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‘Go Green’ with our eco-friendly amenities for hotels…

eco friendly amenities

With the need to improve our environment, we have recently made some positive changes to our amenities and toiletries. Our ‘Go Green’ goal is to provide as many eco-friendly alternatives as possible and we thought we would share
some of these with you…

Eco-friendly toothbrushes for hotels

bamboo eco friendly toothbrush


Our modern Bamboo Dental Kits have considerably reduced the amount of single-use plastic we are making.The bamboo toothbrush has a biodegradable handle and these have already proved to be extremely popular!





Eco-friendly shower caps for hotelshotel shower caps


We’ve adapted our Shower Caps so after 300 days in soil they will degrade by more than 90%.

Small changes like these can really make a big difference.



Environmentally friendly sanitary bags for hotels


hotel sanitary bags


Eliminating plastic bags is an important step if you want to Go Green.
Within our boxed and sachet amenities, we have changed our sanitary bags from plastic to paper. They’ll do the same job but will have far less impact on the environment.




Eco friendly packaging for hotel amenities

Environmentally friendly guest amenities


Our goal is to cut out cello wrap wherever possible, so you can now find our Bamboo Dental and Vanity Kits sealed in paper within their recycled cardboard boxes.

Watch this space for more paper wraps coming soon!





Making it easier to go green

eco friendly hotel supplies

We hope our new ‘Go Green’ badges have made it easier to find our more environmentally friendly products.

Take a look on our website and you will find these popping up frequently amongst many of our ranges.

You’ll also see new ‘Vegan’ badges appear on lots of our toiletries, making it clearer to see which ranges may be more suitable for your guests.


Geneva Green Hotel Toiletries

Geneva Green Hotel Toiletries


Geneva Green is the most recent addition to the Hotel Supplies family. We love this for its light, bright fragrance as well as the ideal packaging.

The brand uses recycled materials which can then be recycled again after use which means nothing needs to go to waste.


Anyah Guest Toiletries

Anyah Hotel Toiletries

The very popular ANYAH has continued to ‘make the environment smile’. Kinder to our oceans, Anyah has the lowest CDV TOX calculation. This means that the volume of water needed to dissolve one gram of product is very low, therefore is not toxic to our aquatic systems.  Anyah toiletries can be purchased in handy Doypacks or recyclable bottles.



Osme Organic Hotel Toiletries

Osme Organic Toiletries


Power from renewable green energy has helped to make Osme Organic products. Reflecting a love of nature and avoiding waste, each 38ml bottle has a simple leaf shaped seal which acts as an easy way for housekeeping to see if the bottles have been opened and need replacing.



The Rerum Natura Hotel Toiletries Collection

Rerum Natura Hotel Toiletries



Translating into ‘‘The nature of things”, The Rerum Natura uses eco-friendly caps on the 40ml bottles. They have been cleverly made from bio-based recyclable plastic and FSC wood from sugar cane.



Pump Dispensers are an excellent eco-friendly solution

pump dispensers

Pump dispensers enable you to offer guests amazing toiletries without using and throwing away as much plastic.

Generously sized bottles can be refilled time after time and can also be a cost effective solution for your business.

Preventing loss, our pump dispensers can be safely secured using their recommended wall brackets.


To  find out more about making your guest provisions more eco-friendly and sustainable, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email








Fabulous new additions to Rituals hotel sized toiletry collections…

At Hotel Supplies (even though we’re a little bit biased) we’re huge fans of our fabulous Rituals hotel toiletries range.

All those guest friendly Luxurious lotions and potions, evocatively fragranced to suit every mood and every hotel style, impeccably packaged so they present beautifully in your hotel guest bathrooms – whatever the hotel decor.

What’s more, Rituals is a very environmentally friendly toiletries collection for hotels.

The Rituals range incorporates Eco-Pure® packaging throughout, which means the bottles will biodegrade quickly in landfill.  As well as being Eco-Pure Certified hotel toiletries, the range is Vegan and all palm oil used is certified sustainable. That’s a big tick for the environment.

Excitingly, Rituals has just added some NEW elements to its guest toiletries collection – and we can’t wait to tell you all about it…

Brand New Fragrance – The Ritual of Karma.

