for hotel amenities

Environmentally friendly guest amenities


Our goal is to cut out cello wrap wherever possible, so you can now find our Bamboo Dental and Vanity Kits sealed in paper within their recycled cardboard boxes.

Watch this space for more paper wraps coming soon!





Making it easier to go green

eco friendly hotel supplies

We hope our new ‘Go Green’ badges have made it easier to find our more environmentally friendly products.

Take a look on our website and you will find these popping up frequently amongst many of our ranges.

You’ll also see new ‘Vegan’ badges appear on lots of our toiletries, making it clearer to see which ranges may be more suitable for your guests.


Geneva Green Hotel Toiletries

Geneva Green Hotel Toiletries


Geneva Green is the most recent addition to the Hotel Supplies family. We love this for its light, bright fragrance as well as the ideal packaging.

The brand uses recycled materials which can then be recycled again after use which means nothing needs to go to waste.


Anyah Guest Toiletries

Anyah Hotel Toiletries

The very popular ANYAH has continued to ‘make the environment smile’. Kinder to our oceans, Anyah has the lowest CDV TOX calculation. This means that the volume of water needed to dissolve one gram of product is very low, therefore is not toxic to our aquatic systems.  Anyah toiletries can be purchased in handy Doypacks or recyclable bottles.



Osme Organic Hotel Toiletries

Osme Organic Toiletries


Power from renewable green energy has helped to make Osme Organic products. Reflecting a love of nature and avoiding waste, each 38ml bottle has a simple leaf shaped seal which acts as an easy way for housekeeping to see if the bottles have been opened and need replacing.



The Rerum Natura Hotel Toiletries Collection

Rerum Natura Hotel Toiletries



Translating into ‘‘The nature of things”, The Rerum Natura uses eco-friendly caps on the 40ml bottles. They have been cleverly made from bio-based recyclable plastic and FSC wood from sugar cane.



Pump Dispensers are an excellent eco-friendly solution

pump dispensers

Pump dispensers enable you to offer guests amazing toiletries without using and throwing away as much plastic.

Generously sized bottles can be refilled time after time and can also be a cost effective solution for your business.

Preventing loss, our pump dispensers can be safely secured using their recommended wall brackets.


To  find out more about making your guest provisions more eco-friendly and sustainable, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email








Guest ready popcorn and some great movie themed hotels

When it comes to crowd pleasers, movies have long been a serious money-spinner for a wide range of industries the world over.

Hotels play a big part in the industry too.

Whether it’s hosting guests attending premieres, providing accommodation for people heading to London for a special movie showcase, or just providing an up-to-the-minute movie selection for hotel guests on the in-room hotel entertainment system.

Hotels around the globe have adapted their interior styling, developed themes inspired by films. They host movie-based events to support film releases, or to make the most of their movie location roots.

At Hotel Supplies Ltd, we like to keep an eye on current hotel trends and quirky hotel ideas.

We’ve been having a look at some of the inspirational movie themed hotels around the world.

Even if you’re not planning movie themed redecoration for your hotel any time soon, they’re lots of fun.

The Eden motel in Taiwan boasts an incredible Batcave. Inspired by the caped crusader and featuring bats a plenty, film memorabilia and plenty of mat black and craggy grey. A hotel guest bedroom with the perfect accessories for Batman fans.

Image via: Eden Hotel | website:

The Despicable Me hotel suite for kids is in Lowes Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando. Featuring minions galore, specially designed guest beds and lots of bright yellow, this child friendly hotel room is a real winner.

Image via: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel | Website:

The Georgian House Hotel has a spellbinding Harry Potter themed guest bedroom designed to feel just like a very luxurious version of the Hogwarts dormitory.

Image via : Georgian House Hotel | Website:

The Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton has a fabulous hotel suite dedicated to Lord Vader. This Star Wars themed hotel room is full of quirky accessories and memorabilia – ideal for budding jedi.

