Anyah is a gorgeously scented, luxurious and eco-friendly hotel toiletries collection.  Created to give guests an invigorating boost whilst doing miminum damage to the environment. All of the dermatologically tested Anyah toiletries, including body wash, shampoo and body lotion, are carefully formulated with uniquely beneficial ingredients to keep skin and hair healthy, but are free from the aggressive preserving ingredients like parabens BHT and formaldehyde or any animal based ingredients. 

The range includes 46ml bottles, 30ml doypacks and 480ml pump dispensers of shampoo, body wash, body scrub and body lotion, solid soap and a hairbrush.

The Anyah toiletries packaging is particularly impressive because not only does it a great looking product that is extremely practical, it has also been refined to reduce the carbon footprint Anyah uses a high proportion of recycled material throughout and is all approved by the EU Eco-label mark of quality. The Anyah range of toiletries is well suited to hotels which are keen to increase environmental credentials but also excellent if you just want to pamper your guests by giving them a lovely bathroom treat.  


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Anyah Conditioner, 46ml (Case 216)
£161.62 inc. VAT
Anyah Amenities Display Tray (Case 10)
£65.28 inc. VAT
Anyah Amenities Pouch (Case 10)
£66.28 inc. VAT
Anyah Stainless Steel Bracket  for Pump Dispenser
£28.16 inc. VAT
Anyah Wooden Hairbrush (Case 10)
£54.01 inc. VAT
Organza Drawstring Bag (case of 100)
£43.20 inc. VAT
White Pump for Refill Tank (Case of 2)
£19.20 inc. VAT