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Beat the chill with our guest friendly hotel supplies…

When there’s a nip in the air, the nights are drawing in and Autumn comes knocking, it’s the perfect time to review your customer offer. In particular it’s a good moment to consider the bathrobes, slippers and bedding which you provide in your hotel guest bedrooms and bathrooms, so that your guest will stay cosy and comfortable in your hotel, whatever the weather may throw at you.

At Hotel Supplies Ltd, we offer a great range of bathrobes, slippers and bedding for hotels.

As well as the classic cotton terry towelling bathrobe that is pretty much expected as standard by the contemporary traveller, we have plenty of other luxurious hotel bathrobes to choose from. Our cotton waffle bathrobe is ideal for hotel spa use, our microfibre bathrobe is perfect if drying is a challenge and if you have lots of junior guests visiting then perhaps offering one of our child-sized, bathrobes for kids (just like mummy’s) would be a nice touch?

If you’d like to provide hotel bathrobes with a personal touch (and reduce the likelihood of them going walkabout) we can provide embroidered bathrobes with hotel logos or bespoke messaging. Branded hotel bathrobes can be an excellent addition for your hotel shop too – and a great momento for hotel guests to remember their stay with you.

Providing your guests with slippers to wear own their hotel bedroom is not only a nice welcome gift for them, but also potentially beneficial for your overall hotel cleanliness. If you have a hotel spa, a quality selection of hotel slippers is essential. For poolside use our non-slip slippers are ideal and our thong style slippers are perfect for your guests to wear if they’ve just had a pedicure. We have a luxurious black towelling slipper which is great if you’d like a more practical slipper which you can encourage guests to wear throughout their stay.

Hotel guests regularly include complimentary dressing gowns and slippers as expected ‘must-haves’ on review forums.

If you want to encourage your hotel guests to use the in-room facilities, truly relax and enjoy their stay, providing additional guest friendly accessories is definitely worth considering. If you’d like some advice about which kind of hotel bathrobe or hotel slipper might suit your particular hotel style – just give us a call.

When the nights get cooler, it could be a good time to consider your hotel bedding too.

Hotel guests are looking for a restful nights sleep and that tends to come with a cosy duvet or a soft mattress topper. We’ve created a collection of bedding for hotel bedrooms which incorporates plenty of items for the grown – ups, but also a comprehensive collection of children’s bedding for hotels, including cots for hotel bedrooms.

If you’re looking for economical hollow fibre duvets and pillows then we can help.

We also have fabulous quality, luxurious goose feather duvets and pillows too. For really cold nights, why not offer your hotel guests a cosy hot water bottle with a quilted cover before they hit the hay? For the little ones, why not keep a stock of our snuggly cellular blankets, cot duvets an duvets covers. Happy children make for happy parents after all.


At Hotel Supplies Ltd, we’ve got loads of ideas for extra guest friendly touches to help beat the chill and bring a warm glow to your hotel.

Why not add some of our gorgeous coloured tea lights for example? Head over to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk for more ideas.

Hotel Supplies talks towels…

In the late, great Douglas Adam’s cult book, The HItchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the towel was identified as ‘About the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have’.  This noteworthy quote prompted the introduction of a National Towel day when to mark the importance of the towel, everyone is encouraged to carry one (it’s the 25th May if you’re interested).

At Hotel Supplies, we sell tons of guest friendly towels.

We recognise the fact that to hoteliers, towel supply, towel collection, towel folding and towel laundering is a big part of the hotel’s day-to-day operation. The value of a towel is definitely generally underestimated as they are often the most used items in the hotel bathroom or cloakroom.

The majority of hotel guest towels are 100% cotton or a cotton, polyester blend.


At Hotel Supplies, all our towels and face cloths are 100% cotton because they’re more absorbent and much softer than blended fabrics – perfect for the most exacting or sensitive skinned. Every towel has a listed fabric weight which is generally measured in grams per square metre or gsm. The gsm measure refers to how dense and thick the towel is and consequently indicates how quickly it dries off. Lighter, lower gsm towels are often used in hotel spa or leisure facilities and the thicker towels make luxurious bathroom towels.

The hotel towels in the Hotel Supplies collection range from 400gsm Leisure and Spa towels to our luxurious 600gsm Madison Hotel Towels.