Image via: Hotel Pelirocco | Website

Even if movie-inspired theming is not on the cards for your hotel, but you’d like to encourage your hotel guests to curl up with an in-room movie, we can provide the popcorn (and our popcorn is something rather special).

Popcorn for Hotels

We’re delighted to now be supplying Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn. In a variety of formats and sizes, perfect for guest snacking, hotel minibars and hotel welcome packs, this delicious popcorn is a great movie accompaniment too. It’s available with caramel and sea salt via our website but we can also supply other varieties – and arrange for co-branded packs too. Find out more here.

For lots of other guest-friendly ideas for your hotel, head over to the Hotel Supplies website.

Hotel personalisation to beat the competition

Bespoke Hotel Supplies

With the likes of Airbnb steadily growing in popularity, the hotel industry is under increasing pressure from the sharing economy. As well as bringing a wealth of new competition into the market, it has also altered the perceptions held by many travellers around what their experience should be like. Guests expect the same level of immediacy and control from their hotel stays as they do when they are at home or staying in someone’s home.

In addition, the increase of millennials has further compounded the need for greater personalisation. Having travelled far more than the generations before them and holding a preoccupation with technological advances, millennials bring a whole new challenge to the hotel industry. With fierce competition abound, encouraging guest loyalty has never been more important and in order to keep guests engaged, personalisation is key.

9 in 10 Hoteliers think guests will expect their stay to be personalised by 2020. – Grant Thornton, ‘The power of personalisation: Hotels’ roadmap to 2020

Booking Process

The need for personalisation does not start at check-in – it starts right from the beginning of the holiday research process. Your online presence is key and must be personalised to the guests you are targeting. Ensure that any online advertising is carefully executed in order to reach the most relevant consumers and avoid irritating those who are not interested.

74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when promotional or advertising content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. – Grant Thornton, ‘The power of personalisation: Hotels’ roadmap to 2020

Ensure that your online booking process is adapted to recognise previous guests and provide personalisation facilities for them. Demonstrating that you recognise their loyalty is key to keeping it. Nevertheless, be careful not to cross the thin line between personalisation and privacy, as some guests may perceive over-personalisation as an invasion of their privacy. Get the balance right and you will be able to leverage the power of personalisation to effectively grow your customer base.


Make the most of technological advances to enable customisation. For larger hotel groups, this could involve a hotel app or software that guests can interact with to personalise their experience. This will make their stay easier and ensure that the service they receive is more efficient.

“Over the next ten years, hotels will empower guests with incredible levels of hyper-personalisation through mobile devices. They will provide an utterly tailored experience.” – Nikhil Gupta, Director, Hotels Skyscanner

However, never underestimate face-to-face contact and remember that different generations will have conflicting expectations regarding customer service. Some will favour a digitalised experience whilst others will have a preference for a more traditional customer service that goes above and beyond. Establish the right balance and customise for each guest.

“You must be guest centric: you should be providing a service to one person which is absolutely relevant to that person, but it may not be at all relevant to someone else.” – Jean-Pierre Soutric, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Oetker Collection

Bespoke Supplies

Here at Hotel Supplies, we believe in the value of the small details and understand the undisputed importance of personalisation. It is for this reason that we offer a range of personalised hotel guest amenities that can be uniquely designed and produced in line with your hotel brand.


Add your hotel branding to the stationery provided in your hotel bedrooms, including folders, pens, pencils and pads. Alternatively, bring an extra level of professionalism to corporate events by designing and producing customised stationery.

Bespoke hotel stationery

Hotel slippers and bathrobes

Elevate the guest spa experience you provide by personalising the bathrobes and slippers with your hotel monogram. Not only will it look professional, it will also tap into the luxury market and make your guests feel as though they are staying somewhere truly special.

Bespoke hotel slippers

Teddy bears

Win over your younger guests by providing a bespoke teddy bear. An adorable welcome treat for children – or those adults who are still young at heart – that will surely be appreciated by the whole family. The kids are kept happy and by consequence the adults are too.


