Hotel welcome tray with kettle

Kettles and Welcome Trays

We offer a large range of kettle and hospitality trays for your hotel bedrooms to make your guests feel right at home. Our ranges extend from the basic Standard Welcome Tray through to the luxurious Regal Chrome Welcome Tray. The ergonomic aspects of the welcome trays were designed in a way to reduce the amount of spillages and drops; resulting in a product that is easy to clean and carry. 

Don't deprive your guests of their morning tea or coffee, improve their morning and choose form one of our compact sleek kettles. Whether it's the stylish Halo Stainless Steel Kettle or Northmace Valette Hotel Kettle I guarantee that we have the perfect one for your hotel's specific style and needs. Designed for hotel use the compact nature of our kettles ensure that no water is wasted and their lifespan is maximised.

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