This fantastic new fragrance collection is eye-catching and vibrant, and finished with luxurious gold detail which is sure to impress your guests all year round. The Ritual of Karma‘s uplifting toiletries have been created to help stimulate the positive feelings associated with summer.


This gorgeous Rituals blend is inspired by the ancient Hindu belief that living with good intent attracts good karma – and it’ll certainly look great presented in the bathroom too.

Delight your hotel guests with: Amenity size (30ml & 47ml), Pump dispensers (300ml) and 1 litre refills. Hand wash, hand & body lotion, body wash, shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, and conditioner, plus soap bar.



New toiletries collection – The Rituals Discovery Collection.

Rituals Discovery Collection is a jewel coloured amenities line which pampers guests from head to toe with 5 different fragrance rituals, each offering a unique and luxuriously aromatic experience – and they look stunning too!

This striking toiletries range includes : Amenity size (30ml), Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, plus soap bar.

New Size tubes mean the Rituals toiletries range is even more versatile.

Rituals Luxury Experience offers the same fragrance and formulas as the Discovery Collection, presented in generously sized tubes. The toiletries incorporate 5 different rituals, each opening up a world of fragrance to your guests.

Choose from: Amenity size (47ml), Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, plus soap bar.

Gorgeous new packaging for Rituals Happy Buddha hotel toiletries.


This luxurious signature collection is inspired by the ancient Chinese monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. The uplifting fragrance is based on sweet orange and cedar wood and is designed to boost your mood.

The Happy Buddha line has now been stylishly repackaged in chic bronze accented bottles for an even more luxurious feel.

This exclusive Rituals toiletries collection includes 300ml refillable bottles so you can reduce plastic waste, improve your sustainability credentials and make your toiletries provision even more economical – as well as stunning your guests with a feast for the senses!

Choose from: Amenity size (30ml & 47ml), Pump dispensers (300ml) and 1 litre refills. Hand wash, hand & body lotion, body wash, shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, and conditioner, plus soap bar.

Hotel Supplies have the best toiletries presentation trays for hotels too.

To display your fabulous Rituals toiletries products to maximum effect, opt for our beautifully simple, Rituals branded marble presentation trays – available in two shades.

To  find out more about our guest toiletries, hotel amenities, travel sized products for hotels  and our other products of distinction please give us a call on 01372 725544

or email

Take a look at our gorgeous hotel toiletries…

At Hotel Supplies, we understand how important the little extras can be to your hotel guests. That’s why we’ve worked hard to source and supply a fabulous range of hotel toiletries that are suited to every hotel type and style, from country B&B to exclusive boutique.

Whether you’re looking for a hotel toiletries range that’s luxurious, exotic or eco-friendly, Hotel Supplies will have exactly what you’re looking for.


Our Prija collection of hotel toiletries is a warm, earthy collection with an exotic fragrance and stylish, glossy packaging.

As well as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap, the Prija collection also includes a gorgeous gift bag (ideal for selling in your hotel shop) and we can also provide a stylish display tray so your Prija toiletries will be perfectly presented in your hotel guest bathrooms. As with many of our hotel toiletries, Prija is available in a variety of practical sizes, from travel size to 3 litre refill size.


Our Acca Kappa guest toiletry collection is swathed in Italian style.

It is one of our exclusive, licensed brands which means you do need approval before using it in your hotel, but it also means that you get the benefit of knowing that your hotel toiletries range is even more special.

This luxurious range includes shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and much more in a  variety of sizes and the packaging is stylish and contemporary. Blending extracts of helichrysum, cedar, violet and spices, it smells wonderful too.


The Anyah collection is an eco friendly range of hotel toiletries with some excellent environmentally friendly credentials.

Developed specifically with minimum impact on the environment and no ‘nasties’, these paraben-free, beautifully fragranced products look great too. Available in travel bottles, quirky 30ml doypacks, handy pump dispensers and 3 litre refills, this collection is definitely one to consider if you’re looking to decrease your hotel or spa’s carbon footprint.


Duck Island hotel toiletries have the wonderful fragrance of mandarin and bergamot.

This stylish range of hotel bathroom products with its bold branding is both luxurious and striking. When displayed on the branded Duck Island display trays, this collection would suit both classic and contemporary hotels and we have a range of sizes and formats too.


The Essevero range is designed to make a great impression.

