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Hotel Mini Bar

Our Minibar Kits are nothing short of brilliant.  These collections comprise of indispensable toiletries, accessories and amenities to fulfil your hotel guests specific needs and they're beautifully and conveniently packaged to fit perfectly inside your hotel minibar.  Choose between the handy drinks can sized collections or the compact miniatures boxes. If your guests have had a heavy night celebrating and need to recover and reboost before a busy day, if they've jetted in on a long-haul flight and  need to banish jet-leg, if they've forgotten that all important phone charger or if they just need to relax before bedtime, one of these carefully constructed kits will suit them perfectly.  Our Minibar Kits will not only fit tidily into your minibars for easy access by guests at all times, they're also perfect for selling in your hotel shop, merchandising in your hotel reception area or offering as a added gift for corporate or group bookings.

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