Our popular range of umbrellas make an excellent branding opportunity and bring both professionalism and luxury to rainy weather. Add a logo or strapline and save your guests from a downpour in their moment of need.

Learn more about the bespoke products we offer here at Hotel Supplies and provide the truly personalised experience that is so important to achieve if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Hotel Trends for 2017

Hotel Trends 2017

Photo credit:

As we enter the New Year, it is time to start looking ahead to the upcoming trends in the hospitality industry for 2017. Notably, last year was one of tumultuous ups and downs, primarily underpinned by the result of the EU referendum. We will no doubt see the effects of this decision for many years to come but what are the short term implications for hoteliers in the UK?

On the one hand, the uncertainty that continues to linger following the Brexit vote has put a halt to many travel plans. On the other hand, the weaker pound has attracted higher numbers of foreign tourists as the UK becomes a cheaper destination than previously. Furthermore, with holidays abroad more expensive than ever for British people, the UK staycation has seen a welcome boost.

Here at Hotel Supplies, we are confident that the UK hospitality industry will continue to grow. Nevertheless, in light of the uncertainty that 2016 has produced, it has never been more important to remain aware of the travel trends that are set to dominate 2017. Staying afloat of consumer demands and expectations will place you ahead of the competition and will allow you to anticipate your customer’s’ needs before they even realise them.

Sharing Economy

Recent years have seen the unprecedented rise of the sharing economy, from holiday accommodation through to taxi rides. Platforms like Airbnb have reshaped the travel industry, as consumers seek more of an authentic experience from their travelling. Phrases such as ‘live like a local’ have become a staple of modern travel and peer-to-peer accommodation has increased as a result.

Despite this, it seems that the majority of hoteliers regard the sharing economy as a low to moderate threat to their traditional business model. Although it has increased the competition, there is still a strong demand for traditional hotels and boutique establishments that shows no sign of declining. Nevertheless, it is worth taking note of the reasons why consumers may opt for peer-to-peer accommodation over a hotel and repackaging these desires into your own hotel offering.

Business Travel

Business travel has always been a mainstay of the UK travel industry but it is unknown whether it stands to grow or decline in the coming years. With increased economic hardships, companies may cut down on business travel expenses, yet on the other hand, some companies may view it as a valuable way of building and growing the business.

Business Travel Trends

Photo credit:

What we do know is that the lines between business and leisure travel are becoming increasingly blurred. More often than not, and where time allows, business travellers are extending their stays to add a couple of leisure days. This enables them to experience the destination for pleasure, rather than business, and hotels should be aware of this trend so they can leverage the potential for up-sales.


It is no secret that technology has changed the way we find and book our holidays. Travel has become more accessible than ever before and booking can be as quick as the push of a button. It is therefore vital that hoteliers are technologically prepared, as falling behind the digital marketplace can have highly detrimental consequences. Ensure that customers are enjoying a first-class experience right from the start of planning their holiday.

With information available at our fingertips, travellers have become increasingly impatient. Make their experience as smooth and efficient as possible, from the check-in to the wi-fi speed. Furthermore, leverage the marketing power of the digital landscape and encourage your guests to share their positive experiences on social media. At the same time, be wary of how easily customers can share negative feedback and always remain on top of any criticism to soften the impact where possible.

Health / Wellbeing

With the fast-paced lifestyle that is so prevalent nowadays, travellers are increasingly seeking relaxation and recuperation. Establishments with spa facilities or ‘self-discovery’ offerings will continue to grow in popularity and hoteliers should consider how they can integrate a culture of relaxation into their stays. Engage with the holistic lifestyle that is so sought after and guests will appreciate having somewhere to regain control of their busy lives.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel Trends

Photo credit:

Particularly prevalent amongst the younger generation of travellers, consumers are ever more conscious of their carbon footprint. With greater expectations of environmentally friendly travel options and an increased appetite for eco-friendly travel destinations, sustainable travel will be a recurrent theme throughout 2017. Discussion around this hot topic is only set to increase over the coming years, therefore hoteliers should start doing their bit for the environment as soon as possible.

