Brand NEW plastic free guest amenities for hotels

Brand NEW plastic free guest amenities for hotels

We'd like to introduce our new eco-friendly collection of guest amenities... it's plastic free!

These exclusive new 'Go Green' eco-friendly amenities have been designed and produced with the environment as the main focus. With beautifully designed Kraft paper boxes, printed with soy based ink they not only look great, but are a much more sustainable choice. The packaging is uncoated and 100% recyclable and the products inside are not wrapped in plastic - so that's a lot less waste too.

plastic free amenities

Go Green Bamboo Dental Kit - Case of 100 - £59.00

Our first eco friendly essential is our Go Green Bamboo Dental Kit which includes a 10g Colgate toothpaste (the only exception to the plastic free rule) along with an eco friendly disposable toothbrush made from biodegradable bamboo.

The toothbrush has Vegan friendly bristles that are made from bamboo charcoal. They contain a small amount of compostable PP plastic which would biodegrade in soils within a year.


Go Green Vanity Kit - Case of 100 - £15.00

Our Go Green Vanity Kit includes 3 organic embossed cotton pads and 3 organic paper stick cotton buds, presented without any plastic inner packaging. Ideal for presenting in your hotel bathrooms so that guests can use them during their bedtime routine.

Go Green Biodegradable Shower Cap (case of 100) - £14.00

Not only is the packaging biodegradable, the shower cap itself is too. And it's not wrapped in any extra plastic so it's a big improvement, eco friendly wise. A combination of these beautiful guest amenity boxes would really make a great sustainability statement for your hotel.

Go Green Paper Sanitary Bag (case of 100) - £12.00

Discreet and practical - yet still beautifully packaged and eco-friendly - our handy boxed sanitary bags are made from paper so are much more sustainable. Robust and hygienic they are the ideal solution for hotels that want to be a little bit greener, whilst still providing an impeccably guest friendly service.


Go Green Bamboo Comb (case of 100) - £45.00

These stylish and contemporary combs are surprisingly made from bamboo. Strong, sustainable and the perfect alternative to plastic. They come in our beautiful Kraft boxes but without additional plastic packaging so they are an excellent green alternative, but also highly practical and useful accessories for your hotel guests to use.



As well as our Plastic Free Collection HERE we also have plenty of other excellent products that will help you provide a greener service within your hotel. Toiletry refills, carbon neutral toiletry products and much more. If there are particular items you'd like to find greener alternatives to - why not get in touch?