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Fabulous new additions to Rituals hotel sized toiletry collections…

At Hotel Supplies (even though we’re a little bit biased) we’re huge fans of our fabulous Rituals hotel toiletries range.

All those guest friendly Luxurious lotions and potions, evocatively fragranced to suit every mood and every hotel style, impeccably packaged so they present beautifully in your hotel guest bathrooms – whatever the hotel decor.

What’s more, Rituals is a very environmentally friendly toiletries collection for hotels.

The Rituals range incorporates Eco-Pure® packaging throughout, which means the bottles will biodegrade quickly in landfill.  As well as being Eco-Pure Certified hotel toiletries, the range is Vegan and all palm oil used is certified sustainable. That’s a big tick for the environment.

Excitingly, Rituals has just added some NEW elements to its guest toiletries collection – and we can’t wait to tell you all about it…

Brand New Fragrance – The Ritual of Karma.

This fantastic new fragrance collection is eye-catching and vibrant, and finished with luxurious gold detail which is sure to impress your guests all year round. The Ritual of Karma‘s uplifting toiletries have been created to help stimulate the positive feelings associated with summer.


This gorgeous Rituals blend is inspired by the ancient Hindu belief that living with good intent attracts good karma – and it’ll certainly look great presented in the bathroom too.

Delight your hotel guests with: Amenity size (30ml & 47ml), Pump dispensers (300ml) and 1 litre refills. Hand wash, hand & body lotion, body wash, shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, and conditioner, plus soap bar.



New toiletries collection – The Rituals Discovery Collection.

Rituals Discovery Collection is a jewel coloured amenities line which pampers guests from head to toe with 5 different fragrance rituals, each offering a unique and luxuriously aromatic experience – and they look stunning too!

This striking toiletries range includes : Amenity size (30ml), Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, plus soap bar.

New Size tubes mean the Rituals toiletries range is even more versatile.

Rituals Luxury Experience offers the same fragrance and formulas as the Discovery Collection, presented in generously sized tubes. The toiletries incorporate 5 different rituals, each opening up a world of fragrance to your guests.

Choose from: Amenity size (47ml), Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, plus soap bar.

Gorgeous new packaging for Rituals Happy Buddha hotel toiletries.


This luxurious signature collection is inspired by the ancient Chinese monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. The uplifting fragrance is based on sweet orange and cedar wood and is designed to boost your mood.

The Happy Buddha line has now been stylishly repackaged in chic bronze accented bottles for an even more luxurious feel.

This exclusive Rituals toiletries collection includes 300ml refillable bottles so you can reduce plastic waste, improve your sustainability credentials and make your toiletries provision even more economical – as well as stunning your guests with a feast for the senses!

Choose from: Amenity size (30ml & 47ml), Pump dispensers (300ml) and 1 litre refills. Hand wash, hand & body lotion, body wash, shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash, and conditioner, plus soap bar.

Hotel Supplies have the best toiletries presentation trays for hotels too.

To display your fabulous Rituals toiletries products to maximum effect, opt for our beautifully simple, Rituals branded marble presentation trays – available in two shades.

To  find out more about our guest toiletries, hotel amenities, travel sized products for hotels  and our other products of distinction please give us a call on 01372 725544

or email info@hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk  www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk

Hotel guest supplies for a good night’s sleep…

If you can give your hotel guests a comfortable bed, a sound night’s sleep and the opportunity to enjoy a lie-in in the morning, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll check out of your hotel feeling happy.


Provide a hotel Do Not Disturb sign for your guest bedrooms.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.51.05   Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.51.25

Not only does the provision of guest ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs ensure that your hotel guests get to make the most of a undisturbed morning lie-in, they also reduce the likelihood of any staff embarrassment if they need to service the guest rooms. Our range of reversible ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs includes our stylish leather room signs which are available in a range of finishes and can be personalised with your hotel branding for a particularly impressive touch. We can also supply economical faux leather signs which are reversible too, allowing your hotel guests to either request a room service, or request that they’re left in peace for a little bit longer.

Keep hotel rooms calm and quiet for sleep deprived hotel guests.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.52.34   Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 13.56.58

It’s not always easy in a hotel to ensure that noise is kept to a minimum and that traffic, events and other guests do not cause a disturbance. If your hotel is city based or regularly hosts large scale celebrations then ear plugs might be a useful addition to your guest friendly amenities selection. Even if your hotel is a haven of peace and tranquility, you still might find they’re useful for offering to light-sleeping guests. We have some beautifully packaged boxed ear plugs in a choice of colours to suit contemporary or traditional hotel styles.

