We are proud to showcase our extensive range of hotel hairdryers that have been carefully selected by our experts. Our range ensures that we will have the perfect product for hotels all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for great value compact hair dryer that you can tuck away in a drawer why not consider the Classic Hotel Hairdryer from Northmace & Hendon. Or, if you want to provide a more luxurious experience for your guests, consider the hardwearing and high powered Valera Swiss Turbo.

All of our hairdryers are supplied with a 3 pin plug and have the option of being fixed on the wall or kept in a drawer with a security bracket. If you haven’t found the perfect hair dryer, please let us know and we will do our best to find exactly what you are looking for.
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Northmace President Hotel Hairdryer
£27.38 inc. VAT
Northmace Valette Hotel Hairdryer
£22.80 inc. VAT
Northmace Classic Hotel Hairdryer
£21.64 inc. VAT
Northmace Elegance Folding Hairdryer
£16.79 inc. VAT
Valera Hotel Hairdryer 1800W
£39.05 inc. VAT
Valera Swiss Turbo 7000 Hairdryer
£65.94 inc. VAT
Valera Action 1600W Hairdryer
£39.05 inc. VAT
Corby Chester 1800W Black Hairdryer
£30.42 inc. VAT
Valera Hotello Bathroom Hairdryer, silver
£125.99 inc. VAT
Hairdryer Bags, Black
From: £2.95
£3.54 inc. VAT
Natural Hairdryer Bags
From: £2.95
£3.54 inc. VAT
White Hairdryer Bags
From: £2.95
£3.54 inc. VAT
Non-Woven Hairdryer Bags, Black
£0.66 inc. VAT