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Bentley Hotel Irons

Provide your guests with high-performance and reliable irons from Bentley. These irons are designed to deliver exceptional results, helping your guests achieve a professional appearance. Explore our collection of steam irons and dry irons and enhance your room amenities.

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Bentley Hotel Irons: Dry Irons & Steam Irons

Elevate your hotel's ironing amenities with Bentley irons, the ideal solution for any luxury hotel suite or guest room. These hotel irons combine functionality with elegance, seamlessly integrating into your room's decor. The black iron collection offers both dry and steam irons, ensuring you have the perfect option for every guest.

For a complete ironing solution, pair our irons with one of our Bentley ironing boards or purchase the full set from the Bentley Ironing Centres collection.

Bentley Dry Iron
The Bentley Dry Iron delivers an exquisite ironing experience with advanced features and a sleek design. This iron is easy to use and requires no water, making it simple and convenient for guests. The adjustable temperature settings allow for precise control, ensuring a high-quality ironing result. Additionally, the auto shut-off feature enhances safety, making it a reliable choice for any hotel or guest room.

Bentley Steam Iron
Make ironing easier and more convenient with the Bentley Steam Iron. This iron features a retractable cord, reducing clutter and keeping the room tidy. Crafted from the finest materials, it offers optimal performance, reliability, and durability. The steam iron is engineered for excellence, and its auto shut-off feature ensures it is a safe and dependable option for your guests.

Enhance your hotel's amenities with the sophisticated and functional Bentley irons, ensuring your guests enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay.