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Hotel Supplies talks towels…

In the late, great Douglas Adam’s cult book, The HItchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the towel was identified as ‘About the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have’.  This noteworthy quote prompted the introduction of a National Towel day when to mark the importance of the towel, everyone is encouraged to carry one (it’s the 25th May if you’re interested).

At Hotel Supplies, we sell tons of guest friendly towels.

We recognise the fact that to hoteliers, towel supply, towel collection, towel folding and towel laundering is a big part of the hotel’s day-to-day operation. The value of a towel is definitely generally underestimated as they are often the most used items in the hotel bathroom or cloakroom.

The majority of hotel guest towels are 100% cotton or a cotton, polyester blend.


At Hotel Supplies, all our towels and face cloths are 100% cotton because they’re more absorbent and much softer than blended fabrics – perfect for the most exacting or sensitive skinned. Every towel has a listed fabric weight which is generally measured in grams per square metre or gsm. The gsm measure refers to how dense and thick the towel is and consequently indicates how quickly it dries off. Lighter, lower gsm towels are often used in hotel spa or leisure facilities and the thicker towels make luxurious bathroom towels.

The hotel towels in the Hotel Supplies collection range from 400gsm Leisure and Spa towels to our luxurious 600gsm Madison Hotel Towels.

Our great quality, standard Chelsea towels are a cosy 500gsm  – perfect for your hotel use as they are economical, easy to wash and come in a range of sizes.


As sorting towels out can be a bit of a headache for hoteliers, some of our towels have handy details to help with this.  For example, our Chelsea Towels have a different number of chevron bands, depending on their size so a hotel housekeeping team can quickly spot which towel type it is. Our leisure hotel towels have blue stripes – partly as a design detail but also because it makes it much easier to quickly separate them from the general hotel bathroom towels.

It’s a well known fact that light fingered hotel guests have been known to squirrel away the odd hotel towel or two. (A washable electronic tag has even been launched to sew into towels to combat theft). If towel pilfering is a problem for you, why not make those towels a bit more promotional and add your hotel branding? Low cost, it can be a good way of re-iterating that the towels are hotel property but they’ll also remind your hotel guests about your hotel if they do take the towels away. It might even turn your hotel towels into desirable enough momentos for you to sell in your hotel shop.

We offer a special personalisation service on our Madison Hotel Towel Range. Just get in touch to find out more.

Here are some other things you might not know about the humble towel…

  1. Charles Dickens was the first to use the word ’towel’ as a verb. Shakespeare never mentioned a towel in any of his plays.
  2. The term ’throw in the towel’, was first coined in 1915 in relation to boxing. Before that, the phrase ‘throw in the sponge was used’.
  3. Bath towels were invented in the city of Bursa in Turkey in the 14th Century.
  4. Hand towels (the paper variety) were invented in 1907 by Arthur Scott of Philadelphia.
  5. In her 1897 book, ‘Travels in West Africa, Mary Henrietta Kingsly famously questions : “What is life without a towel?”

Whether you’re looking for thick, snuggly premium bath towels, lighter weight leisure towels for spas or poolside, or you just want a simple, practical and economical white Egyptian cotton towel for your hotel bathrooms, just head to the Hotel Supplies website and check out our cosy towel collection. If you can’t spot exactly what you’re after – just get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help you out.

A touch of silver makes the most stylish hotel accessories…

Be it brushed or chrome, there’s nothing like the shimmer of silver to add a premium finish to hotel decor. This most versatile of hues will work in modern, contemporary hotels as well as being perfectly suited to more traditional styles.

In the bathroom,  a smart and stylish chrome pedal bin is a discrete and practical addition and we have a choice of classic or designer Brabantia styles. A co-ordinating toilet brush and hygiene bag dispenser will also smarten up a hotel bathroom and provide all the helpful solutions to make your job less messy and your guest’s impression of your hotel even better.

Also in your hotel guest bathrooms, the addition of an elegant wall mounted chrome vanity mirror can make all the difference for your guests. For make-up application or shaving, an extra magnifying mirror can be one of those touches that mean the a smooth, stress free departure rather than your guests leaving a little smudged. Our choice of stylish upright and wall mounted vanity mirrors range from illuminated, premium options to our more basic yet economical mirrors.

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To continue the silver theme into the bedroom, opt for a simple and stylish wastepaper bin. Convenient and hygienic, we have a range of volumes, finishes and styles to choose from. You’ll be thoroughly blown away by our stylish chrome Valera professional hairdryer too which will add a seriously premium touch to your guest bedrooms. This hairdryer has a long-life hotel friendly motor and 2000w of power. Along with its ionic conditioning it not only looks the part but is also an extremely effective hairdryer.

Opting for a chrome legged luggage rack for your hotel bedrooms gives a more contemporary look than the classic wooden racks and they’re just as sturdy. For a finishing touch in either your hotel bedrooms or bathrooms, why not go for a pretty silver tissue box cover to smarten up your tissues and make access and replacement nice and easy. We have a choice of elegant cube tissue box covers or flat rectangular tissue box covers and of course we have some seriously luxurious tissues to fill them up with too.

Cool, calm silver seems particularly seasonal at this time of the year but it’s also a timeless, classic option for your hotel accessories and will add that essential extra hint of luxury.

For these stylish silver accessories and plenty of other hotel amenities and essentials, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk