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Hotel Amenity Display Trays

Display Trays

Here is our comprehensive collection of presentation trays to display your guest amenities.  There's something here to suit any bathroom, and whatever range of hotel toiletries you're providing.  If you're merchandising your toiletries and amenities in reception or in your spa, these display solutions also work brilliantly.  We have branded trays including Anjah and Duck Island and also unbranded options so if you're looking for a slick, black tray for your high gloss boutique bathroom or a softer, rustic bamboo presentation tray for your eastern-influenced spa, look no further than our selection.

We're currently working to grow this range so If there's something you can't find, please contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you.
Black High Gloss Display Tray (Case 10)
(£60.00 inc. VAT)
Anyah Amenities Display Tray (Case 10)
(£43.44 inc. VAT)
Osme Leaf Shaped Display Tray (Case 16)
(£48.00 inc. VAT)
Duck Island Display Tray (Case 5)
(£10.43 inc. VAT)
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