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Geneva Green

If you would like a high quality toiletries range which is eco-friendly and avoids any waste being sent to landfill, then Geneva Green is the perfect choice for you!

Made in Italy, the collection uses bottles and caps made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, which can then be recycled again after use. This creates an ideal ‘circular design approach’ which means nothing needs to go to waste. 

All packaging for the Geneva Green products have a carbon neutral footprint with formulas that have been dermatologically tested.

Available in 30ml travel sizes as well as the 360ml Cysoap Dispenser System.
Geneva Green Shampoo, 30ml (Case of 300)
(£77.99 inc. VAT)
Geneva Green Body Wash, 30ml (Case of 300)
(£77.99 inc. VAT)
Geneva Green Body Cream, 30ml (Case of 300)
(£88.90 inc. VAT)
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