Bath and Shower Mats

For secure non-slip rubber shower or bath mats to ensure bathroom safety for your hotel guests, our collection of hotel bathroom mats give you a choice of options. If you'd rather opt for a simple and smart, anti fungal mat or a more stylish clear bubble design, we have this essential bathroom accessory in sizes suited for bath or shower and they're all at a brilliant price.

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Hotel Bath and Shower Mats Collection

Enhance the comfort and safety of your guest bathrooms with our diverse collection of hotel bath mats and shower mats. Our range includes everything from stylish clear bubble bath mats with durable rubber suction pads to classic white rubber bath mats that are non-slip and anti-fungal treated, ensuring maximum safety for your guests. We also offer luxurious hotel-style bath mats in various designs, such as the plain border and Greek Key styles, both woven from 100% cotton and offering excellent absorbency and comfort underfoot. These mats are available in generous sizes and weights, providing a plush and cosy experience for your guests.

For those seeking a practical yet elegant storage solution, our white bath mat bag is the perfect choice. Made from thin white cotton with a drawstring fastening, it discreetly stores any size rolled-up bath mat, making it easy for housekeeping to manage and convenient for guests to use. By offering a range of styles and materials, from rubber to cotton, our collection meets the diverse needs of any hotel bathroom, combining functionality, safety, and aesthetics to create a welcoming and luxurious environment. Ensure your hotel bathrooms are equipped with the best quality hotel bath mats and hotel shower mats to enhance the overall guest experience.