Provide the comfiest bedding for your hotel guests.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.58.54  Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.59.14  Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.59.57

If you can give your hotel guests a ‘home from home, but better’ experience then they’re much more likely to book a return visit. A comfortable, freshly laundered bed with crisp cotton bedsheets and a super snuggly duvet will ensure bedtime bliss and you can find everything you need on the Hotel Supplies Ltd website. We have a fantastic range of specially selected bedding including pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers. We’ve even got children’s cot bedding and cots so you can make sure the little ones get a good night’s sleep too.

Add some thoughtful extras from our Hotel Amenities collection.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.51.57  Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.53.28

Whether it’s a luxurious yet practical black satin eye mask, some delicately fragranced hotel guest toiletries to pamper and relax or a cuddly teddy bear to keep guests company, there are a myriad of thoughtful guest bedroom additions that you can offer, to make your guests feel that little bit more special.

Many of the items which Hotel Supplies Ltd provide can be personalised with your hotel logo or branding, for an extra premium touch and added brand recognition.

If you’d like to find out about how else we can help your hotel guests sleep soundly, why not get in touch?


Quality Hotel Bags for every guest requirement…


For gathering up laundry, keeping shoes shiny, for stopping hairdryers getting into a tangle or just for delivering the daily news, bag a selection of our quality hotel bags …

Our black cotton twill hotel bags are both stylish and practical…

If you’re looking for a smart, hardworking solution for holding guest laundry, for delivering newspapers or for keeping guest shoes in pairs, look no further than our black cotton drawstring hotel bags. From £2.25 per unit, the fabric is great quality and they all feature embroidered messaging and sturdy cord ties. Whether you want to hang them from a clothes hook inside your hotel guest bedrooms or slip them into a drawer, these hotel bags will co-ordinate with your hotel decor and protect their contents perfectly. There is also potential to have your own hotel branding added, or bespoke messaging (dependent on quantity required).


Our linen hotel bags are robust and have a fabulous natural look…

If black hotel bags are a little bit heavy for you, then perhaps our creamy linen drawstring hotel bags might be more suitable? All made from great quality fabric with strong cotton rope ties and subtle embroidery, prices start from £2.25 each. These linen hotel bags are carefully designed for specific end use – the shoe bags for example feature two separate sections which prevent shoes from scuffing each other and they are roomy enough to hold large mens’ shoes as well as high heels.


Alternatively, opt for our simple white hotel bags…

If your hotel is contemporary in style or has a minimalist feel, our crisp white hotel bags could be just the thing for you. These white drawstring bags are labelled clearly with smart embroidery and finished with tabs. Priced from £2.95 per unit we have roomy shoe bags, user friendly hairdryer bags and functional laundry bags, all specifically designed to suit their purpose with as much flexibility as possible.


For the budget conscious, Hotel Supplies Ltd’s non-woven hotel bags are an economical choice…

Our lighter weight, non woven hotel bags are still roomy and robust but the material they’re made from is a man-made, non woven fabric which is a lot cheaper than cotton or linen. Priced from just 55p a unit, this range of hotel bags will still deliver but if you’re looking for a an economical solution or require large quantities of fabric hotel bags ongoing, these could work perfectly for your hotel requirements.


Providing your hotel guests with guest accessories and room amenities which actually make life easier can really make all the difference.

Allowing your guests to be able to get ready in the morning without being faced with a tangle of hairdryer cable, providing them with a newspaper that’s tidily folded and crease free or clearly communicating that you’re offering a simple guest laundry or shoe shine service will all benefit your hotel guests – and by investing in a range of co-ordinating guest bags for your hotel, you can easily up the ante when it comes to  hotel guest services.

For more information, just get in touch or pop along to the Hotels Supplies Ltd website.

We’ve got stylish hotel guest amenities wrapped up…

One of the things that can really set a hotel apart is the attention to detail and a focus on the little extras. Whether your hotel guests are staying overnight for a work trip, conference or meeting or if they’re enjoying an escape, mini break or holiday, the expectation is always that their hotel room should be perfectly turned out and certainly have a bar of soap or two in the bathroom. Providing a selection of carefully considered and beautifully packaged guest amenities can however bring you a step closer to that all-important total guest satisfaction.