With its bold packaging and luxurious gold finishing, these hotel toiletry products include body wash, hand and body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and soap. There are a choice of sizes to choose from including the practical and mess free pump dispenser format which is ideal for public washroom areas throughout your hotel or spa.


The Geneva Guild toiletries collection is a beautifully packaged collection of hotel toiletries.

Not only does it look beautiful, it smells of freshly laundered linen – not too overpowering, just a perfect, unisex friendly fragrance. This collection of hotel bathroom products would make a stylish statement presented in any style of hotel bathroom and the subtle colour and understated style make these toiletry products a winner all round.


Green & Spring toiletries are fragranced with classic English garden botanicals.

Lavender, rosemary, geranium and chamomile all combine to create these luxurious hotel toiletries. This is another one of our licensed brands which does mean you need to request to supply them to your hotel guests, however this just goes to make them that little bit more exclusive. Available in 30ml and 40ml travel bottles, 380ml pump dispenser bottles and 3 litre refills.


The Osme collection is the ultimate in kind-to-skin toiletries.

Specially developed to be gentle and effective and produced without artificial ingredients, this delicately packaged hotel toiletries collection would make a stylish statement in your hotel bathrooms. Made from 99% natural and vegan ingredients and certified organic, they’re also paraben and nickel free. There’s an elegant leaf display tray to show them off with too.


Our apothecary inspired toiletries range, The Rerum Natura, is an organic range of toiletries with an enticing fragrance.

As well as the smart 40ml travel sized toiletry bottles, the range also includes a cute 30ml tube which is both practical and economical for overnight stays. Also available in 380ml pump dispenser bottles which are perfect for using in your public washroom or spa areas.

Whether you’re looking for a toiletries collection for your hotel which is modern and sleek, pretty and floral or exotic and spicy, we can provide something to suit. Combine your Hotel Supplies toiletries with our smart display trays and co-ordinating bathroom accessories for an entirely guest friendly bathroom experience.

For these hotel toiletries, some gorgeous toiletry ranges for children and a wide range of hotel bathroom accessories, pop along to

How to help your guests prepare for a night out

Hotel bathroom

Photo credit: Pinterest

As part of the travel experience, be it a holiday or business trip, hotel guests will often be heading out for the evening. Whether for a wedding evening do, romantic date or wild night on the town, guests will want to look their best. Any quality hotel establishment should make the getting ready process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Inevitably, there will always be the ultra prepared guest who brings a wheelbarrow of tools for getting ready – hair tongs, ironing board, enough cosmetics to make over the entire hotel – but there will also be the wildly unprepared guests. Cater for all scenarios and ensure your guests have everything they need to brush up and head out dressed in their glad rags. Here are a selection of our top tips for providing a seamless getting ready experience:

Hotel Toiletries

Anyah hotel toiletriesWe often mention the importance of quality hotel toiletries and we cannot stress enough the significance of the small details. Provide luxurious brands that will make your guest feel valued and pampered. Opt for sleek packaging to reinforce a sense of opulence and choose invigorating scents that will leave your guests feeling boosted and refreshed.

With a growing awareness of environmental issues, consumers are more tuned in to the source of the products they use. We would recommend an eco-friendly collection, such as the Anyah range, which is approved by the EU eco-label mark of quality for its packaging. Furthermore, avoid any products that utilise preserving ingredients like parabens and formaldehyde or even animal based ingredients. Guests will appreciate the natural feel and their skin will thank them for it.


Generally expected in hotel rooms nowadays, hairdryers are an essential hotel accessory to provide. Go a step further and opt for a high powered hairdryer, such as the Valera Swiss Turbo. It will mean that your guests can style their hair in half the usual time and will appreciate the extra time they reap for putting some finishing touches to their evening look.Hotel hairdryers

Here at Hotel Supplies we offer a range of hairdryers. From budget, compact options to luxurious, high-end alternatives, there is something to suit all establishments. Choose between our Northmace & Hendon hairdryers or the Valera range and decide between a simplistic white colour or more extravagant steel gold.