Our great quality, standard Chelsea towels are a cosy 500gsm  – perfect for your hotel use as they are economical, easy to wash and come in a range of sizes.


As sorting towels out can be a bit of a headache for hoteliers, some of our towels have handy details to help with this.  For example, our Chelsea Towels have a different number of chevron bands, depending on their size so a hotel housekeeping team can quickly spot which towel type it is. Our leisure hotel towels have blue stripes – partly as a design detail but also because it makes it much easier to quickly separate them from the general hotel bathroom towels.

It’s a well known fact that light fingered hotel guests have been known to squirrel away the odd hotel towel or two. (A washable electronic tag has even been launched to sew into towels to combat theft). If towel pilfering is a problem for you, why not make those towels a bit more promotional and add your hotel branding? Low cost, it can be a good way of re-iterating that the towels are hotel property but they’ll also remind your hotel guests about your hotel if they do take the towels away. It might even turn your hotel towels into desirable enough momentos for you to sell in your hotel shop.

We offer a special personalisation service on our Madison Hotel Towel Range. Just get in touch to find out more.

Here are some other things you might not know about the humble towel…

  1. Charles Dickens was the first to use the word ’towel’ as a verb. Shakespeare never mentioned a towel in any of his plays.
  2. The term ’throw in the towel’, was first coined in 1915 in relation to boxing. Before that, the phrase ‘throw in the sponge was used’.
  3. Bath towels were invented in the city of Bursa in Turkey in the 14th Century.
  4. Hand towels (the paper variety) were invented in 1907 by Arthur Scott of Philadelphia.
  5. In her 1897 book, ‘Travels in West Africa, Mary Henrietta Kingsly famously questions : “What is life without a towel?”

Whether you’re looking for thick, snuggly premium bath towels, lighter weight leisure towels for spas or poolside, or you just want a simple, practical and economical white Egyptian cotton towel for your hotel bathrooms, just head to the Hotel Supplies website and check out our cosy towel collection. If you can’t spot exactly what you’re after – just get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help you out.

Quality Hotel Bags for every guest requirement…


For gathering up laundry, keeping shoes shiny, for stopping hairdryers getting into a tangle or just for delivering the daily news, bag a selection of our quality hotel bags …

Our black cotton twill hotel bags are both stylish and practical…

If you’re looking for a smart, hardworking solution for holding guest laundry, for delivering newspapers or for keeping guest shoes in pairs, look no further than our black cotton drawstring hotel bags. From £2.25 per unit, the fabric is great quality and they all feature embroidered messaging and sturdy cord ties. Whether you want to hang them from a clothes hook inside your hotel guest bedrooms or slip them into a drawer, these hotel bags will co-ordinate with your hotel decor and protect their contents perfectly. There is also potential to have your own hotel branding added, or bespoke messaging (dependent on quantity required).


Our linen hotel bags are robust and have a fabulous natural look…

If black hotel bags are a little bit heavy for you, then perhaps our creamy linen drawstring hotel bags might be more suitable? All made from great quality fabric with strong cotton rope ties and subtle embroidery, prices start from £2.25 each. These linen hotel bags are carefully designed for specific end use – the shoe bags for example feature two separate sections which prevent shoes from scuffing each other and they are roomy enough to hold large mens’ shoes as well as high heels.


Alternatively, opt for our simple white hotel bags…

If your hotel is contemporary in style or has a minimalist feel, our crisp white hotel bags could be just the thing for you. These white drawstring bags are labelled clearly with smart embroidery and finished with tabs. Priced from £2.95 per unit we have roomy shoe bags, user friendly hairdryer bags and functional laundry bags, all specifically designed to suit their purpose with as much flexibility as possible.


For the budget conscious, Hotel Supplies Ltd’s non-woven hotel bags are an economical choice…

Our lighter weight, non woven hotel bags are still roomy and robust but the material they’re made from is a man-made, non woven fabric which is a lot cheaper than cotton or linen. Priced from just 55p a unit, this range of hotel bags will still deliver but if you’re looking for a an economical solution or require large quantities of fabric hotel bags ongoing, these could work perfectly for your hotel requirements.


