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Hotel Supplies talks towels…

In the late, great Douglas Adam’s cult book, The HItchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the towel was identified as ‘About the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have’.  This noteworthy quote prompted the introduction of a National Towel day when to mark the importance of the towel, everyone is encouraged to carry one (it’s the 25th May if you’re interested).

At Hotel Supplies, we sell tons of guest friendly towels.

We recognise the fact that to hoteliers, towel supply, towel collection, towel folding and towel laundering is a big part of the hotel’s day-to-day operation. The value of a towel is definitely generally underestimated as they are often the most used items in the hotel bathroom or cloakroom.

The majority of hotel guest towels are 100% cotton or a cotton, polyester blend.


At Hotel Supplies, all our towels and face cloths are 100% cotton because they’re more absorbent and much softer than blended fabrics – perfect for the most exacting or sensitive skinned. Every towel has a listed fabric weight which is generally measured in grams per square metre or gsm. The gsm measure refers to how dense and thick the towel is and consequently indicates how quickly it dries off. Lighter, lower gsm towels are often used in hotel spa or leisure facilities and the thicker towels make luxurious bathroom towels.

The hotel towels in the Hotel Supplies collection range from 400gsm Leisure and Spa towels to our luxurious 600gsm Madison Hotel Towels.

Our great quality, standard Chelsea towels are a cosy 500gsm  – perfect for your hotel use as they are economical, easy to wash and come in a range of sizes.


As sorting towels out can be a bit of a headache for hoteliers, some of our towels have handy details to help with this.  For example, our Chelsea Towels have a different number of chevron bands, depending on their size so a hotel housekeeping team can quickly spot which towel type it is. Our leisure hotel towels have blue stripes – partly as a design detail but also because it makes it much easier to quickly separate them from the general hotel bathroom towels.

It’s a well known fact that light fingered hotel guests have been known to squirrel away the odd hotel towel or two. (A washable electronic tag has even been launched to sew into towels to combat theft). If towel pilfering is a problem for you, why not make those towels a bit more promotional and add your hotel branding? Low cost, it can be a good way of re-iterating that the towels are hotel property but they’ll also remind your hotel guests about your hotel if they do take the towels away. It might even turn your hotel towels into desirable enough momentos for you to sell in your hotel shop.

We offer a special personalisation service on our Madison Hotel Towel Range. Just get in touch to find out more.

Here are some other things you might not know about the humble towel…

  1. Charles Dickens was the first to use the word ’towel’ as a verb. Shakespeare never mentioned a towel in any of his plays.
  2. The term ’throw in the towel’, was first coined in 1915 in relation to boxing. Before that, the phrase ‘throw in the sponge was used’.
  3. Bath towels were invented in the city of Bursa in Turkey in the 14th Century.
  4. Hand towels (the paper variety) were invented in 1907 by Arthur Scott of Philadelphia.
  5. In her 1897 book, ‘Travels in West Africa, Mary Henrietta Kingsly famously questions : “What is life without a towel?”

Whether you’re looking for thick, snuggly premium bath towels, lighter weight leisure towels for spas or poolside, or you just want a simple, practical and economical white Egyptian cotton towel for your hotel bathrooms, just head to the Hotel Supplies website and check out our cosy towel collection. If you can’t spot exactly what you’re after – just get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help you out.

We’ve got stylish hotel guest amenities wrapped up…

One of the things that can really set a hotel apart is the attention to detail and a focus on the little extras. Whether your hotel guests are staying overnight for a work trip, conference or meeting or if they’re enjoying an escape, mini break or holiday, the expectation is always that their hotel room should be perfectly turned out and certainly have a bar of soap or two in the bathroom. Providing a selection of carefully considered and beautifully packaged guest amenities can however bring you a step closer to that all-important total guest satisfaction.


Great hotel amenities make an instant impression.

At Hotel Supplies, we’ve worked hard to develop an extensive range of gorgeous guest amenities to cater for every guest whim and requirement. By identifying the various guest need states and minor guest emergencies that regularly present themselves to hoteliers, we’ve come up with a collection that includes something for everyone, in a range of packaging that suits all styles.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.39.04  Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.47.08  HSL02_243  shoe shine sponge

Nail the basic hotel essentials.