Bathroom Mirror

Of course most hotel bathrooms will be equipped with a sizeable bathroom mirror. However, for an important finishing touch, ensure you are also supplying a smaller vanity mirror for shaving or applying makeup. No one can achieve that perfect eyeliner flick from a distance in a large mirror!Hotel bathroom mirrors

Whether free-standing or wall-mounted, your vanity mirror should not only be practical but look good, seamlessly blending in with the rest of the bathroom. Ensure there is a magnifying side so your guests can complete any of the finer details of their grooming with precision and ease.

Irons and Ironing Boards

There is nothing worse than unpacking your shirt or dress only to find your packing skills weren’t quite up to standard when you see a noticeable set of creases adorning your outfit. As your only outfit option, you need an iron and fast. Imagine the relief when you see one hiding away in your hotel room, ready for you to use and just waiting to save the day.

Hotel ironing board and ironA functioning iron and ironing board can mean the difference between a relaxing, enjoyable getting ready experience and a frenzied one. Ironing centres can be bulky products so ensure you opt for a space saving solution but never compromise on safety. Functionality and practicality are key here.

Emergency Kits

Toothpaste, nail trimmers and cottons pads: all notoriously easy to forget when travelling but nevertheless important, especially when preparing for an evening out. Be sure to have a backup for your guests so you can save the day. Cover the essentials with a vanity kit, dental kit, shaving kit, nail kit and sewing kit.Hotel Supplies black box amenities

Here at Hotel Supplies, we provide a range of hotel guest amenities, featuring all the necessary emergency kits. These include our Black Box range, Luxury Boxed range and White Box range. Packaged in contemporary boxes, these guest amenities are both highly practical and uniquely stylish.  


Ultimately you need to be putting yourself in the shoes of your hotel guests and thinking about how you can make their life as easy as possible. Getting ready for an event or night out should be fun and relaxing. Provide the necessary tools and your guests will enjoy a seamless evening and they’ll have you to thank for it.

7 things every luxury hotel should have

‘Luxury’ is a word that gets banded around quite a bit nowadays. Whether it’s a luxury burger or a luxury saucepan, the boundaries of grandeur have become a little blurred. When it comes to hotels, there is no set criteria to meet before it can be categorised as luxury. The result is a number of self-proclaimed ‘luxury’ hotels who may not be offering all the special finishing touches that they should be.


Photo credit: Landmark London

We have had experience working with many different hotels and we believe that if a hotel markets itself as ‘luxury’ then it needs to offer a luxurious experience. From the obvious features to the small but meaningful details, we have compiled a selection of things that every luxury hotel should have. Although our list is not exhaustive, we reckon these hotel amenities and features are at least the minimum requirements for a touch of hotel room opulence.

  1. Impressive interiors

Generating that ‘wow’ feeling when your guest walks into their hotel room is crucial in kickstarting the luxury experience. Never underestimate this first impression as it will inevitably have a bearing on how they feel towards the rest of their stay. There’s no need for chandeliers or baby grand pianos but ensure that the rooms are thoughtfully designed, have plenty of natural light and that they appeal to a wide range of tastes.

  1. Room with a view

Room with a view5

Photo credit: Auckland Hotel

Imagine walking into a luxury hotel room, feeling wowed by the interior design and furnishings, walking over to the window and seeing a grey carpark, or worse, the hotel bins. Any feelings of grandeur will be snuffed out right in that moment. Luxury rooms need a luxury view – whether it’s a view across the ocean or vast green countryside, a room with a view can make all the difference.

  1. Comfortable hotel bedding

A good night’s sleep is very important to the weary traveller and guests will arguably spend about half of their time at the hotel in bed. Needless to say, beds are important; you should be ensuring maximum comfort by investing in high quality bedding. At Hotel Supplies we offer a variety of soft duvets and sumptuously snug goose down and cotton combinations, as well as a luxury goose feather pillow. The right hotel bedding should provide so much comfort that after they have left, your guests will be popping back for naps!

  1. Hotel robes and hotel slippers

Bath robeSpa or no spa, guests should always have the option of slipping on a comfy bathrobe and slippers while lounging in their hotel room. For a premium feel, opt for velour and treat your guests to the ultimate comfy luxury. Practical, comfortable and as stylish as a bathrobe can be! Plus, don’t forget the kids – let them join in the luxury experience with children’s robes. For more information on providing a luxury hotel bathroom for your guests, read our post on sprucing up your hotel bathroom.

