Osme organic spa and hotel toiletries

Osme Organic

Our Osme collection of hotel guest toiletries comprises of a range of truly eco-friendly yet luxurious products. Gentle and effective, the products range from a pretty, leaf shaped soap to a wet cleansing face towel.  The Osme shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions and potions are all certified organic and made with 99% natural, vegan and skin friendly ingredients. Osme's vitamin, mineral & amino acid enriched products nourish the skin's epidermis and help the flow of blood, guaranteeing a reinvigorating and antioxidant result.  Formulated with delicious smelling essential oils and natural extracts of Aloe, Osme hotel toiletries are all paraben, colourant, formaldehyde and Nickel free.  All in all, the Osme collection of pampering amenities is well worth a second look. 

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