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Hotel Guest Towels and Face Cloths

Hand Towels and Face Cloths

For hand towels and face cloths that really say 'luxury' look no further than our selection.  Excellent quality hand and face cloths are the kind of bathroom accessories that make a really great statement to your guests. Provide visitors with a stack of our luxury airlaid hand towels or with a pile of beautifully rolled cotton facecloths and you'll really make the right impression.  For use in your hotel bathrooms, cloakrooms, public area washrooms  or spa areas, we have a range of different weaves available in our face cloths and our airlaid hand towels are recyclable if you like to run sustainably.
Luxury Airlaid Hand Towels (Case 1200)
(£59.04 inc. VAT)
Plain Face Cloths
From: £28.00
(£33.60 inc. VAT)
Chevron Face Cloths
From: £36.00
(£43.20 inc. VAT)
Plaid Weave Face Cloths
From: £42.60
(£51.12 inc. VAT)
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