'We Love'... Introducing some of our favourite hotel guest products & amenities.

'We Love'... Introducing some of our favourite hotel guest products & amenities.

You may have seen our 'We Love' sticker popping up on selected items throughout our website, highlighting some of our best sellers (as well as our personal favourites!).
We thought we’d give you a chance to discover some of them here:


Luxury Airlaid Hand Towels

These high quality paper towels are a continuous bestseller.  With a delicate embossed pattern, the convenient disposable towels definitely add a touch of luxury to public area washrooms.



Glass Dish & Cover

Imagine being able to delight your guests with an extra special room service statement. Perfect for serving sweet treats such as freshly baked cookies, these covered glass dishes are hygienic and practical (and look fabulous too!





Acrylic Cotton Ball & Bud Dispenser

Display cotton wool balls and cotton buds in these clear, stylish apothecary-style jars. A handy central compartment holds the buds neatly, separating them from the cotton wool. Perfect for loose cotton balls or our amenity sachets.




Newspaper Bag 

Greet your guests at the beginning of each day with the ‘Good Morning’ embroidered Newspaper Bags. Suitably sized to hold all the latest news, these bags are also available in Black, Natural Linen and non-woven material and can also be made bespoke with your logo.



Maid Bag 

Generously sized with plenty of space and 4 side pockets, our handy Maid Bags are a hit with housekeepers. Smart and practical, the bags are comfortable to carry thanks to their sturdy straps.

*Top Tip: Co-ordinate with our plastic cleaning caddy which fits into the bag to form a rigid base with separate compartments for cleaning materials or amenities.


Fudge Bear

Fluffy and super soft, our seriously cute Fudge Bear will steal the hearts of guests of all ages. Cozily wrapped in his very own bathrobe, Fudge can also be dressed in a colourful jumper. All garments can be personalised, making Fudge a perfect companion or mascot in your hotel.




Osme Baby & Kids House Box Kit

Providing treats for your younger guests can really make a difference, and the Osme Organic House Box Kit is perfect to make bath time more enjoyable during their stay.
Inside the beautifully illustrated box you’ll find a Hair & Body Gel, Body Lotion, a bar of Osme Mild Soap and even a fun house-shaped sponge.




Corby Thornton Double Layer Waste Bin

The Corby Thornton Double Layer Waste Bin can be discreetly placed in a variety of Hotel spaces and has an idyllic 7L capacity. Smart and practical, the bin has been designed to conceal bin liners, keeping a neat and tidy appearance. They can be easily emptied and with a rubberized base it will avoid making any scratches on the floor. No wonder it is a bestseller!




To  find out more about our favourite products and other guest friendly amenities, please give us a call on 01372 725544 or email info@hotelsuppliesltd.co.uk