Green & Spring

The Green & Spring collection is a comprehensive range of beautifully packaged hotel guest toiletry products containing a blend of aromatic essential oils. The relaxing fragrances of lavender, rosemary, geranium and chamomile are enriched with naturally cleansing and moisturising comfrey and marshmallow extracts.  
The Green & Spring toiletries collection is inspired by the extraordinary richness and variety of plants and flowers found in the Cowley Manor gardens, a wonderful natural oasis on the lush green hills of the Cotswolds in England.  Here, lakes, rivers, fields and lush forests have given birth to a unique mix of fragrances, and an exclusive scent which has in turn contributed towards this precious collection of travel-sized toiletry products for hair & body.
This stylishly packaged collection of bathroom products would suit a wide range of hotel, Spa, holiday centre and restaurant styles. They have been developed with both the environment and people firmly in mind as the plant based formulas are free from artificial colours, parabens, PEG or petrolatum and the packaging is fully recyclable.

This is a licensed collection. Please contact us for details of eligibility.
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