Great hotel amenities make an instant impression.

At Hotel Supplies, we’ve worked hard to develop an extensive range of gorgeous guest amenities to cater for every guest whim and requirement. By identifying the various guest need states and minor guest emergencies that regularly present themselves to hoteliers, we’ve come up with a collection that includes something for everyone, in a range of packaging that suits all styles.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.39.04  Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.47.08  HSL02_243  shoe shine sponge

Nail the basic hotel essentials.

Forgotten toothbrushes are no problem, a sudden need to shave can be easily catered for and a discreet solution for sanitary product disposal can be instantly provided with our useful amenity selections. Choose from our Shave kits, Dental kits, and individually wrapped Sanitary bags, Shower caps and much more.

Be on hand with amenities for emergencies.

If it’s a lost button, torn nail or scuffed shoe, no problem. Providing your guests with one of our essential sewing kits, nail kits or shoe shine kits can resolve a mini-crisis in moments.

Provide a little pampering for your guests.

We’ve also considered those little extras which can make your guest’s stay even more comfortable. Overwrought executives can be soothed into slumber by our satin sleep masks and ear plugs, our vanity kits make a useful addition for party preparation and our individually packaged loofahs are a luxury touch.

Perfectly packaged hotel amenities, they’ll want to take home.

We’ve not only thought carefully about what goes into our amenity packs, we’ve also developed a range of bespoke packaging solutions so that every hotel style and budget is catered for. For contemporary or traditional hotels our cream boxes, made from recyclable card and emblazoned with our pretty tree logo, are a great choice. Clearly labelled with the box contents and the perfect partner for ‘The Rerum Natura’, our apothecary inspired toiletries range, this amenities collection is a classic.


Our modern, matt black boxes make a great choice for sleek, modern hotel bathrooms. With our exclusive tree logo picked out in spot varnish, they’re the sophisticated choice and they look great lined up alongside our ‘Duck Island’ or ‘Prija’ hotel toiletries collections.


A more minimalist choice is our white box amenity range. Simply packaged in cardboard boxes which will co-ordinate with any style of hotel bathroom, these amenities will work beautifully combined with our eco-friendly ‘Osme’ or pretty ‘Green & Spring’ toiletries.


If you’re looking for a hotel amenities solution which is as economical as possible then why not consider our straight forward amenity sachets? Individually packaged items in soft touch plastic, this range is quickly and easily identifiable and highly practical. They’ll work well alongside our Essevero and Geneva Guild toiletries collections.

It’s a well known fact that guest amenities and toiletries are often taken home as a momento of a trip or as a little gift for family. It’s definitely a positive thing if your guest supplies are considered worthy of both being used enthusiastically through a stay as well as being taken home and of course, having a reminder of a lovely time is always a great way to increase the likelihood of a repeat booking.

If you’d like to find out more about our guest amenities, why not give us a call or take a look at our full range on the Hotel Supplies website.

How to provide a child-friendly hotel experience

Holidaying with children can be both a joy and a struggle. Striking the balance between keeping the children sufficiently entertained and allowing the adults to enjoy a heavy dose of relaxation can be tricky. If you market yourself as a child-friendly establishment then you need to be adequately living up to those expectations. If the experience you are providing does not impress the kids then it will inevitably have a knock-on effect for the adults.

Given that it is the adults who are paying out the money to enjoy the holiday, it is of paramount importance that they are more than satisfied. When it comes to families, the way to do this is simple: keep the kids happy and the rest will follow. Here at Hotel Supplies Ltd, we are experts in all the little details that can make a holiday great. Appealing to children is no exception, evident in our extensive child-friendly amenities range. Here we share our advice on providing the perfect family-friendly hotel experience.

Children’s Activity Packs

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 09.13.53To counter any short attention spans, ensure the little ones have the tools they need to keep themselves entertained while mum and dad settle in. Push the boat out further than simple crayons and colouring books. Provide a fully stocked activity pack that will keep their boredom radar in check. We offer a variety of activity packs, each with a different theme, which feature a host of fun and educational activities. From jigsaw puzzles to card games, they will provide hours of play.