Providing your hotel guests with guest accessories and room amenities which actually make life easier can really make all the difference.

Allowing your guests to be able to get ready in the morning without being faced with a tangle of hairdryer cable, providing them with a newspaper that’s tidily folded and crease free or clearly communicating that you’re offering a simple guest laundry or shoe shine service will all benefit your hotel guests – and by investing in a range of co-ordinating guest bags for your hotel, you can easily up the ante when it comes to  hotel guest services.

For more information, just get in touch or pop along to the Hotels Supplies Ltd website.

Did your hotel guests get a loving feeling this Valentine’s Day?

Almost the end of February now and we’re well over the rush of Valentine’s Day excitement. It does however seem to be a good time to reflect on whether the most was made of all the hearts and flowers – or whether Valentine’s Day was a financial and slightly heartbreaking flop. Most importantly it’s a good moment to make a note of anything you might do differently at your hotel or B&B, or what you might add into your hotel’s Valentine offering to make sure that next year’s February 14th is a day to remember.


What can you offer your hotel guests above and beyond the norm?

We’ve had a look into what some of the hottest hotels of the moment did this year to ensure they were fully booked up through the valentine’s period – and we’ve also had a think about some added extras to offer your hotel guests to ensure they’ll feel thoroughly loved up.

Extra special additions for the hotel bedroom


The Escape in Llandudno is a funky and fabulous retreat which offers Conran love seats, sleigh beds and clawfoot baths but the simple fact that children under ten aren’t allowed to stay helps to make this romantic boutique b&b even more attractive as a love nest. This year the innovative team at the Welsh hotel spread the love with an auction for a romantic stay and a sprinkling of rose petals and love heart sweets in the hotel bedrooms. It’s the little things that can make all the difference after all. (Photo from The Escape’s website: www.escapebandb.co.uk)

Serve your hotel guests something romantic to make their stay special


The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield is the ultimate sexy retreat but it’s not just the fabulous hotel bathrooms and sumptuous hotel bedrooms that get the senses stirring. As well as hosting an exotic masquerade party the hotel ensured guests were well refreshed with sultry cocktails and the tastiest nibbles. (Photo from The Crazy Bear’s website: www.crazybeargroup.co.uk)

Provide special toiletries and a luxurious bathroom experience


The Velvet in Manchester offers a wide range of beautifully themed rooms from pretty and feminine to dark and decadent. Particularly suited to a romantic getaway are their heated balconies, four poster beds and crystal chandeliers but we especially like the idea of their ‘bath butler’ who will run your bath just to your liking and add floating candles and rose petals. (Photo from the Velvet Hotel website: www.velvetmanchester.com)

Supply some simple, helpful and enjoyable treats for your hotel guests

The special touches which can make all the difference to your hotel guests don’t have to be ultra extravagant and they don’t have to be expensive. Just offering a later-than-usual checkout that allows for an extra lie-in can be the ultimate treat. Or how about offering your hotel guests a guide to the most romantic spots in your town so they have the perfect itinerary for their Valentine’s treat.

Soft bedding and luxury bathrobes can make all the difference

As well as ensuring you have your fluffiest pillows and crispest bed linen on offer, plenty of ‘his and hers’ matching bath robes and slippers and a fabulous dinner menu on offer in the hotel restaurant, how about a glass of something sparkly for couples on arrival?  Adding candles, rose petals or special toiletries can be a nice surprise and adding fresh flowers can ready any room for romance.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 14.05.38     Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 14.06.50

If your hotel is a popular venue for weddings then why not consider offering intimate vow renewals for Valentine’s day? Provide dinner but accompany proceedings with some live music and perhaps some dancing.

If you have a Spa hotel then Valentine’s Day can be an ideal opportunity to offer tailored treatments for couples and if you specialise in health and fitness, a fruit plate with strawberries could make a good alternative to chocolates.

Personalised amenities and luxurious toiletries can be a lovely touch

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 14.08.43     Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 14.08.04

Adding specially tailored pamper packs for guests with spicy and sensual toiletries and lotions and a satin eye mask would make a great hotel bedroom addition  and there are plenty of opportunities for personalisation that would add an extra ‘wow’ – from bespoke cuddly teddy bears to monogrammed pillows, slippers or bathrobes.

