Irons and Ironing Boards

As far as vital hotel bedroom accessories go, every guest is glad to have an iron in their bedroom.  Particularly if you have a high proportion of corporate guests, having an iron and ironing board available can mean the difference between a relaxing stay and a frenzied panic.  Our selection of irons and ironing boards are well suited to the hotel bedroom environment.   All high quality, simple to use and safe, we also have complete spacesaving ironing systems and replacement ironing board covers. Just take a look - we think you'll be impressed.

We're currently working to grow this range so If there's something you can't find, please contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you.
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Northmace President Steam Ironing Centre
£101.59 inc. VAT
Northmace Hendon Guest Board (Case of 2)
£125.11 inc. VAT
Corby Sherwood Dry Iron 1200W (Case of 12)
£236.57 inc. VAT
Corby Sherwood Steam Iron 1600W (Case of 6)
£195.43 inc. VAT
Corby Sherwood Steam Iron 2000W (Case of 6)
£216.00 inc. VAT
Corby Sherwood Iron Caddy (Case of 36)
£370.28 inc. VAT
Bentley Dry Iron (Case of 10)
£442.80 inc. VAT
Bentley Indigo Full-Size Ironing Board (Case of 4)
£255.67 inc. VAT