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Bentley Rollaway Beds

Add flexibility to your guest accommodations with Bentley rollaway beds and foldaway beds. Designed for convenience and comfort, these temporary beds are an ideal solution for providing extra sleeping space. Browse our selection and ensure your guests have a restful stay.

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Bentley Rollaway and Foldaway Beds

Maximize guest comfort with Bentley's rollaway and foldaway beds. These temporary hotel beds are perfect for freeing up space when not needed, while offering an excellent night’s sleep when they are. With their high-quality Dutch design, you can provide essential hotel amenities in style and luxury.

Jade Rollaway Bed
The Jade Rollaway Bed can be stored upright when not in use, thanks to its folding legs. This feature allows multiple beds to be stored compactly, enhancing space efficiency in your hotel. The heavy-duty wheels protect your floors, making it easy to roll the beds into a closet or storage area. The included comfortable mattress ensures your guests have a restful night’s sleep.

For added protection, you can purchase the Bentley Jade dust cover separately to keep the rollaway bed in pristine condition while in storage.

Verdi Foldaway Bed
The Verdi Foldaway Bed is the largest extra bed available on the hotel market, designed to provide the best quality sleep for your guests. It includes a high-comfort mattress and a base with 19 slats for extra support and weight balance. Its unique folding mechanism and wheels make it easy to fold and store when not in use.

To maintain its top condition, you can purchase the Verdi dust cover separately.

Enhance your guests' sleeping experience by outfitting these beds with bedding from our hotel bedding collection.