Forgotten toothbrushes are no problem, a sudden need to shave can be easily catered for and a discreet solution for sanitary product disposal can be instantly provided with our useful amenity selections. Choose from our Shave kits, Dental kits, and individually wrapped Sanitary bags, Shower caps and much more.

Be on hand with amenities for emergencies.

If it’s a lost button, torn nail or scuffed shoe, no problem. Providing your guests with one of our essential sewing kits, nail kits or shoe shine kits can resolve a mini-crisis in moments.

Provide a little pampering for your guests.

We’ve also considered those little extras which can make your guest’s stay even more comfortable. Overwrought executives can be soothed into slumber by our satin sleep masks and ear plugs, our vanity kits make a useful addition for party preparation and our individually packaged loofahs are a luxury touch.

Perfectly packaged hotel amenities, they’ll want to take home.

We’ve not only thought carefully about what goes into our amenity packs, we’ve also developed a range of bespoke packaging solutions so that every hotel style and budget is catered for. For contemporary or traditional hotels our cream boxes, made from recyclable card and emblazoned with our pretty tree logo, are a great choice. Clearly labelled with the box contents and the perfect partner for ‘The Rerum Natura’, our apothecary inspired toiletries range, this amenities collection is a classic.


Our modern, matt black boxes make a great choice for sleek, modern hotel bathrooms. With our exclusive tree logo picked out in spot varnish, they’re the sophisticated choice and they look great lined up alongside our ‘Duck Island’ or ‘Prija’ hotel toiletries collections.


A more minimalist choice is our white box amenity range. Simply packaged in cardboard boxes which will co-ordinate with any style of hotel bathroom, these amenities will work beautifully combined with our eco-friendly ‘Osme’ or pretty ‘Green & Spring’ toiletries.


If you’re looking for a hotel amenities solution which is as economical as possible then why not consider our straight forward amenity sachets? Individually packaged items in soft touch plastic, this range is quickly and easily identifiable and highly practical. They’ll work well alongside our Essevero and Geneva Guild toiletries collections.

It’s a well known fact that guest amenities and toiletries are often taken home as a momento of a trip or as a little gift for family. It’s definitely a positive thing if your guest supplies are considered worthy of both being used enthusiastically through a stay as well as being taken home and of course, having a reminder of a lovely time is always a great way to increase the likelihood of a repeat booking.

If you’d like to find out more about our guest amenities, why not give us a call or take a look at our full range on the Hotel Supplies website.

Back to black – glossy, gorgeous accessories to suit the most dramatic hotel interiors…

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your hotel bathrooms, bedrooms or public washroom areas, we’ve made sure that our selection of contemporary hotel-ready accessories includes a comprehensive range of all things black – to suit those darkly contemporary colour schemes and add a helping of sheer luxury to your hotel rooms.

If your hotel is a place full of monochrome magic, dark wood and rich textures or glossy black lacquer, then our collection of black hotel accessories should certainly co-ordinate and will definitely delight the most discerning hotel guest.

From our ever-essential gloss black, wall mounted hotel hairdryers to our stylish black welcome trays, discreet matt black toilet brush holders through to our strong cotton woven hotel bags, every hotel guest requirement is catered for whilst your interior spaces will remain pristinely finished and refreshingly contemporary, however many you opt for adding.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 19.38.51

Hotel bedroom accessories like our sleek matt black tissue box covers and stylish leather document wallets will look great whilst providing practical solutions for everyday guest requirements. For the hotel bathroom, our black resin soap dishes and co-ordinating tumblers make an elegant statement. If you’re after black amenities, boxed beautifully, we can help out with those, add bespoke branding for you, and we can provide a choice of fabulously sleek black presentation trays to display them on too.

Our black leather or leather-look ‘Do not disturb’ signs make a refreshing change from cardboard and co-ordinate nicely when hung alongside one of our woven black hotel bags. Or for the ultimate cosy experience why not provide your guests with a snug black quilted hot water bottle? Super practical as well as super smart.

So if you’re on the hunt for co-ordinating accessories for your hotel which are modern, stylish and suitable, whatever the size be it boutique or international, you can be sure to find great quality, competitively priced hotel supplies when you pop over to our website or give us a call.