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Hotel Toiletries

Hotel Toiletries

Our range of quality hotel toiletries products look great in any hotel bathroom and range from bath & shower gel to hand cream, body lotion and soap. Choose from our range of luxurious brands to make your guest's stay even more enjoyable, all at wholesale price. 

Duck Island

The Duck Island range of guest hotel toiletries are supplied in travel sized 30ml bottles and feature unique fluted tops with an embossed motif, these products will add a contemporary feel to any bathroom.  This collection includes bath and bath & shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hand wash and hand cream scented with the combination of Mandarin & Bergamot and are available in 30ml, 250ml and 5 litre sizes. Duck Island Soap has an embossed motif and are available in 20g or 40g bars.
Geneva Guild

The Geneva Guild cosmetics have been especially created to satisfy the most discerning hotel customers. Featuring a fragrance evocative of freshly laundered linen in soaps, shampoo, body and hair products which all contain natural extracts, such as from Aloe flowers and Cornflower to relax, revive or rejuvenate the body so guests will enjoy their daily rituals just that little bit more. To complete the package clear simple script on all packaging makes identification of each cosmetic easy for guests.

Contemporary in style but somehow very familiar, a true modern classic. Simple clean lines, Shampoo, Body Wash, Conditioner and Body cream in 30ml amenity bottles and 380ml pump or retail bottles and 3 litre refill tanks, 20g soap.

With fine ingredients and exotic fragances, we are proud to be Prija hotel toiletries suppliers, a warm and earthly complimentary line. Produced to very high qualitative standards, it appeals to customers who are sensitive to the quality of cosmetics and to the design of complimentary items.

What characterises Prija's cleansers and creams are their plant's extracts coming from various western and eastern botanical regions. You will enjoy their natural beneficial properties thanks to the composition of creams and cleansers that were studied to be hypoallergenic, and to their special aromatherapy scents. Includes Shampoo, Body Wash, Conditioner and Body cream in 40ml amenity bottles and 380ml pump or retail bottles and 3 litre refill tanks, 15g soap.
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