Making it Easier to Go Green: Eco-Friendly Hotel Supplies

Making it Easier to Go Green: Eco-Friendly Hotel Supplies

In today's world, the call for sustainability has never been louder. With environmental consciousness on the rise, businesses are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices, and the hospitality industry is no exception. At Hotel Supplies Ltd, we're committed to making it easier for hotels to go green, starting with our eco-friendly hotel supplies.

Introducing our 'Go Green' Badges

One of the simplest ways we're helping hotels identify environmentally friendly products is through our 'Go Green' badges. These badges make it easy to spot eco-conscious options throughout our website.

Eco-Friendly Toiletries: A Closer Look

Our range of eco-friendly hotel toiletries is a point of pride for us. We've carefully curated brands that not only deliver exceptional quality but also prioritise sustainability in their production processes.

Geneva Green Hotel Toiletries: If you're seeking a high-quality toiletries range that prioritises eco-friendliness and minimises waste sent to landfills, look no further than Geneva Green! Crafted in Italy, this collection boasts bottles and caps made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, ensuring a circular design approach where nothing goes to waste. Available in convenient 30ml travel sizes and refillable pump dispensers, Geneva Green offers both convenience and sustainability.

Furthermore, all packaging for Geneva Green products boasts a carbon-neutral footprint, and the formulas have undergone dermatological testing, ensuring both environmental and skin-friendly qualities.

Anyah Hotel Toiletries: Anyah offers a luxurious, eco-friendly hotel toiletries collection that invigorates guests while minimizing environmental impact. Dermatologically tested and free from harsh preservatives. Avaiable in 30ml Doypacks, 46ml flip cap bottles and refillable pump dispensers. With packaging designed to reduce its carbon footprint and bearing the EU Eco-label, Anyah is perfect for hotels aiming to enhance their environmental credentials or pamper guests with luxurious bathroom treats.

Osme Organic Hotel Toiletries: Discover Osme, our collection of organic yet luxurious hotel guest toiletries. From a charming leaf-shaped soap to pump dispenser systems, each product offers gentle and effective care. Our shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotions are certified organic, boasting 99% natural, vegan, and skin-friendly ingredients. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Osme products nourish the skin and promote blood flow, resulting in a revitalized, antioxidant effect. Formulated with delightful essential oils and natural extracts of Aloe, our toiletries are free from parabens, colorants, formaldehyde, and Nickel. With Osme, pampering amenities await—a collection well worth exploring.

Pump Dispensers: A Sustainable Solution

In addition to eco-friendly toiletry brands, we also offer pump dispensers as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles. These dispensers not only reduce plastic waste but also provide a cost-effective solution for hotels. Refillable and securely mounted, they're both practical and environmentally conscious.

Compact Wooden Luggage Racks: Stylish and Sustainable

Even our luggage racks are eco-friendly! Made from high-quality solid beech wood and equipped with strong, exchangeable straps, these racks are not only functional but also sustainable. For every three products purchased, we plant a tree in partnership with, further contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Join Us in Our Green Journey

At Hotels Supplies Ltd, sustainability isn't just a trend—it's a way of life. By choosing eco-friendly hotel supplies and amenities, we're not only reducing our environmental footprint but also providing guests with a guilt-free, luxurious experience. Join us in our commitment to a greener future, one stay at a time.

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