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Hotel Bedding Duvets and pillows

Hotel Bedding

Our hotel bedding range provides the core essentials required for a comfortable night’s sleep. Choose from a variety of silky soft duvets, from practical hollow fibre and polycotton to the most luxurious and wonderfully warm goosedown and cotton combinations. Ensure your guests feel thoroughly rested by offering them our firm and comfortable cluster fill pillows, our economical yet cosy hollow fibre pillows or a super snuggly goose feather pillow.  We have hotel bedding with allergen free fillings for your more sensitive guests and piped or pocketed duvets to prevent cold spots. All our bedding feels light and snug and will keep even the chilliest guests cosy all night long, whatever the weather.
Our hotel bedding collection is all great quality and is beautifully finished whilst being very competitively priced, just as you would expect from all of our products. Ask any hotel guest what the most important thing about a hotel stay is and they are sure to say that it all comes down to the bedding.
With a duvet or pillows from our selection, whether you opt for luxuriously fluffy feather pillows and duvets or our more economical hollowfibre bedding, you can be sure to give your hotel guests a good night’s sleep after their busy day networking, shopping or sightseeing. 
Hollow fibre Duvet (case of 5)
From: £61.35
(£73.62 inc. VAT)
Micro Fibre Duvet (case of 5)
From: £149.87
(£179.84 inc. VAT)
Luxury Goose Down Duvet (case of 5)
From: £504.15
(£604.98 inc. VAT)
Hypo-Allergenic Hollowfibre Pillows ((Case 2)
From: £9.84
(£11.81 inc. VAT)
Hypo-Allergenic Clusterfill Pillows (Case 2)
From: £14.14
(£16.97 inc. VAT)
Luxury Goose Feather Pillows (Case 2)
From: £33.59
(£40.31 inc. VAT)
Clusterfill  Mattress Topper (Case of 2)
From: £68.71
(£82.45 inc. VAT)
Plain Cotton Percale Bed Linen
From: £34.24
(£41.09 inc. VAT)
Prima Satin Stripe Bed Linen
From: £36.48
(£43.78 inc. VAT)
Microstripe Cotton Bed Linen
From: £77.05
(£92.46 inc. VAT)
Polypropylene Mattress Protectors (Case 5)
From: £36.40
(£43.68 inc. VAT)
Jersey PU Waterproof Mattress Protectors (case of 5)
From: £130.55
(£156.66 inc. VAT)
White Waffle Hot Water Bottle Cover
(£10.20 inc. VAT)
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