Children’s Entertainment

Activity packs will go so far but soon enough the great outdoors will come calling and the kids will want to get stuck into some lively recreation. Ensure that your hotel provides ample activities tailored specifically for children. Whether it involves a bit of sporty fun or an evening entertainment show, there should be a range of options to satisfy all young personalities.

Hotel Toiletries

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 09.14.12All hotels provide toiletries for the adult guests but not many offer child-friendly hotel toiletries. Too often overlooked, children should not be expected to use the same products as their parents. With far more delicate skin and different needs, little ones should be using child-friendly products.

Our Childs Farm range of toiletries are made from all natural ingredients, free from any nasties and thoroughly dermatologically tested. Complete with adorable farm-themed packaging and a delicious scent, your little ones will be both delighted and squeaky clean. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, hair & body wash and bubble bath.

Mini Hotel Bathrobes & Slippers

Continuing with the theme of pampering, ensure that the children are not left out when mum and dad relax in their bathrobes and comfy slippers. Supply a mini hotel bathrobe for the little ones to cosy up in and some accompanying hotel slippers so they can feel just as grown up as their adult counterparts. Have a look at our super snuggly bathrobe, available in ages 1-12, and children’s slippers available in 4-5 years and 7-8 years.

Babysitting/Child-Minding Services

Let mum and dad loosen the reigns by taking over responsibility for their dearly beloveds for a little time. Babysitting and child-minding services should be freely available in any hotel that markets itself as child-friendly. Ultimately, the adults have come on holiday to relax and a temporary break away from their lively little ones will help them to achieve this.

Hotel Cots

For the really tiny tots, a stylish and sturdy cot is a must-have in any family-friendly hotel room. Add a set of child-friendly bedding into the mix and a peaceful sleep for all members of the family should be easily achievable. We offer a wooden cot made from smooth beech that has the added advantage of being foldaway, for some added practicality points.

Teddy Bear

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 09.14.34For an extra special finishing touch, throw in an adorable cuddly toy to guarantee a seal of approval from the little ones (or for the adults who are young at heart!). Promotional teddy bears add an extra touch of uniqueness in line with your hotel’s own brand and identity. Our little teddy bears have a versatile wardrobe, from white bathrobes to hooded fleeces, all with the option for personalised embroidery or print.


Of course this list is not exhaustive and there are a myriad of ways to entertain the little ones at your hotel. Just ensure that if you market yourself as a child-friendly hotel that you are providing the necessary services. Keep the kids smiling and the adults will follow.

Astonishing hotel interiors that we’re feeling thoroughly inspired by…

New year, new ideas and there’s no better way to get some serious hotel interior inspiration than by checking out some of the most awe-inspiring (if a little OTT) hotel concepts, interiors and finishing touches out there.  We’ve been browsing the ‘Best Of’ hotel lists as gathered by the fascinating BoredPanda.com and they feature some astonishing hotel bedrooms, bathrooms, furnishings and accessories. These hotel hot lists are great for gleaning ideas and for realising that providing your guests with a wow factor can be anything from setting off a stunning view to adding the most perfectly thoughtful finishing touches.

unusual-themed-hotels-23-2 unusual-themed-hotels-21-3 

These two gorgeous hotel bedroom interiors owe a lot to their striking facades but Martin’s Patershof Hotel in Belgium and the Fairy Chimney Hotel in Turkey also feature some beautiful, relevant accessory details which compliment the strikingly atmospheric structures which they’re part of. Incorporating luxurious, carefully selected bedding and stylish bedroom furniture make these hotel spaces ultra inviting.

unusual-themed-hotels-7-1__880 unusual-themed-hotels-20-1__880

London’s Harry Potter Hotel and the seductive Sala Silvermine in Sweden also combine awe inspiring themes with inviting home comforts. These hotel bedrooms are simply yet confidently furnished which makes the most of the fabulous materials and textures of the walls and floors. Working a theme with a touch of subtlety can result in hotel bedrooms with a sense of humour, a hint of drama or an air of seduction.

unusual-themed-hotels-6-3 unusual-themed-hotels-4-1__880  

Adding giraffes would be a definite challenge to the average hotelier but at Giraffe Manor in Kenya they’re part of the furniture. Added to that, a simple colonial safari theme to the decor means that the hotel guests dine in suitable style. The Attrap Reves Hotel in France also makes the most of the natural environment with its beautiful snow globe style guest bedrooms. Combining  these with plenty of in-room extras and stylish hotel accessories would certainly make a guest’s stay memorable.

unusual-themed-hotels-10-1__880 unusual-themed-hotels-22-1__880

For hotels that make truly strong statements, look no further than the Half Graffiti Room in France or the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore. These astonishing hotels have the boldest interiors and would certainly give guests something to talk about.

