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Hygiene Bags - Sanitary Bag Dispenser

Hygiene Bag Dispensers

Every hotel needs a reliable supply of hygiene essentials and if you're looking for hygeine bag dispensers then look no further than our robust and good value selection. Whatever your hotel style we can provide a suitable sanitary bag dispenser solution, however small or large the required quantity.  We have discreet white hygeine bag dispensers if your hotel bathrooms or public washroom facilities are minimalist in style, gloss and matt black if you need a sleek, contemporary look and we even have gold sanitary bag holders if your hotel prides itself on its' luxe touches.  Of course we can also supply you with the recommended sanitary bags so you can be confident that your hotel guests and your hotel cleaning staff can rely on safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste.
Sanitary Bag Dispenser Chrome
(£5.34 inc. VAT)
Sanitary Bag Dispenser Black Gloss
(£5.94 inc. VAT)
Sanitary Bag Dispenser Matt Black
(£5.94 inc. VAT)
Sanitary Bag Dispenser Gold
(£8.10 inc. VAT)
Sanitary Bag Dispenser White
(£4.74 inc. VAT)
Sanitary Bag Refills (Case 48 packs)
(£33.60 inc. VAT)
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