‘After the event’ is always the best time to review, reflect and come up with bigger and better ideas. Don’t leave it til next February to start thinking about the best ways to bring the guests flocking for Valentine’s Day and also to ensure that they leave feeling thoroughly loved up. Why not drop us a line if you need some extra special hotel supplies?

Astonishing hotel interiors that we’re feeling thoroughly inspired by…

New year, new ideas and there’s no better way to get some serious hotel interior inspiration than by checking out some of the most awe-inspiring (if a little OTT) hotel concepts, interiors and finishing touches out there.  We’ve been browsing the ‘Best Of’ hotel lists as gathered by the fascinating BoredPanda.com and they feature some astonishing hotel bedrooms, bathrooms, furnishings and accessories. These hotel hot lists are great for gleaning ideas and for realising that providing your guests with a wow factor can be anything from setting off a stunning view to adding the most perfectly thoughtful finishing touches.

unusual-themed-hotels-23-2 unusual-themed-hotels-21-3 

These two gorgeous hotel bedroom interiors owe a lot to their striking facades but Martin’s Patershof Hotel in Belgium and the Fairy Chimney Hotel in Turkey also feature some beautiful, relevant accessory details which compliment the strikingly atmospheric structures which they’re part of. Incorporating luxurious, carefully selected bedding and stylish bedroom furniture make these hotel spaces ultra inviting.

unusual-themed-hotels-7-1__880 unusual-themed-hotels-20-1__880

London’s Harry Potter Hotel and the seductive Sala Silvermine in Sweden also combine awe inspiring themes with inviting home comforts. These hotel bedrooms are simply yet confidently furnished which makes the most of the fabulous materials and textures of the walls and floors. Working a theme with a touch of subtlety can result in hotel bedrooms with a sense of humour, a hint of drama or an air of seduction.

unusual-themed-hotels-6-3 unusual-themed-hotels-4-1__880  

Adding giraffes would be a definite challenge to the average hotelier but at Giraffe Manor in Kenya they’re part of the furniture. Added to that, a simple colonial safari theme to the decor means that the hotel guests dine in suitable style. The Attrap Reves Hotel in France also makes the most of the natural environment with its beautiful snow globe style guest bedrooms. Combining  these with plenty of in-room extras and stylish hotel accessories would certainly make a guest’s stay memorable.

unusual-themed-hotels-10-1__880 unusual-themed-hotels-22-1__880

For hotels that make truly strong statements, look no further than the Half Graffiti Room in France or the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore. These astonishing hotels have the boldest interiors and would certainly give guests something to talk about.

Although they may not be to everyone’s taste, there’s nothing like bold decor, brave themes or ultra stylish touches to create hotel interiors that will wow guests. If nothing else, these are pretty fabulous to look at and there are plenty of other stunning examples like the ones above to swoon over (or stay at) on the Bored Panda ‘Coolest Hotels in the World’ list. Well worth a browse we think.

PS. If you’re feeling inspired and fancy adding some guest-friendly new accessories or amenities to your hotel offer, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk and see what we have to offer.

A touch of silver makes the most stylish hotel accessories…

Be it brushed or chrome, there’s nothing like the shimmer of silver to add a premium finish to hotel decor. This most versatile of hues will work in modern, contemporary hotels as well as being perfectly suited to more traditional styles.

In the bathroom,  a smart and stylish chrome pedal bin is a discrete and practical addition and we have a choice of classic or designer Brabantia styles. A co-ordinating toilet brush and hygiene bag dispenser will also smarten up a hotel bathroom and provide all the helpful solutions to make your job less messy and your guest’s impression of your hotel even better.

Also in your hotel guest bathrooms, the addition of an elegant wall mounted chrome vanity mirror can make all the difference for your guests. For make-up application or shaving, an extra magnifying mirror can be one of those touches that mean the a smooth, stress free departure rather than your guests leaving a little smudged. Our choice of stylish upright and wall mounted vanity mirrors range from illuminated, premium options to our more basic yet economical mirrors.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 15.41.13

To continue the silver theme into the bedroom, opt for a simple and stylish wastepaper bin. Convenient and hygienic, we have a range of volumes, finishes and styles to choose from. You’ll be thoroughly blown away by our stylish chrome Valera professional hairdryer too which will add a seriously premium touch to your guest bedrooms. This hairdryer has a long-life hotel friendly motor and 2000w of power. Along with its ionic conditioning it not only looks the part but is also an extremely effective hairdryer.