Although they may not be to everyone’s taste, there’s nothing like bold decor, brave themes or ultra stylish touches to create hotel interiors that will wow guests. If nothing else, these are pretty fabulous to look at and there are plenty of other stunning examples like the ones above to swoon over (or stay at) on the Bored Panda ‘Coolest Hotels in the World’ list. Well worth a browse we think.

PS. If you’re feeling inspired and fancy adding some guest-friendly new accessories or amenities to your hotel offer, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk and see what we have to offer.

A touch of silver makes the most stylish hotel accessories…

Be it brushed or chrome, there’s nothing like the shimmer of silver to add a premium finish to hotel decor. This most versatile of hues will work in modern, contemporary hotels as well as being perfectly suited to more traditional styles.

In the bathroom,  a smart and stylish chrome pedal bin is a discrete and practical addition and we have a choice of classic or designer Brabantia styles. A co-ordinating toilet brush and hygiene bag dispenser will also smarten up a hotel bathroom and provide all the helpful solutions to make your job less messy and your guest’s impression of your hotel even better.

Also in your hotel guest bathrooms, the addition of an elegant wall mounted chrome vanity mirror can make all the difference for your guests. For make-up application or shaving, an extra magnifying mirror can be one of those touches that mean the a smooth, stress free departure rather than your guests leaving a little smudged. Our choice of stylish upright and wall mounted vanity mirrors range from illuminated, premium options to our more basic yet economical mirrors.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 15.41.13

To continue the silver theme into the bedroom, opt for a simple and stylish wastepaper bin. Convenient and hygienic, we have a range of volumes, finishes and styles to choose from. You’ll be thoroughly blown away by our stylish chrome Valera professional hairdryer too which will add a seriously premium touch to your guest bedrooms. This hairdryer has a long-life hotel friendly motor and 2000w of power. Along with its ionic conditioning it not only looks the part but is also an extremely effective hairdryer.

Opting for a chrome legged luggage rack for your hotel bedrooms gives a more contemporary look than the classic wooden racks and they’re just as sturdy. For a finishing touch in either your hotel bedrooms or bathrooms, why not go for a pretty silver tissue box cover to smarten up your tissues and make access and replacement nice and easy. We have a choice of elegant cube tissue box covers or flat rectangular tissue box covers and of course we have some seriously luxurious tissues to fill them up with too.

Cool, calm silver seems particularly seasonal at this time of the year but it’s also a timeless, classic option for your hotel accessories and will add that essential extra hint of luxury.

For these stylish silver accessories and plenty of other hotel amenities and essentials, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk

Festive finishing touches for your Hotel’s Christmas period…

As we fast approach the beginning of December and the official start of Christmas,  as well as the fabulous tree, seasonal menu and spiced pot pourri, there are plenty of extra touches and additional amenities which can help make the festive period at your hotel even more special (and smooth running).

For gifts for your younger guests, treats for your special guests and useful hotel extras which may well be worth stocking up on, look no further than Hotel Supplies. We’ve got some great ideas for gifts you can sell in your hotel shop or Spa area too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.22.11  Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.22.53

For the young and the young at heart, why not offer some gorgeous cuddly teddies? Available in a choice of outfits they make an excellent spontaneous gift or lovely welcome for guests if you pop one in your hotel guest bedroom ready for their arrival.

To keep the kids occupied during extended festive meals it’s nice to be able to offer them a fun activity pack. Full of puzzles and games, these kids activity packs, available in Pirate or Princess designs, make a great little gift and they’ll help to ensure Mum and Dad get a moment to relax too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.26.41  Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.27.01

If you’re thinking of ways to improve the festive ambience around your hotel, why not consider adding some seasonal touches like pretty candles or decorative displays? Our chunky glass tealight holders in a range of vibrant colours create a gorgeous glow and our glass display jars are ideal for holding candy canes, sweets or Christmassy biscuits – the ideal combination of practical and pretty.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.47.08  Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.48.09

With all the celebrating, Christmas can be a time of much needed sleep, whenever you can snatch it. To help ensure your guests get plenty of shut-eye, Hotel Supplies have a good selection of calming and relaxing hotel guest toiletries and also some very handy guest amenities. Our luxury Sleep Kit contains a mask and earplugs, beautifully boxed and we also have a sleek and satiny, individually wrapped eye mask.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.24.34  Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.29.39

To increase Christmas sales in your hotel gift shop, adding a couple of extra lines like this scrumptious Prija gift pack could be well worthwhile. They also make lovely gifts for your really special guests.