  1. Storage

Why have a beautifully designed interior if there is no storage? Avoid the clutter and mess that guests will bring by providing ample storage space with sufficient drawers, shelves and wardrobe space. Remember to include a plentiful supply of hotel hangers – this is a common complaint among guests staying in luxury hotels. Being able to hang up your clothes so that they remain crease-free is a pretty basic ask but is so often overlooked by hoteliers.

  1. Tea/coffee making services

Tea trayFor the British public, a good cup of tea or coffee is essentially as important as having a bed. Go above and beyond by ensuring that the tea and coffee offering is presented beautifully on a stylish but practical welcome tray. Our Regal Chrome Welcome Tray is highly practical with compartmentalisation, ease of cleaning and resistance to heat and scratches, while also looking high quality and stylish.

  1. Safe

You’ve accomplished the luxury look, you’ve achieved luxury levels of comfort and you’ve procured your luxury guest amenities. Now you need to spare a thought for security. It is crucial that the guests have somewhere to securely store their valuables and it is now common practice for all hotel rooms to have a safe. It’s no good achieving a high level of luxury if your guests do not feel as though their personal belongings are safe.

At Hotel Supplies, we are big believers in the power of the little details. Providing a luxury experience is not just about the style and service; it is about making certain that the guest has everything they could possibly need (within reason) and ensuring maximum comfort wherever possible. For more ideas and inspiration of hotel amenities that can add a touch of grandeur, have a browse of the various products we offer.

How to spruce up your hotel bathroom…

A beautiful hotel bathroom complete with the shiniest taps, glossy tiling, flattering lighting and never-ending hot water can truly make a guest’s stay.

A key part of the total hotel experience is that guests can take time to truly relax and pamper themselves (without having to clean out the bath afterwards) so providing an environment which is complete with every single essential plus plenty of extra special touches can make the difference between an ok stay and something truly special. Combining a carefully designed hotel bathroom layout with lots of lovely luxuries will mean that your hotel lives up to the highest expectations and can compete with the best of the rest.


Mirror, mirror – Incorporating a mirror that would be worthy of a film star’s bathroom wall is a must. Not only will adding mirrors make your hotel bathrooms feel bigger and brighter, they can also harbour built-in lighting and ensure your hotel guests go out without a hair out of place.

Towels, wrapped up – A constant supply of clean, fluffy towels is a given for a luxurious hotel bathroom. Opt for good quality, 100% cotton towels with double turned hems and stitched detail and they’ll be super absorbent but incredibly soft. The hotel guest’s favourite is always a bright white towel, a little bit more high maintenance but always stacks very smartly on a bathroom shelf.

The cosiest bathrobes – Similarly, having a couple of gorgeously soft and fluffy bathrobes hanging on the back of the bathroom door or folded neatly on the bed will mean your hotel guests can quickly slip into something more comfortable.

Stylish showering – Current trends are still moving towards a general preference for a stylish wet room style shower rather than a bath/shower combination. A contemporary rainforest style shower head will provide a thoroughly reviving experience and you can complete the look with wall mounted toiletries in convenient and stylish dispensers.

A throne fit for a king – Selecting a suitably sleek toilet with a soft-close lid, stylish silhouette and a flush handle that’s hygienic and easy to use will also mean your hotel bathroom experience is seriously slick.

Gorgeous lotions and potions – Choosing a range of toiletries which will not only look visually appealing but which will also smell scrumptious and leave your guests feeling clean and re-vitalised should be a priority. Whether you opt for a collection that is eco-friendly, aromatherapy infused or richly luxurious, having great toiletries displayed beautifully is key.

A relaxing colour scheme – Choosing a colour scheme that will create a relaxing ambience for your guests and enhancing it with mood lighting can make a bathroom a haven.

Practical, helpful amenities – Providing beautifully arranged amenities, such as a pre-threaded sewing kit or vanity kit for your guests, branded up with your hotel logo or otherwise will ensure that a lost button or torn nail won’t become a drama.

Bring the outdoors in – Why not follow the current trend for accessorising with houseplants as part of your hotel scheme? Adding a low maintenance succulent in a beautiful earthenware pot or glass jar could give you a fabulous finishing touch that softens the space brilliantly.

For plenty of hotel bathroom finishing touches, including toiletries, amenities and hotel bathroom accessories, just pop along to the hotel supplies website.