Bentley hotel kettles collection including black Halo mini kettle

Bentley Hotel Kettles

Upgrade your hospitality offerings with Bentley kettles, perfect for hotel rooms and guest accommodations. Our selection includes luxury, stainless steel, and black kettles, available in compact sizes like 1 litre and mini options. Reliable and stylish, Bentley kettles ensure a premium experience for your guests.

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Bentley Electric Kettles

Welcome to our exquisite collection of Bentley Europe hotel bedroom kettles. Our mission is to bring the warmth of home into the luxurious environment of a hotel stay. These mini electric hotel kettles are designed with both functionality and ease of use in mind. Available in sleek stainless steel or a sophisticated matte black finish, these kettles are the perfect addition to any hotel room.

Perfect for Your Guests
Our Bentley kettles ensure your guests can enjoy a perfect cup of tea or coffee, a must-have for many travellers. The stylish design of these kettles allows them to seamlessly integrate into any room decor, or you can pair them with one of Bentley’s hospitality trays to create a standout feature.

Crafted from high-quality materials, Bentley kettles are built to be durable and user-friendly, ensuring they withstand numerous guest stays without compromising performance.

Features & Safety
The Halo kettles boast a fast boil time, automatic shut-off, and a comfortable hand grip for ease of use. With concealed heating elements, these kettles are easy to clean and feature a replaceable water filter in the spout. Safety is a priority, with various in-use indicators to help prevent accidental burns.

Versatile Capacity
Our Bentley kettles are available in a range of sizes, from 0.5 litres to 1 litre, providing flexibility to suit your guests' needs.

Complete the experience by adding a welcome tray to your order, creating the perfect tea and coffee station in your guest rooms.