If your Spa and beauty therapy zones are expecting to carry out a lot of pre-party pedicures, it may be worth having plenty of cosy towelling thong slippers at the ready, to avoid your guests suffering from smears and smudges.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.25.07  Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.49.37

The temperature’s set to plummet and odds are on that it could well be a white Christmas so adding in the option of a cosy hot water bottle in a soft waffle cover might be a real guest-pleaser.  Whilst on the subject of bedrooms, as Christmas often brings romance it could also be a nice touch to have the option of a scattering of rose petals if it looks like love is in the air…

For these and plenty of other practical, pretty and competitively priced guest accessories and amenities, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk

Wake up your hotel guests to our *NEW* Corby Welcome Trays…

When it comes to Welcome Trays, we’ve got a selection to suit every hotel style and budget. If you’re after an early morning – late night beverage solution for your hotel guests, then offering a range of drinks and snacks, presented attractively alongside a safe and easy to use kettle means your guests are well catered for, whatever the time of night or day.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 09.59.51

First up is the Corby Compact Welcome Tray. Ideal for those hotels in which space is a little short and an economical Welcome Tray is what you’re after. From £71.70 for two, these Welcome Trays have been specially designed to be mess and fuss free. Complete with a black and chrome cordless kettle, covered drip tray and handy sachet holder, this Compact Welcome Tray is also available in light and dark wood options.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.00.21

The Classic Corby Welcome Tray is a thoroughly practical and stylish way to present your hotel guests with their morning (or evening) drinks. Complete with an anti-theft, built-in cordless kettle, this Corby Welcome Tray is available in both light and dark wood options as well as black so there’s a design to suit, whatever style your hotel. This Welcome tray (from £74.00 for two) is designed for durability and safety with its non-slip feet and solid construction. There is plenty of room for a good selection of beverage options and a covered drip tray to stop things getting messy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.00.44

The Corby Four Cup Welcome tray is a hardworking and luxurious solution. With a cordless 1litre Corby kettle and plenty of room for an extensive selection of beverage options, it’s large enough for hotel suite bedrooms. From £76.30 for two Welcome Trays, the choice of black, light wood and dark wood means there’s a solution to suit every style of hotel.

Providing an attractive in-room beverage solution for your hotel guests is a must and as well as these smart Corby Welcome Trays, we have a wide range of other Welcome Trays and tray sets. For your peace of mind, these Welcome Trays have a 3 year guarantee, are CE marked and the built in kettles are anti-theft. Great all-rounders and great additions to your hotel guest bedrooms.

For these and plenty of other Welcome Tray ideas, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk.

Helpful extras for your hardworking hotel staff…

Hotel staff often get a pretty hard time, so making sure they’re kitted out with the right hotel-friendly equipment to help them do their jobs brilliantly can make all the difference to their output and enthusiasm.

We’ve recently added this super handy Maid Bag with its perfectly fitting cleaning caddy to the Hotel Supplies Collection.  Made from sturdy fabric, this useful and practical long handled bag has a full plastic liner and generous handles which make it the perfect accessory for busy hotel staff. It also keeps all the necessary cleaning equipment easy to carry and close at hand, as well as looking smart and professional.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.16.33 Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.16.21

Whilst we’re on the subject, how about checking your waiting staff have a good supply of smart pens and notebooks? We can provide a raft of different designs, add branding or logos and even provide smart handmade leather holders for them to sit in.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.17.47 Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.17.35

If you’re on the lookout for some staff-friendly basics like the trusty ‘Waiters Friend’ corkscrew or some smart, hardwearing Do Not Disturb signs to please your hotel guests and avoid embarrassment to your hotel staff, we can supply those too. Always speedy service, always competitively priced, Hotel Supplies can put a smile on your hotel staff’s faces as well as your guest’s faces.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.15.57 Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.19.13

For these items and plenty of other essential hotel equipment, pop along to www.hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk