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Naturals Remedies

Combining an element of nostalgia with a modern twist, the Naturals Remedies range is inspired by the popular tradition of Apothecaries in the 1900s. 

These stores were the place to go for all skin care needs, general medical advice, and to purchase ingredients to create homemade remedies. Pharmacists would be on hand to talk customers through their needs and preferences, creating bespoke formulations and routines. They would often use high-quality botanicals in the products made.

Naturals Remedies has created a modern interpretation of this tradition. Using a minimalistic design which joins the exciting fragrance notes of Bergamot, Fig and Cedarwood with renewable plant based ingredients and organic grade extracts. 

Sage is featured in all the formulations - a plant famous for its healing properties. The Shampoo and Conditioner also have Nettle which has stimulating benefits, whilst the Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Soap Bar include Blackcurrant, an ingredient rich in Vitamin C.  

In addition, the bottles have the brilliant benefit of being Biodegradable.
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