If you are looking to revamp your hotel offering to kick off the New Year, get in touch with one of our experts today and we can help you transform your establishment. Here at Hotel Supplies, we believe in the small details that can make a travel experience unforgettable.

Brexit and the rise of the staycation

Rise of the staycation

Recent years have seen the rapid rise of the British staycation. With an abundance of stunning scenery, cities full of culture and better coastlines than we are given credit for, the UK has so much to offer. Previously taken for granted, Britons are starting to realise the wealth of travel opportunities, experiences and adventures right on their doorsteps.

The added benefits of no flying faff, luggage restrictions or language barriers further strengthen the case for staycation over vacation. Plus, combined with the lower travel costs of staying in the same country, the staycation has become a huge phenomenon and its rise only looks set to continue with the recent news of Brexit.


Brexit and the travel industry

Last week’s historic news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves across the world. With our current way of life at stake, for better or for worse, there are many uncertainties around how the decision will affect different industries, with the travel trade being no exception.


Photo credit: Otesha UK

A lot of Britons rely on low-cost package holidays to Europe but the collapse of the pound following the referendum result will deter many holidaymakers from venturing abroad this summer. Although this is bad news for the outbound travel industry, it looks to be great news for the inbound industry. Faced with the crippling cost of buying euros but lacking the budget to venture further afield, many holidaymakers will be left with little choice but to remain in the UK this summer.

Not only are staycations set to increase but the weaker pound will also make UK destinations cheaper for foreign travellers. Holidaymakers from across the world are going to want to take advantage of the unusual opportunity to visit Britain on a budget. With Britons holidaying in their native country and foreigners joining in the affordable fun, UK hoteliers should be bracing themselves for an influx of travellers.

How to react

With heaps of uncertainty prevailing at the moment, there is no guarantee of a boosted UK inbound travel industry. However, we believe that it is best to leverage this opportunity and accept the potential changes as the kick you need to enhance the experience that you offer to hotel guests.

With the potential for more guests than ever staying in your abode, never has it been more important to offer a fantastic guest experience to boost customer retention. You should be aiming to convert as many of these new customers into loyal, returning hotel guests. This can be achieved by providing a superior level of hospitality, from friendly staff to high quality guest amenities.

Our advice

Here at Hotel Supplies, we are experts on the small details that can make a big difference to a guest’s experience. Here is a selection of quick hints and tips to help you make the most of the potential surge in demand following Brexit:

  • Friendly staff. Great service can really make a hotel stay so make sure that your staff are trained to offer the most helpful and efficient service possible – nothing should be too much trouble.
  • Wi-fi. As essential as water for many guests nowadays, you need to be providing good wi-fi that works in all areas of the hotel.
  • Hygiene. An obvious point but sometimes overlooked – a less than spotless hotel room can undermine even the best travel experience.
  • High quality hotel toiletries. Offering good quality, organic hotel toiletries is any easy way to add a touch of luxury to the hotel guest experience.
  • Child-friendly hotel amenities. If your hotel is family-friendly then you ought to be providing for your younger guests as well as the adults.
  • Bespoke hotel amenities. Add a touch of professionalism by branding products and guest amenities with your personal logo, from hotel slippers to promotional teddy bears.
  • Consistency. There is little point providing a world-class guest experience only sporadically – for maximum customer retention, consistency is key.

All in all, put yourself in the shoes of your hotel guest and make sure that anything they could possibly need is covered in one way or the other. Even if you do not run a luxury hotel, it costs nothing to make your guest feel as though they are. Get the small details right and you’ll be in the best possible position to take advantage of the post-Brexit UK inbound travel surge.

Good luck!