Opting for a chrome legged luggage rack for your hotel bedrooms gives a more contemporary look than the classic wooden racks and they’re just as sturdy. For a finishing touch in either your hotel bedrooms or bathrooms, why not go for a pretty silver tissue box cover to smarten up your tissues and make access and replacement nice and easy. We have a choice of elegant cube tissue box covers or flat rectangular tissue box covers and of course we have some seriously luxurious tissues to fill them up with too.

Cool, calm silver seems particularly seasonal at this time of the year but it’s also a timeless, classic option for your hotel accessories and will add that essential extra hint of luxury.

For these stylish silver accessories and plenty of other hotel amenities and essentials, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk

Great tips for creating winning hotels, courtesy of the Independent Hotel Show…

We had a great time at the Independent hotel Show last month. We met and mingled with lots of excellent boutique hotel managers, spa owners and directors of hotel chains and showed them what Hotel Supplies Ltd has to offer hotels like theirs. Our stand was a veritable treasure trove of luxurious hotel toiletry samples, cosy bathrobes and essential and stylish hotel accessories. We definitely felt we offered solutions to plenty of hotel challenges, from finding something suitable to entertain  younger guests to supplying maid bags to make hotel staff’s lives easier.

Since the show it’s been business as usual for Hotel Supplies, but we did notice that the Independent Hotel Show website is still worth a squizz. It’s got links to some thoroughly interesting mini-films on useful subjects, featuring really relevant people.

The clip which caught our eye in particular is a vlog called ‘independent thoughts’ featuring the trailblazers behind a boutique hotel in Cheltenham. The Independent Hotel show team asked them what they thought were the key points which made a hotel stand out and how including special and original touches could add to a hotel guest’s experience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 17.45.28

Accompanied by gorgeous and inspiring footage, the tips are well worth keeping in mind. Incorporating a sense of fun into the decor and the running of the hotel seemed hugely important to the pair – a point often missed and easy to address. The personal touch – so the hotel lingers in the guest’s mind well after they check out – is a way to add your own mark and inject some personality into a hotel space.

Focussing on the quality of the product seemed vital too. Be it the interior, food or drink – making sure it’s the best it can possibly be means guests are more likely to go home happy. Attention to detail like adding little surprise treats and luxuries (like scrumptious hotel toiletries), special messaging or a particular design element can really create a luxurious touch  too.

The featured duo summarised that a ultimately a hotel doesn’t need to have spectacularly designed guest bedrooms and bathrooms, serve Cordon Bleu cuisine in the restaurant or be five star to provide hotel guests with a fabulous and memorable stay. Greeting guests with a smile, making them feel at home , providing hospitality and generosity of spirit is the most important thing. It really is the simple things that can make all the difference.

We couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we make sure we have a wide range of special little touches that you can offer your guests (along with the smile). For everything from hotel toiletries to ambience-giving tea lights, cuddly teddies to kid’s activity packs, if you’re thinking of upping your game a little, or just ensuring your guests definitely do go home with a smile then take a look at our hotel supplies collection – we’ve got plenty to choose from.

There are some other videos which are well worth a quick look too, so next time you’re having a moment’s respite and fancy something educational to tune into, pop on over to the Independent Hotel Show website.


Wake up your hotel guests to our *NEW* Corby Welcome Trays…

When it comes to Welcome Trays, we’ve got a selection to suit every hotel style and budget. If you’re after an early morning – late night beverage solution for your hotel guests, then offering a range of drinks and snacks, presented attractively alongside a safe and easy to use kettle means your guests are well catered for, whatever the time of night or day.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 09.59.51

First up is the Corby Compact Welcome Tray. Ideal for those hotels in which space is a little short and an economical Welcome Tray is what you’re after. From £71.70 for two, these Welcome Trays have been specially designed to be mess and fuss free. Complete with a black and chrome cordless kettle, covered drip tray and handy sachet holder, this Compact Welcome Tray is also available in light and dark wood options.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.00.21

