Dadaumpa - Organic Baby Care

Dadaumpa is a natural and organic, paediatrician approved cosmetics range, enriched with organic extracts specifically selected for kids needs. This beautifully packaged toiletries collection includes tender body lotion, mild soap, hair and body gel and sensitive wet wipes. Dadaumpa is one of the first hotel amenities ranges which has been certified organic. Produced in Italy, all the products have been developed around the anti-oxidant and nourishing properties of Aloe Barbadensis. 

The Dadaumpa range for hotels is not only organic but it is also certified by Ecocert and carries the Cosmebio logo. The packaging is all made from recyclable materials and the products are all created in facility that is powered by renewable green energy to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Dadaumpa 'Hair & Body Gel' is ideal for cleansing children's hair because it protects the mantle of the skin and keeps it hydrated and healthy.  It is enriched with the natural extract of mallow and aloe to reduce irritation and naturally moisturise.  The Dadaumpa Body Lotion contains almond oil and shea butter which is quickly absorbed and non greasy. Dadaumpa 'Baby Soap' is blended with almond oil and has the natural fragrance of almond, honey and rose. Ideal for the sweetest smelling and most sensitive of skins.
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