Geneva Guild hotel toiletries featuring miniature shampoo and shower gel

Geneva Guild

The Geneva Guild range of hotel toiletries has been specially created to satisfy the most discerning of hotel guests.  The fragrance resembles freshly laundered linen and the style is contemporary yet classic so Geneva Guild is just as suited to the independent boutique hotel as it is a well established chain of hotels.  We have 30ml amenity bottles and 380ml pump or retail bottles of Geneva Guild shampoo and conditioner, bodywash and body cream and also a 20g soap.  All contain natural ingredients such as extract of Aloe flower and Cornflower to relax, revive or rejuvenate the body so hotel guests will enjoy their daily rituals just that little bit more.  The bottles are all PET with a high proportion of biodegradable matter and the clear, simple script on all the packaging makes identification of each product a breeze.

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