Bentley hotel waste bins collection

Bentley Hotel Waste Bins

Keep your spaces tidy and stylish with Bentley waste bins. Made from durable materials and designed with elegance in mind, these bins are ideal for guest rooms and public areas. Discover our collection and maintain a clean, sophisticated environment. Offer a sustainable service with separate recycling inlays.

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Luxury Bentley Bins Collection

When providing your guests with the best holiday stay, it’s often the smaller details that make the difference. That's why we offer these luxury Bentley bins, crafted from elegant PU leather to add a touch of sophistication to any room. Available in three beautiful colours—natural, classic brown, and black—these bins blend seamlessly into any decor.

Butak Waste Bin
Enhance your guest rooms with the luxurious Butak Waste Bin. Featuring a striking chrome ring at the top, this bin truly stands out. With a generous 10-litre capacity, the double-wall design caters to all your guests' needs. Made from water-repellent material, the Butak Waste Bin is easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic environment for all guests.

For a more sustainable waste management solution, consider adding a 6-litre inlay made from recycled plastic. This easy-to-insert inlay helps manage waste more efficiently and responsibly.

Palma Waste Bin
The Palma Waste Bin offers a luxurious and practical solution for waste management, allowing guests to separate plastic waste from general waste. It features two separate inner containers, each with a 6-litre capacity, made from durable metal and coloured black and green for easy sorting. The bin itself is crafted from easy-to-clean leatherette, ensuring it remains durable and attractive through many uses.