The Classic Corby Welcome Tray is a thoroughly practical and stylish way to present your hotel guests with their morning (or evening) drinks. Complete with an anti-theft, built-in cordless kettle, this Corby Welcome Tray is available in both light and dark wood options as well as black so there’s a design to suit, whatever style your hotel. This Welcome tray (from £74.00 for two) is designed for durability and safety with its non-slip feet and solid construction. There is plenty of room for a good selection of beverage options and a covered drip tray to stop things getting messy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.00.44

The Corby Four Cup Welcome tray is a hardworking and luxurious solution. With a cordless 1litre Corby kettle and plenty of room for an extensive selection of beverage options, it’s large enough for hotel suite bedrooms. From £76.30 for two Welcome Trays, the choice of black, light wood and dark wood means there’s a solution to suit every style of hotel.

Providing an attractive in-room beverage solution for your hotel guests is a must and as well as these smart Corby Welcome Trays, we have a wide range of other Welcome Trays and tray sets. For your peace of mind, these Welcome Trays have a 3 year guarantee, are CE marked and the built in kettles are anti-theft. Great all-rounders and great additions to your hotel guest bedrooms.

For these and plenty of other Welcome Tray ideas, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk.

Helpful extras for your hardworking hotel staff…

Hotel staff often get a pretty hard time, so making sure they’re kitted out with the right hotel-friendly equipment to help them do their jobs brilliantly can make all the difference to their output and enthusiasm.

We’ve recently added this super handy Maid Bag with its perfectly fitting cleaning caddy to the Hotel Supplies Collection.  Made from sturdy fabric, this useful and practical long handled bag has a full plastic liner and generous handles which make it the perfect accessory for busy hotel staff. It also keeps all the necessary cleaning equipment easy to carry and close at hand, as well as looking smart and professional.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.16.33 Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.16.21

Whilst we’re on the subject, how about checking your waiting staff have a good supply of smart pens and notebooks? We can provide a raft of different designs, add branding or logos and even provide smart handmade leather holders for them to sit in.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.17.47 Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.17.35

If you’re on the lookout for some staff-friendly basics like the trusty ‘Waiters Friend’ corkscrew or some smart, hardwearing Do Not Disturb signs to please your hotel guests and avoid embarrassment to your hotel staff, we can supply those too. Always speedy service, always competitively priced, Hotel Supplies can put a smile on your hotel staff’s faces as well as your guest’s faces.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.15.57 Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.19.13

For these items and plenty of other essential hotel equipment, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk

Back to black – glossy, gorgeous accessories to suit the most dramatic hotel interiors…

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your hotel bathrooms, bedrooms or public washroom areas, we’ve made sure that our selection of contemporary hotel-ready accessories includes a comprehensive range of all things black – to suit those darkly contemporary colour schemes and add a helping of sheer luxury to your hotel rooms.

If your hotel is a place full of monochrome magic, dark wood and rich textures or glossy black lacquer, then our collection of black hotel accessories should certainly co-ordinate and will definitely delight the most discerning hotel guest.

From our ever-essential gloss black, wall mounted hotel hairdryers to our stylish black welcome trays, discreet matt black toilet brush holders through to our strong cotton woven hotel bags, every hotel guest requirement is catered for whilst your interior spaces will remain pristinely finished and refreshingly contemporary, however many you opt for adding.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 19.38.51

Hotel bedroom accessories like our sleek matt black tissue box covers and stylish leather document wallets will look great whilst providing practical solutions for everyday guest requirements. For the hotel bathroom, our black resin soap dishes and co-ordinating tumblers make an elegant statement. If you’re after black amenities, boxed beautifully, we can help out with those, add bespoke branding for you, and we can provide a choice of fabulously sleek black presentation trays to display them on too.

Our black leather or leather-look ‘Do not disturb’ signs make a refreshing change from cardboard and co-ordinate nicely when hung alongside one of our woven black hotel bags. Or for the ultimate cosy experience why not provide your guests with a snug black quilted hot water bottle? Super practical as well as super smart.

So if you’re on the hunt for co-ordinating accessories for your hotel which are modern, stylish and suitable, whatever the size be it boutique or international, you can be sure to find great quality, competitively priced hotel supplies when you pop over to our website or give us a call.