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Bentley Baby Cots

Ensure the comfort and safety of your youngest guests with Bentley baby cribs. These foldable baby cribs for guest rooms are designed with both parents and children in mind, offering a secure and cozy sleeping environment. Explore our range and add a touch of luxury to your family-friendly accommodations.

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Bentley Foldable Hotel Baby Cots

Cater to the arrival of your tiniest guests with our top-tier infant cradles and child-friendly sleeping solutions. These stylish Bentley baby cribs are the perfect addition to your guest bedrooms, providing comfort and safety for little ones. Whether as a permanent feature or for occasional use, these cribs can be effortlessly folded and stored under a protective cover provided by us.


  • Elegant Colour Finishes: Available in white, natural wood, mahogany, and black, our baby cribs seamlessly blend with any room decor.
  • Safety First: Crafted from durable and strong hardwood, these cribs are designed with your smallest guests' safety in mind.
  • Comfortable Mattress: Each crib includes a 7.5cm foam mattress, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment for infants.
  • Easy Storage and Transport: Featuring double-width heavy-duty casters, these rollaway baby cribs are easy to move and store.
  • Protective Dust Cover: For clean and discrete storage when the crib is folded and not in use, a dust cover is included.

Enhance the comfort and style of your crib with premium crib bedding from our baby cot collection. Our carefully curated bedding options perfectly complement Bentley baby cribs, ensuring a cosy and welcoming environment for your tiniest guests.